Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Test

Outside Fen Zu Yuan there is the plaza, numerous teenagers have gathered.

There were about 200 people, about half of which are from the younger generation of family, the other half are from within the range of power of the main family in Tian Cang City, which were recruited as external disciples.  

It is a very big clan, if it was thought that the development and prosperity has slowed down, it is only needed that more fresh blood is acquired, no matter if one is from the younger generation of the clan, or an external disciple, as long as you have talent, it is deserved to have a chance to cultivate.  

Of course, naturally the more important ones are those members of the family themselves, therefore in the Ye clan main family, the main family younger generation is given more importance, then the branch members, the last are the external disciples.

This time there is a recruitment of new disciples, the difference between the branch members, external disciples and the main family younger generation, is that some cultivated really early.  

In the plaza, there are many youngsters, at this time one can see the main family, they were looking down on other people.

Ye Wei Hong was in front 200 people receiving them, beside him was an elderly man of about 60 years old, he gave Ye Xing a feeling of extreme danger.  

Ye Xing was certain, ever since he came to Xing Chen Dalu, he has never encountered such a strong warrior, even if he was to compare Ye Yun Long to this man, he is comparably weak when put together.

This must be an existence of a 6th layer of Wudao, Ye Xing used his surpassing mind to scan him, surely enough he was at the 6th layer of Wudao.  

“Everyone from the younger generation, starting from today, you all will officially become disciples of the Ye clan in Tian Cang City. From now on, the Ye clan’s reputation will be your reputation, the Ye clan’s humiliation will be your humiliation, you must remember, you will forever be with the Ye clan!”

Ye Wei Hong said aloud: “Now say it once more!”

“All we do is with the Ye clan!” Everyone in the younger generation shouted!

“The voices are too weak…!” Ye Wei Hong roared like thunder.

“All we do is with the Ye clan!”Everyone in the younger generation roared!

“Say it once more!”

“All we do is with the Ye clan!”

Ye Wei Hong was finally satisfied, he nodded and he said: “Good, you all must remember what you said today, from now on, whoever dares to harm the Ye clan’s affair, you all will become enemies!”

After Ye Wei Hong spoke with the everyone in the younger generation, he introduced the old man: “This man is elder Ye Wen Ying, he is in charge with the cultivation of new disciples, I ask elder Ye Wen Ying to speak.”  

Ye Xing and Ye Feng blinked with their eyes, the looked at each other face to face, today at last they are in the Ye clan main family for the first day, unexpectedly they already meet elder Ye Wen Ying.

To one’s surprise Ye Wen Ying was in charge of the cultivation of the new disciples, Ye Xing and Ye Feng both in their minds felt this was not a good premonition.

Ye Xing and Ye Feng only barely turned their heads, Ye Wen Ying’s two eyes suddenly stared at them, his vision was practically like that of an eagle.

Ye Wen Ying took a step forward saying: “First of all, this old man represents the Ye clan, I welcome you all in the younger generation in becoming a member. Secondly, this old man wants to warn you all, no matter how amazing you all are, be it a dragon or a tiger, finally in the main family, you all must abide the rules, if anyone dares to challenged my prestige, this old man will give you an unforgettable memory!”  

Pausing, Ye Wen Ying continued to say: “The ye clan is a large influential clan, there are regulations, there are clear rewards and punishments, the resources are limited, there also is numerous people, my Ye clan does not go for mediocrity, only attaching importance to the elite! Next, you all will conduct a test, six stars or more, you can meet with an elder to become a disciple, the main focus is to nurture. Five stars, one can everyday cultivate, for four stars, you will be assigned to separate branches, completing daily work, now the testing will begin!”   

While Ye Wen Ying spoke, an attendant placed a block of stone in front of the plaza.

The whole stone was dark, in the middle there was a notch, to the side there were stars, altogether there were nine stars.

“This is the Blood Life Rock, we will begin from the left side, announce your name, history, age, cultivation, then drop blood on the middle of the Blood Life Rock inside the notch, so we can measure all of your mandate of heaven(I think this refers to destiny, meaning like the talent a person can reach or possesses), this will decide the treatment and harvest you all will get as criterion!”

Ye Wen Ying waved his hands said.

“Ye Yu Heng, coming from Qing Sang Zhen, 14 years old, 3rd layer of Wudao!”

The first youngster from the left side arrived at the Blood Life Stone, loudly speaking, after biting his finger, he dripped his blood on the notch in the middle of the Blood Life Rock.  

Very quickly, on the Blood Life Rock the stars began to be filled with a scarlet color rays of light, one… two… finally there were five bright lights!

“Qing Sang Zhen, Ye Yu Heng, five star mandate of heaven.” Ye Wei Hong declared Ye Yu Heng’s aptitude, beside him was an attendant that recorded it.  

“Ye Yu Feng, coming from Qing Sang Zhen, 16 years old, 4th layer of Wudao!”

Soon the second youngster dropped his blood on the Blood Life Stone, lighting up four stars.

“Qing Sang Zhen, Ye Yu Feng, four star mandate of heaven!”Ye Wei Hong announced.



“Tian Shui Zhen, Ye Yi Dao, four star mandate of heaven…!”

“Tian Shui Zhen, Ye Yi Jian, four star mandate of heaven…!”

“Bai Yi Zhen, Ye Bai Sheng, fourstar mandate of heaven…!”

“Bai yi Zhen, Ye Bai Wan, five star mandate of heaven…!”



The test for the younger generation began, very quickly ten from the younger generation took the test.

Their mandate of heaven, majority of it were four stars, a small number of it was five stars, as for above five stars, it is the same as those below four stars, there were none.   

“Qian Niu Zhen, Ye Man, six star mandate of heaven…!”

