Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 27

Chapter 27: To beat face


Ye Xing stood untouched!

Issuing out a scream, the one sent flying was Ye Wen Ying’s disciple Ye Yun Fan!

Aside from Ye Qing, Ye Feng, Liu Shuang Ling, who long all long ago predicted this outcome, the rest of the new disciples all without exception were startled, they were stunned.

Ye Yun Fan possessed great strength, all the new disciples felt that no one in the 3rd layer of Wudao will be able to last ten moves, the overwhelming majority in three to five moves all suffered defeat.

However, in this way Ye Yun Fan was powerful, still Ye Xing with one fist explosively sent him flying!

This led all the other new disciples have a hard time believing it, a few were not convinced what their eyes have just seen!


Ye Yun Fan flew out for about more than a dozen meters, he fell to the ground, rolling around for a bit, he stopped exactly on the feet of Ye Wen Ying!

At the side, Ye Yun Tao was looking distracted on the spot, he could not help but rub his eyes.

As well as Ye Wen Ying, looking at Ye Yun Fan right at his feet, there was as if a black cloud on his face, on his eyes anger was blazing.

He intentionally explained to Ye Yun Fan, coming across Ye Xing from Qing Ye Zhen, as well as Ye Feng, he must take care of them, fiercely putting them in their place.

The outcome, there was not even a thread of injury on Ye Xing, Ye Yun Fan instead with just one fist from Ye Xing was sent flying right in front of Ye Wen Ying.

What is this? This simply is a hit on the face of Ye Wen Ying!

However, Ye Wen Ying was unable to flare up, at the present in this test Ye Xing was clearly ahead of everyone, this new will travel around. Ye Yun Fan going against Ye Xing with a fist was sent flying, this was proof that Ye Xing had great strength, Ye Yun Fan is unable to test Ye Xing in terms of strength.

“The younger generation believes that low strength is what makes someone trash!”

Ye Wen Ying in his mind remembered what Ye Xing has said not too long ago, his expression turned surly like water!

He was going to use Ye Xing’s two star mandate of heaven at first to make him look like trash, however Ye Xing used reality as his proof, Ye Wen Ying’s disciple was the real trash!  

Ye Yun Fan’s palm were aching dully, he did not pay as much attention to his injuries, after seeing Ye Wen Ying’s gloomy expression, his face started to bloat like a big.

“Ye Xing, I will cripple you…!”

Ye Yun Fan sensed the anger from Ye Wen Ying, in his mind he started to get scared, he put all the blame to Ye Xing, crawling back up he shouted, once again trying to dash towards Ye Xing.  

“Stop!” Ye Wen Ying coldly shouted.

With his eyesight, previously Ye Xing avoided the attacks, then counterattacked, plainly with a fist Ye Yun Fan was flying, he already saw that Ye Xing strength was far from a martial disciple.

Ye Yun Fan once again rushed up, there was only going to be one outcome, he for a second time will be knocked down by Ye Xing, it was inviting him to be disgraced, at the same time also making him lose face.

Ye Wen Ying spoke, Ye Yun Fan did not dare disobey, his body stood at his original place, Ye Wen Ying angrily spoke: “People that are trash, go to hell!”

Ye Yun Fan resentfully looked at Ye Xing, he silently spoke, withdrawing himself.

“Elder, you saw the strength of two star mandate of heaven, is that not enough?” Ye Xing smiled at Ye Wen Ying.  

He looked at Ye Wen Ying’s expression, he knew this business was not over, this elder will unlikely let him off.

Since this is the case, Ye Xing also did not need to pretend in facing him, if he just exited, this will only swell his thick skinned face!

Ye Wen Ying coldly spoke: “It seems that you have confidence in your own strength, you should at once let Ye Yun Tao give you directions! Ye Yun Tao…”

Ye Yun Tao took a step forward, his eyes showed fierce intentions: “Disciple is here!”

Ye Wen Ying said: “Give this cocky kid a lesson, let him deeply know the main family disciple strength!”

“Yes sir!”

Ye Yun Tao laughed, coming over to Ye Xing, as he was walking he gave a nod to Ye Yun Fan: “Junior brother Yun Fan, I will give this boy a lesson.”

As a 4th layer of Wudao pinnacle warrior, even if Ye Xing showed great strength above that of a martial disciple, but Ye Yun Tao still did not put him on his eyes.

Ye Yun Tao laughed with disdain, he regarded Ye Xing as worthless!

All the new disciples were silent, a pinnacle 4th layer Wudao warrior Ye Yun Tao was about to give Ye Xing a lesson, it seems that Ye Xing will be ruthlessly sorted out!

Even though Ye Qing, Ye Feng, Liu Shuang Ling knew of Ye Xing’s extreme strength, they also felt Ye Xing was not Ye Yun Tao’s opponent.

After all, Ye Xing defeating Ye Qing, he was only at the initial stage at the 4th layer of Wudao, Ye Yun Tao was at the pinnacle, if Ye Qing and Ye Yun Tao were to fight, he would only last two moves.    

