Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Hunt

This arrow was black, there was no light source anywhere, only the arrow breaking free created a sharp sound.

What’s more, when Ye Xing shot the arrow, Xiong Qicai was talking completely unaware. When he finally noticed the sharp sound, it was too late.  

He was barely 15 years old, Xiong Qicai already cultivated up to the late stage 4th layer of Wudao. With such a cultivation at that age, even in Tian Cang City he was arrogant.   

Xiong Qicai’s identity was also to be feared, his father was a great master in the 7th layer Wu Dao. He had a high standing within the Xiong clan, even equal in footing with the clan master.  

However, Ye Xing’s arrow does not distinguish from high to low, no matter the identity, whether a martial disciple or a warrior, only death awaits you.  

Xiong Qicai was unable to say any more, he died with his eyes only showing a glint of regret while he fell to the ground.

“Young master Qi…!”

Although Xiong Qicai was at the center while three were around him, even with instinct they were unable to react only seeing the arrow on the throat.



The two hunters in the 3rd layer Wu Dao heard the incoming arrow, they sidestepped and shot to the direction where the arrows are came from.

After Ye Xing shot the arrow, he already shifted positions making the two’s shot all in vain.

Suddenly, a sharp sound came, a black arrow broke free and went straight to one of the hunter’s throats.

At this moment, during the exchange the two hunters were already very wary. After they shot the arrows they immediately rolled to the side.

The arrow that was suppose to pierce one of the hunter’s throat ended up grazing the scalp instead.

In a split second a shrill scream emitted, a ring was heard.

The hunter that rolled to the ground didn’t get up again. Ye Xing after he shot an arrow shot another in an instant.

He knew that his opponent will try to dodge, so when the hunter rolled on the ground, another arrow was already shot through a heart, another man dead.

The other hunter that was only hit on his scalp after rolling ran as fast as he can for another 10 meters. In the meantime, an arrow was shot towards the 4th layer Wudao warrior’s throat.  

Ye Xing already calculated everything with his surpassing mind, the arrow that did not hit the hunter was a decoy. In reality, Ye Xing was really aiming for the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior all this time.

He has only shot two arrows and two people are dead again.

Is is a pity, the warrior who is superior to someone who is a martial disciple, if he was wary he can easily deal with Ye Xing’s deadly shot.

A one in a thousand occurrence, the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior actually hit the arrow with his  swing of the blade.

Although the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior was able to deal with Ye Xing’s arrow, he was still shocked drenched with sweat.

In the dark night, he couldn’t see the far distance. He had no idea what the arrow came from, what angle it was, who will dare stay? He exerted all his effort and rapidly escaped.

He fled, leaving the 3rd layer Wu Dao hunter to his own burial, him alone facing Ye Xing, who was Ye Xing’s opponent?

He did not have the courage to fight with Ye Xing, so he turned and fled.


In a blink of an eye an arrow was shot entering the hunter’s heart. Him deciding to flee was him only just accelerating to this death.

Soon after, Ye Xing came out of the darkness and came towards Xiong Qicai’s body. It is a pity but he can only look as the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior just fled into the darkness.  

In his ten days in Qingyun mountain range, he has spent a lot of his arrows. While he fought with the five people in the valley he also wasted more arrows. After he jumped off the cliff, he only had five arrows left.

He used one to kill one person, now he used everything up with nothing more in his quiver.

If only he had an extra of two more arrows, the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior would have died and not escape.

He already is now out of the Qingyun mountain range, the warrior has already ran quite the distance. It was hard for Ye Xing to catch up so he just gave up on hunting the man.

Searching the body of Xiong Qicai, Ye Xing soon found the Red Blood Mushroom and a small amount of precious medicine ingredients.  

Also, he found quite a few banknotes and over ten thousand of taels, they were obviously well off bringing so much to a place like Qingyun mountain range.  

In addition Xiong Qicai had a long blade which was extremely precious, a middle-grade treasure. In Ye Zhen, it is scarce and not below the value of the Red Blood Mushroom, worth a lot of money.

With the Red Blood Mushroom, Ye Xing can cultivate to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao and make a breakthrough. He now planned to go back home to Ye Zhen and his clan. He did not leave anything valuable from Xiong Qicai’s long blade to all his money, he then re-entered the mountain range.

At night, strong beasts tend to act more rather than in the morning which makes Qingyun mountain range dangerous.

Under normal circumstances, Ye Xing dug a small cave on the mountain at night, hiding to rest.

However, Ye Xing does not intend to do his usual routine tonight. After all, he let the warrior escape, around this time he would have reached the Xiong clan in Tian Cang City. The Xiong clan might send out the older generation and kill him.

