Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: A Slap on the face

Ye Xing looked through a crack, there was light already going through.

Dawn has arrived, he spent the whole night time absorbing the Red Blood Mushroom.

It was a sleepless night, however Ye Xing did not feel any exhaustion, rather he was energetic.  

He felt that his body was filled with energy, not a muscle was feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

“The 3rd layer of Wu Dao, the Bone Crushing Fist reaching the perfect realm, I do not know my strength, what level is it now?  

Ye Xing asked himself, he had no point of reference so he couldn’t determine it.

He was sure that he was in the boundary of martial apprentice, someone on the same level as him can’t compare, he’s just not sure if he can handle a 4th layer Wu Dao warrior.  

“If I use my surpassing mind to scan, looking at other people’s flaws, there certainly is no need to fear someone in the 4th layer Wu Dao. Hence, the only way i can know is by trying!”

Ye Xing clenched his fist, he was very confident.

He opened the entrance to the cave, walking out it was dawn. The air on Qingyun mountain range was very fresh, he took a breath of relief, feeling very good due to the refreshing feeling.  

His body was brimming with power, Ye Xing was eager in putting it to use, he then began to use the Bone Crushing Fist.

Every move, every form, sharp echos came out, Ye Xing completing the Bone Crushing Fist resulted in 206 echos.

There was 20 dull echos and 186 sharp echos.

He just barely used the Bone Crushing Fist, compared to before, it really has improved a lot. The medicinal energy was clearly helping, making his progress even go faster.

At this point it was really getting bright, Ye Xing continued his journey to return to Ye Zhen.

In his returning trip, Ye Xing did not find any more herbs, but his speed was way faster, getting out of Qingyun mountain in just three days.

At noon, Ye Xing returned to Ye Zhen.

“This Yun Blood Grass’s value is about 2,500 silver taels, this Huang Xue Grass’s value is about 3,700 silver taels, this Fleeceflower Root value is about 3,400 silver taels, Ah… Furthermore there is even more medicinal herbs here. Young master Ye Xing, this is all worth about 20,000 silver taels, where did you get all of this?”

Ye Zhen’s drug store shopkeeper was astounded at all the medicinal herbs Ye Xing brought.  

In the town of Ye Zhen, there are many hunters that enter the Qingyun mountain range looking for medicinal herbs, but the drug store never had a hunter bring so much in one time.

Even hunters at the warrior stage go to the mountains but do not have this many gains.  

Ye Xing smiled: “Shopkeeper, do you accept? Do not tell anyone about this, or else I will mess up your store.”

“Accept accept accept, naturally I will comply! I swear, I will not talk about young master Ye Xing!”

The whole batch of medicine sold for at least 20,000 silver taels, reselling these will earn a  lot of money, in business there will be no objections.   

The Shopkeeper check the inventory saying: “A total of 18,770 silver, young master rounding it up, would you like it to be 19,000 silver?”


Ye Xing nodded, in an instant his body has 19,000 silver taels.



Not long after, in the Ye Zhen weapons shop there was astonishment:

These four bows are all 6 shi strong bows, each worth 5,000 silver taes. The long blade… EH? This blade is a middle-grade weapon, worth 32,000 silver taels!”


Ye Xing did not pay much attention to the price, it was already good: “Shopkeeper, you must remember, all this must be kept in secrecy or else you will face the consequences.

“Young master Ye Xing, rest assure, I will never utter a sentence!”

The weapons shopkeeper promised: “This is 50,000 silver taels, take it.”

As Ye Xing was getting the money, he looked over at the wall, in the middle he saw a strong bow: “I want this bow!”

Ye Xing was at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, the Bone Crushing Fist has reached the top, compared to 2nd layer Wu Dao,he was much stronger.  

The 6 shi bow was the strongest lightweight bow, but Ye Xing wanted something stronger.

“Good eye young master Ye Xing, this is our town store’s treasure. This is the sole bow that surpasses the 9 shi strength, named ‘Yiding Gong’!”

The weapon shopkeeper went beside the bow, he smiled to Ye Xing and said with a different tone: “Only, young master Ye Xing, to handle this bow you need strength!”

1 shi is 120 jin.

The Yiding Gong is equivalent to a power of 10 shi. A strength of 1200 jin, such a strong bow, a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial disciple, it will be difficult to pull, much less shoot.

“ I want it, also give me a cylinder of good arrows.”

Ye Xing nodded his head, a 9 shi strongbow was still a bit too light and easy for him, this Yiding Gong is just right.

Ye Xing wanted to buy, the shopkeeper naturally did not haggle, he took the bow and got 50 long arrows:

“This is the Poyin arrow, one arrow is 20 silver taels, the Yiding Gong costa 20,000 silver taels, young master Ye Xing and I did a large business transaction. This Poyin arrow will be free of charge and is a gift!”


