Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Winning Streak

Ye Hu was gloomy, there was a fifty percent probability, however Ye Xing still is not paired up with Ye Qing!

With Ye Xing being able to defeat Ye Yuan in two moves, Liu Shuang Ling will obviously also have a hard time.    

“Humph, Ye Xing the higher you go, the harder you fall!” Ye Hu was consoling himself in his mind.

After the draw of the 4th round came out, everyone in Qing Ye Zhen were guessing the results, surely Ye Qing and Ye Xing will win, at the end they will both confront each other in the finals to be number one.  

However even if they were already guessing the results, everyone was still looking forward to the fights.

In the fight between Ye Qing and Ye Feng, there was nothing unusual, Ye Qing as usual will crush his opponent. Everyone was looking forward to the fight between Ye Xing and Liu Shuang Ling.

The two were yet to be married husband and wife, everyone was happy to watch the two fight.

“Wait do not concede defeat, he surely would not injure you, use all your strength to test him!” Ye Qing as he passed by Liu Shuang Ling softly whispered.

After which Ye Qing immediately went to the stage and fought Ye Feng, after fast exchanges Ye Feng was heavily injured.

Liu Shuang Ling will undoubtedly will lose to the hands of Ye Xing, so she will fight Ye Feng for the third place. So Ye Qing seriously injured Ye Feng to make it not a trouble anymore.

In the pavilion, the third elder Ye Fei Ting’s complexion turned cold, in his eyes were pure fury, Ye Qing obviously did this to seriously injure Ye Feng.

Watching his son be carried out of the platform, how can Ye Fei Ting not be angry.

Unfortunately, even if he is an elder, in the family meeting it is not good enough, If he was angry, all the other elders will stop him and he will become a joke, all he can do is suppress his anger.

He could not help it, Ye Fei Ting’s eyes fell to Ye Xing.

Ye Xing will definitely fight with Ye Qing on the top.

“If Ye Xing can beat Ye Qing in behalf for my son, it will be many times better!”

Ye Fei Ting was thinking about it, however even if he wanted to see the results already, there was nothing he can do but watch.

The gap between a martial disciple and a warrior was too big, it was too difficult, can a martial disciple beat a warrior? This was a very big hope!

Ye Xing looked over to the pavilion, he and Ye Fei Ting’s gaze met.

In a moment, Ye Xing read Ye Fei Ting’s eyes, he then nodded.

This somewhat dumbfounded Ye Fei Ting, it was as if Ye Xing’s eyes sent a message: Good, I will sort out Ye Qing!

Where was Ye Xing’s confidence coming from? Ye Fei Ting was suspicious, maybe he understood what Ye Xing meant in his eyes wrongly!

Is that so? This should not be right? Ye Fei Ting could not determine it, but in his heart he was looking forward to it!

At this time, Ye Xing and Liu Shuang Ling came to the platform, all the attention fell on these two people.

“This way you quickly cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, it seems that you really had a happy encounter!”

Liu Shuang Ling’s beautiful hair was on her forehead, her actions gave off a soft and gentle mood.  

In the memory of Ye Xing, Liu Shuang Ling never talked to him in this tone, Ye Xing did not think Liu Shuang Ling wanted to start anew, he still has yet to show his real strength and potential that is higher than Ye Qing’s!

In this way, he thought that his counterpart was definitely hiding something.

Now that the other party believes that he had a good encounter, this was their explanation why he suddenly had such a fast upgrade in strength.

Ye Xing nodded and lightly said: “Well I went to the Qingyun mountain range to travel, I almost died, however I unexpectedly encountered a medical ingredient, I ate it then I suddenly raised my strength to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao.”  

A medicine that directly raises one’s strength to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao? How precious is this medicine?

From what Ye Xing has said, they believed it and had envy in their hearts to Ye Xing, this medicine from a crippled body, he took it and it was wasted on him!

“You really depended on medicine to forcefully cultivate, al depended on medical ingredients to strengthen your body, therefore you strength surpasses that of a normal person, still eager to excel greatly!”  

Liu Shuang Ling thought so, with Ye Xing admitting it, she in her mind filled in the blanks and said.

“It may be so!” Ye Xing did not object.

Getting the answer Liu Shuang Ling’s demeanor changed immediately saying:

“It is no wonder you are what you are today, you depend on luck, in time it will run out. If you did not have another happy encounter, I’m afraid you will stay in that realm forever not ever advancing to be a warrior in your whole lifetime.”

“Perhaps that is true, who can say for sure in the future!” Ye Xing shrugged his shoulders. his expression was indifferent.

However, this indifferent expression in the eyes of Liu Shuang Ling was annoying, she felt hateful.

She was used to Ye Xing having the face of excitement in front of her as such is fear, she disliked the fact that Ye Xing could not give a damn, in addition his expression showed self confidence.  

“In the future, let me try your genuine strength you got after your happy encounter!”

Liu Shuang Ling coldly shouted, immediately using the Penetrating Blooming Hand, she attacked towards Ye Xing.  

The Penetrating Blooming Hand uses softness to conquer strength, Liu Shuang Ling took the initiative to attack, it was obvious she lost her cool.

Crackle Rattle

In a moment that Liu Shuang Ling attacked, in the body of Ye Xing suddenly echos burst out!

