Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 24

Chapter 24: At ease


This tree root of Chinese Foxglove Ginseng(it’s a type of plant) is a middle grade drug ingredient, however it is on the lower quality boundary, it cannot compare to the previous medicine Ye Xing took which is the Red Blood Mushroom.

However, this middle grade Chinese Foxglove Ginseng drug ingredient, its medicinal energy is far from the lower grade drug ingredient. Regarding Ye Xing’s cultivation breaking through the 4th layer of Wudao, turning into a genuine warrior, it has a great impact.

Ye Xing ate the Chinese Foxglove Ginseng, he then started to operate the Evergreen method, refining and absorbing it!

After experiencing the assimilation of the Red Blood Mushroom, Ye Xing’s absorption rate of middle grade drug ingredients have been very rapid, his body is unceasingly strengthening itself.

As a 12 hour period passes by, Ye Xing’s body was surging with energy as he was refining the drug ingredients energy, his cultivation once again was upgraded, already reaching the boundary of the 3rd layer of Wudao.

In addition, he was able to sense that his open five channels within his body, there was strength rushing forth, seemingly extremely formidable.

This was the Wudao inner strength!

Entering the 4th layer of Wudao, the criterion is to have 4 star rings within the dantian, however before that, first the inner strength must come out. This was the boundary, it is practically a half step into to the 4th layer of Wudao.

Ye Xing scanned his dantian, all three of the star rings were all very bright, they were indistinguishable, however the fourth star ring has yet to appear.  

Ye Xing’s cultivation upgraded extremely fast, his flesh alone is already very strong, however when all is said in done in a short period of time, there is still the difference of assimilating the star’s power. To completely enter the 4th layer of Wudao, there is still a need for more time.

Medicine alone cannot stack up together, there is still the need to absorb the star’s power, therefore self cultivation is also very important.  

Ye Xing stopped cultivating, his mood was very good, if once again he was allowed to fight against Ye Qing, he does not necessarily need to use his surpassing mind, his brute strength alone is enough to beat the opponent.

Furthermore, after arriving in Tian Cang City’s main group, he does not need to use a lot of time, cultivating and completely entering the 4th layer of Wudao is possible. When that time comes, he will become a genuine warrior, his strength will once again progress.  

“In Qing Ye Zhen, I, Ye Xing is number one, in Tian Cang City, I will absolutely not be weak compared to the others!” Ye Xing said to himself in his mind.

“Young master, are you done cultivating?” As Ye Xing appeared to be finished cultivating, Xiao Qing walked in saying: “Young master, you did not eat your midday meal, you surely are hungry, quickly eat your evening meal!”

While cultivating he did not notice the time, at present it was already nightfall, Ye Xing completely missed the lunch period.

On the table, Xiao Qing already prepared the evening meal, it was very rich, you can see compared to the past that it has improved a lot.  

Ye Xing absorbed the Chinese Foxglove Ginseng’s medicinal energy, contrary to one might expect he did not feel hungry, arriving at the table: “I cannot eat this much, Xiao Qing, you together with me should share eating this!”  

Xiao Qing was suddenly somewhat embarrassed: “Young master, this was the clan head’s and clan lady’s command that you needed a nutritious banquet! I do not have such a blessing to eat!”

Ye Xing flicked her head: “I let you eat, you should feel at ease eating, how can you say so much more.”

“E…, young master, it will be my pleasure!” Xiao Qing was blinking, happily saying those words.  

Very quickly, Xiao Qing added the tableware, however she has not began eating, she seems to recall something: “I almost forgot, young master, I spoke a bit with the clan master, wanting to tell you something.”

“Say it!” Ye Xing nodded his head.

Xiao Qing said: “The clan master said, young master at last will be in the main family in Tian Cang City, he wanted you to be careful and on guard, you must not be arrogant and overbearing. Besides that, he wants you to pay attention to someone named Ye Wen Ying who is an elder, he said that the young masters that arrive in Tian Cang City that are taught by Ye Wen Ying, afterwards all become clan heads or clan elders. However if you do not get along with him, the clan master said that since the old clan elder died, everyone else from Qing Ye Zhen could not compare to him, he advises that you become cautious and do not provoke anyone. Furthermore, you must take note of Ye Wen Ying’s grandson Ye Yun Kong, he is the main family’s talented child in the younger generation, you must not strive for stubborn fights, you must concede to a certain degree. En, these are the things said by the clan master.”    

Ye Xing’s eyebrows slightly raised: “It seems that as I go to Tian Cang City, it will also be hard to predict if it will be smooth and steady! Ai!”


As the early morning came and the first strands of sunshine came, two carriages from the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen departed.

There were two horse keepers, both are at 4th layer of Wudao and are genuine warriors, one came from the main family, while the other came from the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen.  

In the first carriage, it was extremely luxurious, inside was the Ye clan main family young master Ye Yun Long as well as his sword ready to serve.  

In the second carriage, compared to the other is rather ordinary, but it was also in comparison spacious, Ye Xing, Ye Feng, Ye Qing, Liu Shuang Ling were the four people, all of which was inside the carriage.  

Inside the second carriage the atmosphere was somewhat odd, Liu Shuang Ling looked at Ye Xing, filled with hidden bitterness. Ye Qing looked at Liu Shuang Ling, he was feeling a bit unfulfilled, after looking at Ye Xing he was filled with fury.

Ye Feng inside the carriage was feeling embarrassed at the atmosphere, he obviously is the type of person who did not want to get involved, in his mind he was somewhat nervous, fearing that these three people might suddenly decide to start fighting!