When the 49th youngster took the test the outcome came, suddenly in the plaza there was exclamations of admiration.

The test up to now, this is the only six star mandate of heaven!

The eyes of Ye Wen Ying both let out energy: Good, Ye Man, this old man desires for you to become a disciple, are you willing?”

With two eyes of admiration, the youngster Ye Man had the look of exultation, on the spot he paid respect to Ye Wen Ying: “The disciple pays respect to the master!”

Ye Wen Ying with satisfaction nodded: “Good, afterwards the test of strength, you do not need to participate on it, you must return and fix you things, you will live on this old man’s residence, you can have someone bring you!”

With everyone having the look of envy in their eyes, Ye Man left.

Six star mandate of heaven, even if it was someone from the younger generation of the main family, you can count them with your fingers, he is bound to be a genius.  

This time, someone came out who was Ye Man, no one else in the younger generation came out with a six star mandate of heaven, majority were in the four stars, the five stars were even less.

“Ye Xing, coming from Qing Ye Zhen, 16 years old, 3rd layer of Wudao!” In a short time, it was ye Xing’s turn, he was the first place in Qing Ye Zhen’s competition.

Ye Xing still did not drip blood, he just recently started cultivating, with his age, other youngsters were sneering at him.

16 years old at the 3rd layer of Wudao, in comparison to the five star mandate of heaven, this qualification is pretty bad.

All the youngsters were sneering, Ye Xing sensed a sharp gaze, he swept his vision, it was precisely Ye Wen Ying.

Whether it was the juveniles sneering, or if it was Ye Wen Ying’s  severe gaze, Ye Xing remained unmoved, his expression was constant. He bit his finger, then dripped his blood on the Blood Life Stone.   

Soon, on the Blood Life Stone the stars issued out bright rays of red lights, one.. two.., after that the third one twinkled a bit then it immediately died out.   

“Two.. two star mandate of heaven?” Ye Wei Hong announced and he was surprised!

One to three star mandate of heaven, this indicated a low class mandate of heaven, when the Ye clan recruited its disciples, it was hard to predict when a three star will appear, as for a two star mandate of heaven, such a thing has never appeared!

To be capable of being selected to go to the main family, and all from the branch families having a bit of talent, how is it possible he only has a two star mandate of heaven?

In terms of aptitude there were two aspects, one is connecting with the stars, the other is the mandate of heaven, the mandate of heaven refers to the health of a body!

Ye Xing remained silent, his soul is himself, but the body originated from the old owner, he knew the aptitude of the old owner was awful, but he didn’t expect it to be this bad, not only could he not connect with the stars, not being able to interact with the stars, unexpectedly his mandate of heaven is also only two stars!

YeWei Hong announced the results, everyone sneering bursted out laughing, before the test, the worst was merely at the four star mandate of heaven, two star mandate of heaven? This simply is a trash existence!

“No wonder, at 16 years old, he is only at the 3rd layer of Wudao!”

“How was he chosen to go to the main family? Don’t tell me taht Qing Ye Zhen is uninhabited?”

Many other of the younger generation sneered and ridiculed.

Ye Feng, Ye Qing, Liu Shuang Ling were all amazed, somewhat they cannot dare believe, Ye Xing in Qing Ye Zhen in the Ye clan competition was outstanding, unexpectedly he is only at the 2 star mandate of heaven?  

If this was sent back in Qing Ye Zhen, who will be convinced?

Ye XIng has a mature spirit, he did not feel as if he lost face, besides, he did not feel that his mandate of heaven was this low, he felt that his connection with the stars is extremely out of the ordinary. As well as his aptitude, his connection and mandate of heaven has potential!   

Also, his cultivation speed is also proof of this, two star mandate of heaven, it is not at all awful!

In everyone’s mind there was ridicule, Ye Xing walked then someone said : “Who is your father?”

Ye Xing stopped his footsteps, looking at Ye Wen Ying he said: “Ye Fei Hong.”

Ye Wen Ying suddenly laughed: So it turns out you are the grandson of Ye Tian Nan,  hahaha…, Ye Tian Nan ah Ye Tian Nan, your unjust six star mandate of heaven, unexpectedly what came out was a two star mandate of heaven trash in the younger generation, ridiculous, indeed very funny, haha…!”

Seeing Ye Wen Ying laughing with madness, Ye Xing asked: “Elder, a low mandate of heaven means you are trash?”

Ye Wen Ying didn’t expect Ye Xing will ask him, he was stumped, immediately he shouted: “Low mandate of heaven, without a doubt it is rubbish!”

Ye Xing shook his head saying: “This younger generation does not understand, this youngster feels that low strength is what make someone trash!”

Ye Wen Ying in his mind felt speechless, even if he just ridiculed this youngster in front of everyone, having heard what he just said he could not help but stare, suddenly he sowed discontent.   

“Humph! Two star mandate of heaven trash, you dare speak of strength!” At this moment a voice of disdain came from the crowd.

The person who spoke was from Bai Yi Zhen clan branch, he was Ye Bai Yuan, 16 years old, his cultivation reaching the pinnacle of the 4th layer of Wudao, he was a new disciple, his cultivation was the highest.

After Ye Bai Yuan spoke, a few laughed with agreement, all of them were the ones that had five star mandate of heaven talent, as for everyone else, they all approved of what Ye Xing said.

If low mandate of heaven meant trash, in that case in comparison to those at the five star mandate of heaven, doesn’t that mean that they are also trash?

No, definitely not! What Ye Xing said is what was in the bottom of their hearts, low strength meant that you are trash!

Some of those that had four star mandate of heaven, did not feel weaker that those at the five star mandate of heaven!


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