In an imposing manner Ye Xing’s body rose, his black hair scattered in the wind, he threw a fist like an angry lion.  

Ye Qing thought Ye Xing will let Liu Shuang Ling strike, Liu Shuang Ling thought the same too, they both were gravely mistaken.

Let Liu Shuang Ling hit? Why would that be allowed?

Ye Xing with a fist, although the power of the Bone Crushing Fist did not completely erupt out, however this 70 to 80 percent power still can not be compared to the normal martial disciple.

Liu Shuang Ling’s Penetrating Blooming Hand used softness to conquer strength, however as Ye Xing’s fist arrived, she nevertheless was unable to handle this terrifying force, hitting it with her palm felt like there was an electrifying shock, she had no choice but to pull back.   

Ye Xing’s powerful strength in the fist, no matter strong and flexible Liu Shuang Ling was, it was hard to resist.  

Liu Shuang Ling was surprised, Ye Xing already strode forward, once again sending a fist.

Penetrating Blooming Hand!

Liu Shuang Ling used her full strength, however with regards with Ye Xing’s fist, she was incapable of resisting.

Ye Xing’s fist was unstoppable, hitting her shoulder she had no choice but fall down with both hands used as a support, she turned.

Shadow Leg!

Liu Shuang Ling turned, both feet rapidly kicked, repeatedly aiming for Ye XIng’s vital points, putting to full use the lower grade skill.

Peng Peng Peng Peng

Ye Xing responded quickly, as before using the Bone Crushing Fist, obstructing all of Liu Shuang Ling’s kicks.  

Afterwards a sound came out, Liu Shuang Ling let out a miserable shriek, her body flew for about 10 meters dropping to the ground.

Ye Xing’s fist was too strong, after trying to block his fist, naturally Liu Shuang Ling was sent flying.

Liu Shuang Ling fell to the ground both of her legs feeling pain, she clenched her teeth. Her eyes looking at Ye Xing, in her eyes were both anger and surprise!

Right now in front of Ye Xing, she was feeling strange!

She could feel it, Ye Xing did not have protective feelings for her, it was beyond her expectation.

Formerly, although she never cared about Ye Xing, however Ye Xing always had the look of infatuation, how can he be willing to hurt her?  

This time however, she really was hurt in the hands of Ye Xing.

In addition, she also failed in testing Ye Xing’s real strength.  

Meanwhile, Ye Xing’s actions also went beyond the expectations of the majority the Ye clan people. In the past Ye Xing treated Liu Shuang Ling well with infatuation, however now it seems like there is a change.

In the edges of the platform Ye Qing’s eyes narrowed, showing fierceness from it. He wanted to let Liu Shuang Ling try to get YeXing to show his power, he knew the outcome but nevertheless he was disappointed.   

As before he still had confidence certain of his victory, although he did not know he did not know the limit of Ye Xing’s strength, but after all he was just a martial disciple, until where can his strength reach?

Nevertheless he already cultivated the inner strength of Wu Dao, in his dantian was four star rings indicating he was a genuine warrior.

Ye Qing was on the edges of the platform, slowly entering. Liu Shuang Ling was already defeated, entering the fifth round was only him and Ye Xing, there was no need to draw. This fifth round was the defining battle, who the best will unfold between the two of them.

A person helped Liu Shuang Ling down the platform, aside from the person in charge of the competition Ye Fei Zhou, there was no one else on the platform aside from Ye Xing and Ye Qing.

The whole Ye clan and every person had their eyes locked on the two people on the platform, all eyes showing a deep color of interest.  

There were two people, one was a younger generation man who was a warrior, one was a former cripple who was an unexpected dark horse in the competition!

The fight between the two, it was a must see!

Even in their hearts they already had a prediction on who will win, but their interest in the fight remains undiminished.

The wanted to know, Ye Xing the dark horse, what can he do in front of a genuine warrior, to what extent can he last.

In the pavilion, in the period that Liu Shuang Ling was sent flying by Ye Xing, Ye Yunlong was slightly unhappy, in his perspective, Ye Xing did not understand being king to the opposite sex, especially confronting a beautiful woman, one must win graciously!

Ha opened his fan and used it for a few times saying:

“A cripple that could not interact with the stars, today now cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao. Ye Xing is a dark horse, this is truly surprising, but this time he will have a hard time, this time he will be against a true warrior, his rise is about to come to an end.”

A martial disciple beating a warrior, it is possible but it is very rare, usually it can only happen to top talents of Tian Cang City, for example, Ye Yunlong!

However in his situation, at the boundary of the 3rd layer, he can already use inner strength, meaning he was already halfway to the 4th layer, a genuine warrior. In his dantain the 4th ring was already appearing, there was only a little time left until he reached the 4th layer.

Ye Tian Zhong saw that Ye yunlong was favoring the side of Ye Qing, his face suddenly showed delight saying:

“Young master, this person that is at the 4th layer of Wu Dao warrior is Ye Qing, he is this elder’s grandson, it has already been months that he is at the position as the best younger generation in Qing Ye Zhen, he is the only one that is a genuine warrior.His potential is very big, his future is bound to be a success, in Tian Cang City I hope the young master will keep an eye on it!”  


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