Three people had varying expressions, Ye Feng with regards Ye Xing was anxious, his look was nervous, it was different for Ye Qing and Liu Shuang Ling, the fact is Ye Xing will be sorted out, they were taking joy in his calamity.   

Also taking joy in the calamity was Ye Bai Yuan, beforehand he ridiculed Ye Xing as a worthless person, boasting that Ye Xing under the hands of Ye Yun Fan will only last one move. The result however was Ye Xing beating their face.   

Now, he was taking pleasure seeing Ye Xing meeting Ye Yun Tao and being sorted out!

“Hei Hei…, certain people have the impertinence to injure a main family disciple, extremely arrogant, should be sorted out!”

Ye Bai Yuan spoke mockingly, there was silence between the new disciples, that is why it was clearly heard.

Ye Yun Tao’s corner of the mouth curved up showing a smiling expression, he regarded what Ye Bai Yuan have said as something pleasant to hear, his inner meridians started to operate, his pinnacle 4th layer of Wudao cultivation was completely exposed, there was surging matchless vigor, coming towards Ye Xing to crush him.  

Even if Ye Xing was 20 meters away from all the new disciples, looking at Ye Yun Tao all started to feel a collapsing mountain was coming over, it is obvious that in front of Ye Xing, just how big of a pressure was he experiencing?

However, Ye Xing was standing like a javelin completely straight, as if he was a genuine mountain, as the gailing attack was coming over, he was motionless like a mountain.

Ye Xing appeared to be very calm, Ye Yun Tao was imposing and oppressive, his manner did not have any effect at all.  

Seeing Ye Xing taking all the pressure, not at all being affected, Ye Yun Tao showed a displeased expression, he coldly snorted, he took a big stride causing him to arrive in front of Ye Xing, sending a fist out.

Middle grade martial skill Roaring Tiger Fist!

One fist, there was whooshing sounds, it was as if a tiger roared with an oppressing tone.  

The same was for Ye Yun Tao himself, he was also like a fierce tiger, his appearance was that of boldness and power, he was exerting the presence of the Roaring Tiger Fist!

Ye Yun Tai as far as the middle grade martial skill attainments, compared to Ye Yun Fan he was much higher, the Roaring Tiger Fist has already surpassed the lower realm!

Pinnacle of the 4th layer of Wudao warrior, to display an exceeding lower realm Roaring Tiger Fist, it was absolutely formidable and no small matter, he was like a genuine tiger pouncing bringing terror.

At once all the new disciples were stunned, how will Ye Xing be able to resist the fist, perhaps Ye Xing had a delusion that he can take it, Ye Xing already has lost.

Crackle Rattle

Ye Xing within his body exploded out sound, it was like beans creating noise, how many of the sound that came out was uncountable, in a brief moment there were multiple of it.   

Was that the Bone Crushing Fist?

The new disciples were dumbfounded, at this point, Ye Xing unexpectedly did not use a martial skill, fighting a pinnacle 4th layer of Wudao warrior he is underestimating, he was simply courting death!

Even Ye yun Tao himself, in his mind could not help be astounded, Ye Xing had the impertinence to rely on the Bone Crushing Fost to deal with him? He nevertheless was pleased, this kind of tendency, he with one fist will snap Ye Xing’s arm, he shall make Ye Xing fly, letting Ye Xing fall done to the ground unable to climb up again.


In a blink of an eye, the two has their fist’s collide together!

Both parties involved felt dreadful strength being transmitted to their fist, however both people did not move like a mountain, there was no recoil and no half steps back!

Ye Xing using the Bone Crushing Fist, all of its power burst out, using a thread of his inner strength inside his meridian, how is the power this astonishing?  

Even if he exceeded the lower realm of the Roaring Tiger Fist, he must not think that he can suppress him!


Ye Xing obstructed Ye Yun Tao’s fist, in a split second he took the initiative to attack, sound exploded out of his bones, a fist directly attack Ye Yun Tao’s face.

At present all the people were stupefied!

Many people softened their eyes, whether or not it was clear in their eyes, before their eyes they saw something they could not dare believe!

Ye Yun Tao was gobsmacked, before his eyes he was seeing something different, if he did not react fast, Ye Xing’s fist would have already reached his nose.

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa…

Ye Yun Tao’s fist obstructed Ye Xing’s fist, afterwards he repeatedly used the Roaring Tiger Fist, he attacked Ye Xing wildly, Ye Xing put to full use the Bone Crushing Fist to resist.   

Four continous fist’s collided, there was unending noise, in a flash, the two already exchanged ten fist’s.  

The two earnestly collided, they were progressing unconditionally with great strength confronting each other, the outcome gave the feeling of incredibility.

The 3rd layer of Wudao Ye Xing, unexpectedly was capable of resolutely resisting the pinnacle 4th layer of Wudao Ye Yun Tao, furthermore there was not even a bit of backing down.  

Ye Xing’s cultivation was at the complete boundary at the 3rd layer, his meridians already cultivated inner strength, only a little bit more, he will enter the 4th layer, his strength will be like Ye Qing’s, but much stronger.

