Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Breakthrough

Sixth day, 79 echoes!

Seventh day, 85 echoes!

Eight day, 90 echoes!

Everyday Ye Xing’s perfect Bone Crushing Fist improves, the strength in his bone rising.

As the trend is seen, there are less and less bones to refine leading to the back, which is difficult.

In the past 8 days, the perfect Bone Crushing Fist and punches have made great progress. The cultivation of Evergreen method is not that bad, getting more and more closer to the 2nd layer.  

Ye Xing’s muscles are also getting a lot more powerful in the past 8 days, he feels like lifting hundreds of pounds is an easy task.

Especially in his body, the first star ring  from being a bit dim now has become bright. Outside the first ring, is a second dim ring that is barely noticeable.  

If the second ring completely appears, this indicates that he has reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao.

If it was other people, the appearance of the second ring is very hard to notice early on, the only way to fully know if one has reached the 2nd layer is by testing if it was achieved.

To Ye Xing however, with his brain scanning, he can see the extent of the level he has reached and can know what level he is currently in.

Looking in his dantian the blur of the second ring can be seen, showing that reaching the 2nd layer is now close.

“This time, I will enter the 2nd layer of Wu Dao!”

This time at night, Ye Xing already ate dinner and was sitting cross-legged on his bed.

Very quickly, he started cultivating the Evergreen method, incorporating the 5 channels to absorb the star power into his body, then refining the muscles with qi.

The muscles and the blood were being nourished by the star energy, however not enhanced.

With Ye Xing’s cultivation clearly appeared in hi surpassing brain, he watched the second ring from being extremely vague slowly transforming into something clear.   

As every minute passes, his body is getting stronger, his second ring becoming more clear, slowly reaching the 2nd layer.

After about an hour later, Ye Xing’s second ring in his dantian was finally clear and complete. Although compared to the first ring it was dim, but then again it was clear proof that Ye Xing has stepped into the 2nd layer of Wu Dao.

“Finally broke through to the 2nd layer of Wu Dao. Eight days, only eight days time, I reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao!”

Ye Xing in one night reached the 1st layer, and in 8 days reached the 2nd layer, this is even more rare.  

Stepping into the Wu Dao is important, the original master paved the way by having a solid foundation, but from the 1st to the 2nd layer was all Ye Xing’s hard work.

In the past few days, his memories have been fusing with the old host more and more, showing the distance between the two in martial arts. Even the best Ye Qing was said to take at least a whole year to reach this level.

Compared to others in the younger generation, some spent more than a year’s time, some even needed at the least two years time.

Compared to the effort and time needed by the other younger generation, Ye Xing just needed 8 days which is extremely short.  

Ye Xing knows even with the improvement of his brain of the Evergreen method, now a middle grade method, it still should not be this quick. His induction of star energy is a bit unusual.  

Stars are also a big factor in affecting cultivation speed, if  higher level stars are used, the more power surging can one get, naturally cultivating faster.  

“Wu Dao 1st layer has about 100 to 300 jin(half a kilogram) of force, Wu Dao 2nd layer has about 500 to 600 jin of force, my Bone Crushing fist at last finally has 90 echoes, almost reaching the ordinary Bone Crushing Fist’s peak. This strength must be at least 2 times stronger than the usual 2nd layer strength, whether it is comparable to the 3rd layer I’m not yet sure.”      

Ye Xing feels the surging strength in his body, his heart can not help but beat faster.

For a normal person, the 1st layer of the Wu Dao is already difficult to deal with, even with 35 normal people working together they still not are a suitable opponent.   

In comparison the 2nd layer to normal people is already a master, having 500 to 500 jin of force, capable of throwing a person a long distance, even if a dozen more people join hand in hand, they still can’t handle this strength.    

As for the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, they can be compared to 100 normal people,  with the power of 1 thousand jin, a mere touch to a normal person can lead to a deadly injury.  

Ye Xing feels as if his strength far outstrips a normal 2nd layer martial apprentice, but compared to the hundred people strength of a 3rd layer practitioner, he still doesn’t compare.   

A coalition of a hundred normal people is comparable to a small force, it is difficult to handle.  

A third layer of Wu Dao is equivalent to at least an army of a hundred normal people, it can be just imagined how powerful it is.  

“Although my improvement is fast, but compared to the 3rd layer Ye Hu, I am still far worse, I’m afraid i still need to keep trying!”

In Ye Xing’s core, it can be seen that he reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao, so he can take it easy.