He cannot stay in this area, he must keep away from this area, entering the vast and deep mountains.  

In Qingyun mountain range, Ye Xing was a dragon in a sea, even great masters of the 7th layer will find it difficult to kill him.

Although Qingyun mountain range is dangerous at night, Ye Xing after all is near the outskirts. Besides, he has his superior eyesights canning any changes, therefore he was capable of discovering strong fierce beasts, he can walk with no mishaps.

At daybreak, Ye Xing has returned to the valley where the Red Blood Mushroom was. He went to the cliff again and jumped to the river below.

After, Ye Xing just went along the river far away from this place.

This way, although the Xiong clan might use hounds to track him, they will have a hard time finding Ye Xing.

When night arrived, Ye Xing was now far off and he found a mountain with no fierce beast in it. There was a natural cave that he sealed and rested inside it.

He didn’t sleep at all last night until the whole day today. Ye XIng is now tired so he slept and woke up when it was dawn.

Ye Xing went out the cave and climbed the peak of the mountain. He used his superior vision to scan the 10 li radius, not finding any Xiong clan member that has come.

Ye Xing confirmed his position and started to go towards the old veteran hunter from before. He took the things he left like the bow and arrow, heading towards Ye Zhen.


Again, in the night Ye XIng found his old cave from the night before. He sealed the cave with the boulder and spent the night in the cave.


Within the cave,Ye Xing took out the Red Blood Mushroom.


After getting the Red Blood Mushroom before, he was either in a hurry or too tired so he never had the chance. Now however, he had the chance to take it out.


Ye Xing started to use his method using his five channels, cultivating with no distractions whatsoever.

At this time, Ye Xing ate the Red Blood Mushroom, using his Evergreen method, he slowly refined it.

The medicine in Xing Chen Da Lu has a higher effect than compared to earth’s. Here they can also absorb the power of the stars for growth, capable of strengthening one’s body. For the cultivation of a warrior, it even has a bigger effect.

Soon the medicinal energy within the Red Blood Mushroom was pulled out by Ye Xing’s Evergreen method. It went through his body nourishing his flesh, blood, bones and muscles.  

Meanwhile, the Red Blood Mushroom also contained the stars power within it, which Ye Xing also absorbed to his dantian. The second ring in his dantian started to be increasingly bright.  

As time went on, The Red Blood Mushroom’s medicinal energy rushed to Ye Xing’s blood and flesh which is felt by his whole body.  

Operating the Evergreen method was pushed to the limit by Ye Xing absorbing everything to his blood and flesh. To the point that even his body couldn’t accept anymore of it.

“Slow, these five channels in absorbing is too slow!”

At this time, Ye Xing now understood on experience of the importance of a good method.

His surpassing brain already improved the Evergreen method, making it a lower-grade method from its original ordinary grade. However, to Ye Xing it was still not enough.

Time passed, Ye Xing only paid attention in absorbing the Red Blood Mushroom to his body, he already neglected the time passed.

He did not know how long it has been, the medicinal energy of the Red Blood Mushroom started to decrease. He felt that only the star within his body is making improvements, he doesn’t know anymore if his physical body is also absorbing the medicinal energy. His body from head to toe was brimming with strength.  

He scanned his own body, in his dantian his second ring is brilliant to its limit, seemingly no different with the first ring.

In addition to the second ring, a third ring appeared, although it was quite dim.

The 9 layers of Wu Dao has marks, in the dantian one ring indicated the 1st layer while the 2nd ring indicated the 2nd layer.

Now in Ye Xing’s dantain is a third ring, indicating that him absorbing the Red Blood Mushroom medicinal energy unknowingly made him break to the 3rd layer.

Ye Xing’s heart was filled with joy, he broke through the 2nd layer of Wu Dao in just half a month. Him clearly entering the Qingyun mountain range was clearly the right choice.  

This place let him grow, without making any changes to his outer appearance.

Soon, the sense of expansion of the star in his body ceased. He clenched his fists, exerting force on his body, a burst sound came out. Even though the sound heard was not much, but the surpassing mind was able to completely record it.  

There was 206 echos and 185 sharp echos.

Prior to that, he only reached 170 sharp echos, after taking the Red Blood Mushroom, the cultivation of Ye Xing’s Bone Crushing Fist has greatly improved.

Ye Xing’s body although it did not expand, with the Red Blood Mushroom, the Bone Crushing Fist reached the perfect realm.

206 echos of the Bone Crushing Fist means cultivating it to the perfect realm, how much stronger is it?

Ye Xing was looking forward to it!


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