Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 23

Chapter 23: At ease

“Congratulations aunt, congratulations uncle…! Elder brother Ye Xing has amazed the clan and became a celebrity overnight. His skill was immovable like a mountain, no opponent could withstand him, this is truly worth celebrating. Shuang Ling earlier knew that elder brother Ye Xing’s bearing has been unusual, today it was confirmed elder brother Ye Xing was truly the hardest to handle..!”

In the Ye clan reception hall, Liu Shuang Ling in high spirits was speaking to Ye Fei Hong and Liu E, announcing the great news!

Ye Fei Hong at the site, naturally was clear about it, for a time he was completely astonished, as well as Liu E who also had her eyes shaking.

She just gave birth to a second child, in the middle of the month suddenly died, she suffered an immense strike, the passing days have been awful.

Nowadays hearing such a good news, her face flashed a bit of brilliance.

“Shuang Ling, what you said is the truth, Xing er has truly cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wudao, furthermore defeating Ye Qing in the 4th layer of Wudao?

Liu E was still in disbelief, she couldn’t refrain from asking again.

“It is the truth, it has been seen by many, uncle also saw this, Ye Xing while in the Qingyun mountain range, encountered a fortuitous meeting, however I realized this cannot be, maybe he said this to save face.  It cannot be avoided to be said, elder cousin Ye Xing truly shot up, he probably held it in not trying to show his abilities. How is elder cousin Ye Xing, I am really fond of him, hihi..!”  

Liu Shuang Ling wrapped her arms on Liu E’s arms, swaying it asking.

“En, what Shuang Ling has said is the truth, Xing er really hid it deeply, deceiving everyone, it is only today he revealed it, who could have known, he was already at this state!”

Ye Fei Hong stated.

On the face of Liu E a flash of vigor appeared, exposing a smile: “Good, good, Xing er finally has a future, my mind is at peace. The position of family head he can get, Fei Hong, when the day comes we can finally face grandfather and grandmother.”

These days she was immersed in the sadness of Ye Chen dying sorrowfully, today it was joyous, her mood of sadness was now clearing off.

Ye Fei Hong went beside Liu E patting her shoulder:

“You gave me a good son, dad and mom would have been grateful if it wasn’t too late, they would not blame you. In the past we ourselves have neglected Xing er, too much ignorance. From now on let us pay more attention to him, let us hope he does not bear any more grudge on us.”


Liu E recalled the time Ye Chen was born, she got all the drug ingredients from Ye Xing and gave them all to Ye Chen, in a breath: “Starting from now we must make up for what we did to Ye Xing, unfortunately, tomorrow with the young master he will leave for Tian Cang City…!”

After thinking about Ye Chen, Liu E’s son, she was once again filled with idle sadness, she asked: “Fei Hong, in the bottom of it, the death of Chen er, who has done it, has the investigation yielded any results? Have you found anything about Ye Tian Zhong?”  

Ye Fei Hong shook his head, he let out a sigh: “I was mistaken about Ye Tian Zhong, Chen er’s death and him are unrelated, the young master brought information, the main family in Tian Cang City, as well as the other branches, a lot wanted him dead. There are too many people, it is too big of a situation, we can’t find the murderer.”

Liu frowned and said: “Don’t tell me someone wants to deal with the whole Ye clan?”

“Perhaps it is true, the Xiong clan in Tian Cang City is a big suspicion, my Ye clan has been growing stronger and stronger threatening the Xiong clan’s number one position in Tian Cang City…!”

Ye Fei Hong with a confused expression said: “In the event that the Xiong clan wants to deal with our Ye clan, to assassinate specific newly born babies, it bassically serves no purpose. The prevention of the rise of the Ye clan seems like not to be under the hands of the Xiong clan, only if someone else did it, why would they, it truly stomps the mind.”  

After saying those words, Ye Fei Hong waved his hands and his expression wiped clean: “Well, Lady, Chen er already has left, we must not talk about him. Now Xing er has future prospects, the heavens have not cut short our road. In the future we must properly treat Xing er, he will be the next to serve as clan master, this will be enough and we can quietly live our later years.”  