Although both Ye Qing and Ye Hu is not his goal, he still keeps them in mind, he needs them as reference, in the martial road one must take step by step, in the future he will be stepping on them.



Ninth day,still cultivating!

Early morning is exercise, after which an hour of Evergreen, then an hour of Bone Crushing Fist, this is the same for the afternoon.  

Today, his punch improved attaining 94 echos, increased growth speed and already improved greatly compared to yesterday.

At night, after an hour Ye Xing was once again using Evergreen Power, checking his dantian, he still found his second ring dim.  

From the 2nd layer to the 3rd layer compared to the 1st to 2nd is much harder. Even if Ye Xing’s cultivating speed is superior to an ordinary person, it’s hard to replicate the 1st to 2nd layer speed in just days.  

Tenth day, the Bone Crushing Fist reached the 98 echoes.

In Ye Xing’s dantian, the second ring is now more noticeable, but still pretty dim.

In the eleventh day the Bone Crushing Fist reached 101 echoes, successfully breaking through the hundred mark, according to the normal Bone Crushing Fist, the hundred mark is the limit, 101 echoes transcends the peak.     

In the perfect Bone Crushing Fist, to normally reach this one must be in the 3rd layer of martial apprentice, but Ye Xing who just entered the 2nd layer in barely 3 days already reached this level.

However, Ye Xing has not been improving much, today he only improved by 3 echoes, The Bone Crushing Fist progress has been declining.

Ye Xing checked his dantian for the rings, he found that they became brighter, but at this rate, for the second ring to be as bright as the first, he might need at least a whole month.  

To condense a third ring and reach the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, it will take a long time.

“The perfect Bone Crushing Fist has a total of 206 bones, I now have cultivated less than half, in theory there should be no decline yet in this situation!”  

Ye Xing was sitting, then his mind was struck.

“The problem is not in the perfect Bone Crushing Fist, it’s probably due to my body, correct, I do not receive any resources so my body can not keep up with my cultivation speed!”  

Ye Xing with his surpassing brain scanned his own body,checking his nutritional needs, and found it was so.

Although eats precious food for nourishing everyday and is well-fed, but compared to the needs of his body, it is not nearly enough.  

This is due to the fact that the Bone Crushing Fist needs to absorb a lot of nutrition in the body, therefore affecting his cultivation, influencing his speed.  

“Continuing practicing the Bone Crushing Fist and reaching the 3rd ;layer of Wu Dao is possible, however it will take a really long time!”  

“No, I heard the main family’s envoy is coming to Ye Zhen to select talented young generation in the Ye clan. This is my chance to leave, I must grab this opportunity!”   

“For this month, to reach the 3rd layer and reach the peak of the perfected Bone Crushing Fist, I need resources. Since my family doesn’t want to provide me, I will find it myself!”

Immediately, Ye Xing has decided.  

He wants to leave Ye Zhen, beside it is the Qingyun mountain range, to look for medical ingredients. With his surpassing mind that allows him to have better eyesight than most, he will be able to find the proper resources.  

Only with the medical ingredients, will the perfected Bone Crushing Fist and Evergreen greatly increase, he must grab this opportunity to leave and explore.  

Tian Cang City’sYe Clan main house has better martial arts, also have better warriors, that is the place Ye Xing want’s to go to.   

On the twelfth day, after Ye Xing ate dinner, he told Xiao Qing to leave.  

He went out to search for medical ingredients, since Ye Fei Hong and Liu E already decided to give all of his to Ye Chen. Ye Xing doesn’t want to talk to them.

Qingyun mountain is very broad and immense, nobody really knows how big and how many fierce beasts live inside.  

To go to the Qingyun mountain range is not safe, so he has to do some preparations.  

After leaving the residence of the Ye clan, he didn’t right away go to Qingyun mountain range, but rather first headed to the small town.

Martial apprentices do not have inner strength, only simple force, it is hard to kill fierce beasts, so he needs weapons.

Ye Xing himself does not have a weapon, also doesn’t want Ye Fei Hong to find out, as the young master of the Ye family, he naturally has a way to acquire what he wants.

Ye Zhen is not very big, after Ye Xing walked in a street, he found a weapon store which he went into.


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  1. Same name as 5 for ch? What a noob took him 8. Days to break through. Also isn’t ye he at 4th layer not third? Author is wasting a lot of early chapters repeating over and over “I’m a genius” and bone crusher and cultivate a million times.


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