Ye Xing was not polite at all, he counted 20,000 silver and gave it. Taking the fifty arrows, he placed it in the quiver, carrying the Yiding Gong, he left the weapon store.

Ye Xing selling the medicinal herbs and weapons were worth tens of thousands of silver. If it is sold in the family store, it will give rise to astonishment in the Ye clan, it cannot be avoided to be interrogated.

Therefore Ye Xing sold at the other stores, they can guard the secret, although he was not worried of the trouble, it was quite inconvenient.

After leaving the weapon shop, Ye Xing went towards the Ye clan.

Although he and his parents are not that close feeling-wise, this is the first time he did not ask them, he was gone for half a month and at the least must report back.  

At the same time, he also wanted of share of him reaching the 3rd layer of Wu Dao to his parents.

As for the excuse, he already thought about it, in Qingyun mountain range he had a good encounter incidentally eating a precious medicinal herb. This caused his sudden growth in strength.  

The original owner of the body was a filial son, although he was dead his instinct still caused the idea of approaching the parents. Ye Xing took his body so naturally he complied to his wishes.

Along the street, Ye Xing frowned slightly while his brows creased, he was being followed. Although Ye Hu was hiding, he could not escape Ye Xing scanning with his eyes.

Ever since their last encounter, Ye Hu wanted to teach him a lesson, so he followed him now.

Previously, he wanted to do it, however Ye Xing no longer went home, so Ye Hu failed numerous times.

Today, Ye Xing was strolling aimlessly in Ye Zhen, then he saw Ye Xing. Naturally he followed him secretly, Ye Xing sped up and so Ye Hu tried catching up.

In a remote dark alley in Ye Zhen, Ye Xing met up with Ye Hu, catching Ye Hu following him.

This alley was very remote, it was uninhabited, it was the Ye clan’s shortcut road. Ye Xing knew Ye Hu will try to cut him off here but he still went for it.

He felt no need to change route.

Ye Hu with both of his hands on his chest, with an oppressive look to Ye Xing: “Ye Xing, you finally showed yourself ah, these days where did you go?”

Ye Xing with a harmless smile on his face: “I went to Qingyun mountain range going around.”

“You entered Qingyun mountain range? I spit! I see you running wildly!”

Qingyun mountain was a dangerous place, Ye Hu didn’t believe Ye Xing would dare, his face had an expression that needed to be slapped: “Ye Xing, do you know when you were gone for half a month, many great things happened?”

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Xing’s smile on his face disappeared, Ye Hu laughed happily, it is clear that something bad happened.

Ye hu laughed and said: “Hei Hei Hei…! Ye Xing, I congratulate you ah, your little brother Ye Chen died. This time you do not need to worry, your parents won’t abandon you anymore, Hei Hei…!”

“What did you say?” Ye  Xing’s expression changed.

Although his soul was from earth, but his body shared the same blood with Ye Chen, Ye Chen was his little brother, they were related by blood!

After the birth of Ye Chen, Ye Xing did not blame him for getting his parents love from him. He just hoped that when Ye Chen grew up he would have a great future.  

He was an orphan, even though he has his pride and perseverance, but in fact he desired family affection!

He did not feel affection for his parents, but his brother by blood he loved and cared for!

When Ye Chen was born, he had only seen him once, but on that occasion, Ye Xing’s surpassing mind clearly remembers him.  

Now, he suddenly heard that Ye Chen had died, which he couldn’t believe.

In response to Ye Xing, Ye Hu was happy and said with a cheap smile:

“Ye Xing, you do not believe, it is true, Ye Chen that kid has already died for seven days Hei Hei Hei… The main family came to say that your dad’s position is now over, you have ten days. The main family envoy came to Ye Zhen, my eldest brother at the 4th layer Wu Dao was a genuine warrior, he went to the main family to learn. When my eldest brother comes back, surely he would have reached the 5th layer of Wu Dao, Hei Hei… When that time comes, my eldest brother will be the next clan master. Ha ha ha, I heard Ye Chen had a different innate talent, everyone aid he will be the future when he grows up, I didn’t expect he would just die. Ha ha.

Since he came to Xing Chen Da Lu, Ye Xing has never been this angered, even when people tried to take his life, he did not have this fury.  

He strode forward and swung to slap with his palm Ye Hu.

“You dare touch me? This will be a lesson to you!”

Seeing Ye Xing powerful approach, Ye hu showed excitement, raised his arm to block while trying to punch Ye Xing’s face.


Beyond Ye Hu’s expectation, he couldn’t actually block Ye Xing’s palm. Immediately Ye Xing ruthlessly gave a slap on the face.


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