Liu E nodded, the dead have already departed, now she must focus on those alive.

As for Ye Xing, it seems like before that he was a cripple, whether his parents cared for him or not, it was now all in the past…!

“Aunt, Uncle, going to the main family in Tian Cang City, I will surely take care of elder cousin Ye Xing. After coming back from the main family, his cultivation will surely rise up to another level, his strength will also become harder to deal with. Aunt Uncle, when that moment comes I ask of you two to take care of my and elder cousin Ye Xing’s wedding ceremony. For a lifetime, I will only love elder cousin Ye Xing, only desiring to take care of elder cousin Ye Xing for a lifetime, also die with him with old age. In addition I want to give birth to a healthy son to give to elder cousin Ye Xing, so in the future someone will continue holding on to the position of clan master…!

Liu Shuang Ling spoke to Ye Fei Hong, Liu E heard what have been said regarding Ye Xing.

Ye Fei Hong and Liu E were extremely joyous after hearing what Liu Shuang Ling said, both were happy, Liu E looked dotingly at her niece, happily saying:

“Good, Good, Shuang Ling, we shall await your return from the main family in Tian Cang City, me and your uncle will be taking charge of the wedding ceremony. You soon will give Ye Xing a healthy and plump son, hehe…!

At this moment, Ye Xing be some lucky coincidence arrived inside the reception hall, hearing what Liu E has said. He came in saying: “Who said that I want to take her as a wife?”

Voice resounding, Ye Xing walked inside.

What Ye Xing has said went completely against Liu Shuang Ling’s expectations, the latter’s complexion immediately became white.

At the same time, Ye Fei Hong and Liu E’s brows both wrinkled, in Ye Fei Hong’s mind anger rose with instinct, his eyes were glaring.

However, he immediately thought, at present Ye Xing is not the former cripple with no future, as well as the need to fix their relationship with Ye Xing. Therefore as a result, Ye Fei Hong’s anger started to simmer down.

Liu E although before did not regard Ye Xing much, she still did not have a conflict with Ye Xing, their relationship was neutral:

“Xing er, Shuang Ling is your fiancee, you naturally would want to take her as your wife, otherwise who else will you take as a wife?”

Ye Xing indifferently smiled: “Fiancee? Before perhaps that was true, but starting from now, she isn’t.”

While speaking, Ye Xing went forward and took out a folded piece of paper and gave it to the hands of Liu Shuang Ling.

“Elder cousin Ye Xing, I…!

Liu SHuang Ling acted like a spoiled child, however after opening the folded piece of paper and looking, her complexion suddenly became deathly white. Afterwards even with her usual spoiled act, she could not say anything.

On the paper there was something written, there was a big character, on both side of the big character were small characters: Ye Xing “BREAK” Liu Shuang Ling!   

“Elder cousin, you… you unexpectedly broke away from me?”Liu Shuang Ling could not dare believe it!

Looking at the divorce document, Ye Fei Hong and Liu E were both in a daze, this marriage was set up by them with the deceased parents of Liu Shuang Ling. It has been decided since they were children.  

Now, Ye Xing unexpectedly in front of them broke it with Liu Shuang Ling? This… how is this possible?

“Xing er, this was made with your aunt and uncle, how can you break it off with Shuang Ling!”

Liu E with anger was shaking, Liu Shuang Ling was her niece and family member, she promised to her dying brother and his wife to take care of Shuang Ling, letting Shuang Ling become the wife of the future clan master.

“My life is for myself to see, since she is my fiancee, why can’t I break it off? I thought of ceasing it, so I broke it!” Ye Xing indifferently stated.  

“You are an unfilial son, you dare speak to your mother like that!” Ye Fei Hong’s anger once again broke out, he raised his arm sending a slap to Ye Xing.    

This time, Ye Xing no longer allowed Ye Fei Hong to motionlessly slap him, he dodged it saying:

“My good father, you cheerfully beat your son? Could it be thatafter the slap previously, you are still not satisfied, once again thinking about slapping? It seems like this is so, you thought I was leaving from here to go to Tian Cang City so you tried slapping me again!”  