Among the four people, the person who had a constant expression was only Ye Xing, he was not feeling like caring about Ye Qing and Liu Shuang Ling’s gazes, what is it with this mood.

As he saw the Ye clan mansion getting farther and farther away, he felt like he was a prisoner finally allowed to fly free, finally flying on the vast wide sky.

His mood was very good!

The distance between Qing Ye Zhen and Tian Cang City is more than hundreds of li, Qing Ye Zhen was part of a mountainous area, the road was not smooth, the carriage is always shaking, to arrive to Tian Cang City a whole day is needed.

Ye Feng was evidently anxious which was clearly showing.

Ye Qing was afraid of Ye Xing’s strength, even if his mind was burning, he did not dare provoke Ye Xing, Liu Shuang Ling as well does not dare to bother him, he did not have any way of dealing with the situation.  

Although Liu Shuang Ling wanted Ye Xing to be closer, but she knew Ye Xing’s feelings, she also had her own pride, she did not want to lose face in front of Ye Feng and Ye Qing, when she tries trying to seek Ye Xing.

Therefore, Ye Xing, Liu Shuang Ling, Ye Qing, these three people all inside the carriage, did not interact with each other.

After the initial tension, Ye Feng started to feel relieved, he then started to converse with Ye Xing who was beside him, the two of them were chatting cheerfully, while the other two Ye Qing and Liu Shuang Ling were at the side sulking.    

En route, there was a small meal, then the carriage continued its way to Tian Cang City.

The endless journey finally draws to a close, when nightfall came, the carriage came from a mountain peak, in front of it not too far away appeared a huge city.

It was Tian Cang City, compared with Qing Ye Zhen, it was not limited to being ten times bigger.

The Ye clan in Tian Cang City was a first class aristocratic power, taking up a huge area. There was a straight path which the carriage used to enter Tian Cang City, after which they entered the Ye clan territory.   

“This one is Ye Wei Hong the attendant, a warrior at the 5th layer of Wudao, he will bring you people to your residences!”

Entering the Ye clan courtyard, there was an attendant who welcomed them, Ye Yun Long instructed them then started to part ways with Ye Xing.

As well as Ye Wei Hong, who brought them to a separate area, en route there was a show of strength:  

“You people are inside the clan, perhaps you guys have talent, perhaps you are the child of a clan master, all of these are indication of one’s outstanding talent, your whole life you have been aloof and proud. However, in the end you are now in the main family, all your advantages no longer exists, son of a clan master? A person with great talent? Here there are a lot of those, there is little value in being a child of a clan master, having great talent, in here, you are ordinary, part of the younger generation. You should drop the habits of being aloof which is terrible, the main family has its rules and customs, all of which you must follow and comply. If you were to stir up trouble, creating disorder to the established standard, there is no lack of methods in punishing you, you should know of this…!”  

“We are aware…!” The four people did not dare go against Ye Wei Hong, all of them respectfully replied.

Before, the four with regard with the Ye clan main family, all they knew were things they heard, they never had a direct idea of it, but now they have.

In Qing Ye Zhen, a 5th layer of Wudao warrior, there was only two of them in position, one was the clan head Ye Fei Hong, the other was the great elder Ye Tian Zhong.  

In the Ye clan main family, such a person is merely an attendant, a cultivation of 5th layer of Wudao, it can be seen that such people are many in the main family.

The elders of the Ye clan main family, certainly have very high cultivation’s, at the least being in the 6th layer of Wudao.

It goes as far as in the Ye clan main family, long ago they heard there was a 7th layer great master!

In comparison to the branch family in Qing Ye Zhen, the Ye clan main family in Tian Cang City, the difference is simply colossus, the disparity and gap in strength, the distance can be said to be more than ten times.  

Ye Wei Hong brought the four to a big courtyard, on the gateway there was something written, Fen Zu Yuan.

In Fen Zu Yuan, there were a lot of small courtyards, there was the Qing Sang Yuan, Tian Shui Yuan, Bai Yi Yuan and many more.

Inside some small courtyards, the younger generation that already arrived have already resided in them, seeing Ye Xing arrive and the others arrive, many were looking.

Before long, they arrived in a small courtyard named Qing Ye Yuan, which was obviously established for Qing Ye Zhen.  

Ye Wei Hong did not enter the courtyard, halting outside of it he said: “This Qing Ye Yuan is the place you people will reside in, inside there are four rooms, one for each person, you must rest from the tiring journey. Tonight you will rest for a day, tomorrow early morning, you will go to the plaza of Fen Zu Yuan and gather, you must not be late.”

After speaking Ye Wei Hong walked away, Ye Xing and the others entered, each selected one room, very quickly they changed, their daily needs and meal for the night came.

Ye Xing stayed inside the room, not much time passed and Ye Feng came to look for him, they spoke of the likes of Ye Wen Ying and Ye Yun Kong, clearly Ye Fei Ting to some extent told him a few things.

“We will not take the initiative to quarrel, but there is no need to be afraid, just do good for yourself. If someone as expected wants to bully us, we can only fight back, we must let the people know, we are not to be provoked!”

Ye Xing pat Ye Feng’s shoulders saying those words.  

After Ye Feng left, Ye Xing began to cultivate the Evergreen method, he almost is arriving to the 4th layer of Wudao, when that time comes, even if he confronts an arrogant child from the main family, he will have nothing to fear.

The first night arriving in the main family of Tian Cang City, it was very peaceful and calm!

The next day at dawn, Ye Xing and the others already were out of bed, putting on the clothes of the main family, arriving at the plaza in Fen Zu Yuan.  



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