Even though Ye Yun Tao’s strength was distant from Ye Qing’s, however Ye Xing also had absolute strength in the collision, he was not in the least fearful at all.

The new disciples sucked in a breath of cold air, no matter if it was Ye Feng who was anxious now being happy, or Ye Qing, Liu Shuang Ling, Ye Bai Yuan, or all the other new disciples, right before their eyes there was a scene that was incomparably shocking.

At once in the plaza, some distant main family disciples also had expressions of shock, many were dumbstruck.

Before Ye Yun Fan was injured under the hands of Ye Xing, now he was capable of fiercely fighting Ye Yun Tao without backing down at all, this was petrifying.

Before after suffering defeat, Ye Yun fan was looking for excuses in his mind, believing that his self was not weak at all compared to Ye Xing, now it seems that their strength was not comparable at all in the first place, they were not in the same level.

Ye Wen Ying had a gloomy expression, although his external appearance did not show it, however in his innermost being his lungs were bursting with rage.

He was a main family elder, 6th layer of Wudao strength, but he felt like sorting out this new disciple, in spite of this he cannot accomplish it, when he was younger with Ye Tian Nan, was he like this?

Soon, Ye Xing and Ye Yun Tao have fought hand to hand with ten moves, both as before was evenly matched, the trend seemed like it will continue continuing for more than ten moves, perhaps it will get harder as it goes longer.

Ye Xing with the corner of his mouth showed a sliver of a smiling expression, Ye Yun Tao’s strength was clear, he did not plan to continue any longer, he immediately started to use his exceeding mind to scan the situation.

Ye Yun Tao’s figure was suddenly entered by the exceeding mind, to Ye Xing, there was no secret at all that can be kept by Ye Yun Tao!



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  2. One thing you have to do as a translator is properly arrange the sentences so that they make sense in English.

    Here is an example: Even Ye yun Tao himself, in his mind could not help be astounded, Ye Xing had the impertinence to rely on the Bone Crushing Fist to deal with him?

    Here is that sentence (somewhat) fixed: Even Ye yun Tao could not help but be astounded. Ye Xing had the impertinence to rely on Bone Crushing Fist to deal with him?

    Just translating the words themselves is only a part of the process called translating. I suggest you get an editor who cleans up your translation before you post them. It will be an easy fix for the sentence structure.

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    • I do understand what you mean, however I wanted to stick as close as I can to the original Chinese version itself. Sentences that usually is a run-on in English when it is in Chinese is completely fine, that is why most of the things I typed was how the Chinese sentences were structured while trying to make it sound reasonable in English.

      Like you said, I am translating, that means that I do not want to change the text itself because it will have a different feel to the text if I change up the structure. You catch my drift?

      Also, I don’t understand what in that line doesn’t make sense, it is grammatically acceptable. The way it looks to me is that you are nitpicking small things, I mean all you did was change a comma to a period. In its essence, the sentence still makes sense, so please do enlighten me how it does not make sense. It will be great if you show guidance to me on what is wrong. Thank you.


      • its fine the way it is, having too much extra word just to fix a sentence can make up a confusion.
        besides its not like we can’t understand it, unless some one bird brain or something.

        btw Thanks ;D


      • If you re-read my previous comments examples, you will be able to see that I removed a clause and a comma. That is because the sentence in english doesn’t require the same structure as in chinese. The line I removed in the first comment was something that may have been needed in chinese but would have been implied in english. All good translators do this, because translators jobs are not just to translate the words, but to arrange them into the proper structure so that they convey the most accurate description of the author’s intent. Don’t make it sound like I’m just trying to mess with you or that everyone is out to get you. The point of translating is to have it make sense. Here is another great example.

        See this sentence: Seeing Ye Xing taking all the pressure, not at all being affected, Ye Yun Tao showed a displeased expression, he coldly snorted, he took a big stride causing him to arrive in front of Ye Xing, sending a fist out.

        (somewhat) fixed: Seeing that Ye Xing was not at all affected by the pressure, Ye Yun Tao showed a displeased expression. He coldly snorted. Taking a big stride, he arrived in front of Ye Xing, throwing a fist out.

        Stop acting like everyone is out to get you. I just wanted you to get an editor who is well versed in English to help you clean up the sentences. You can look to any major translator to see that they arrange the sentences and don’t just lazily throw commas into the middle of sentences. I hope you keep translating, hopefully with some proper sentence structure.


      • I do understand yout points, however due to my “translate when I feel like it schedule”, it would be inconvenient for me and the editor if I get one. I’m sorry if I it seems like I overreacted, I was just in a bad mood yesterday since I failed a sem test(physics :l). If I do become more hard working I will look into getting an editor, but for now I guess we have to live with my English lmao ;P.


  3. I’m thinking of picking this translation up? If you plan on continuing, please reply ^^.
    (I plan on starting over from Chapter 1 due to our difference in translation style. My native language is English, so I’m thinking of making it more fluid to read, rather then purely directly translating from Chinese.)


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