Yer Xing said this while facing directly at him.

“You…, you evil creature…!” Ye Fei Hong raised up his palm, trembling with anger, unable to send out another slap.

After a few breaths, Ye Fei Hong did not slap out, Ye Xing cupped his fist, paying respect to Ye Fei Hong: “The son give many thanks to the father for the favor of not slapping me, since this is the case, this son will now take his leave!”

After saying this, Ye Xing turned around and walked out.

“Elder cousin, cousin Ye Xing, you must not break it off with me, I will listen to you in the future, not anymore provoking you to anger. Elder cousin, I seek you… you must not break it off with me…”

As Ye Xing was leaving for the exit, Liu Shuang Ling suddenly came up, clinging to Ye Xing’s arm.

She knew, she did not demand Ye Xing because she wanted to regain success in life, she wanted to fix it with Ye Xing, if she didn’t she will not have the opportunity to become the clan lady.

Ye Xing did not feel like talking, he flung his arm, Liu Shuang Ling was unable to hold on. He continued with large strides, walking outwards.

From now on, he will have nothing to worry about, he has step foot to the road into becoming a peerless master, leaving with an imposing figure behind.

Looking at the upright as well as unfamiliar rear view of the figure, not only was it Liu Shuang Ling on the floor with a white complexion, Ye Fei Hong and Liu E also were depressed with a lonely appearance!

Ye Xing in the end did not listen, they noticed that their distance with him was too far apart, it was too late.

Returning to his own home, Ye Xing was not feeling unwell at all, contrary to that, his mind now was carefree!

Tomorrow, he will set out on a journey, leaving for Tian Cang City. He will go to the vast and wide sky wandering the world, that place had strong martial arts for him.

From now on, the fish will leap out the vast ocean, the bird will fly through the high heavens!

As for the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen, his connection as parent and son with Ye Fei Hong and Liu is already non-existent.

However, when  he arrived in Xing Chen Dalu, it was this place which was his starting point. This is the place where he first felt the stars, at last finally learning martial techniques, taking his first step in Wudao. In addition, he also got his chance to go to the main family of the Ye clan here.

He and this place has a connection!

He is not a vengeful person, starting from this day, he will strive to assist the Ye clan of Qing Ye Zhen, but not because he is the son of Ye Fei Hong; rather he is not a man that forgets favors!

The road in front of him is vast and wide, to become an exceptional expert is his goal, Ye Xing had great expectation, his mind was perfect, he also had the middle grade drug ingredient from being first place in the competition.  


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  1. Wow, I don’t remember seeing a Xianxia MC who didn’t immediately forgive his abusive parents after they finally apologized or acknowledged him. Amazing.

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      • What are you talking about? That MC instantly forgives his mother without even an apology from her because she seems pitiful after she realizes she has been tricked by the Bai clan. He even easily forgives the uncle who betrayed him (and the clan indirectly) and tried to murder him, despite having nothing to do with his cousin’s death (it was suicide after being defeated by the one he used to bully for years). I don’t even know what to say to that…


    • Don’t forgive them kill them pucking bastard son that what you want respect your parent even if they not doing good thing for you make them proud of you no need to talk back to them do it with your action become great !!!


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  3. somehow his behave is interesting, unlike the MC in dbwg, but if MCs parents were like the parents in dmwg or sotr, then it might have been different. as the for the trash fiancee i forgot where did i see this kind of financee before. ;D

    Thanks for the chapter


  4. Lot of thing did not make sense in this novel, parents continued to fail having children yet they hate Mc for not being able to cultivate shouldn’t they be glad to have at least living child, considering how many time there children were still born 2ouldnt the blame fall on mother for not being able to cultivate also they took away the herbs to give to new born child how does that make sense, also the mother didn’t do much wasn’t the father who made decision and slapped him???


    • Didn’t hate him, resented him for being crippled (couldn’t cultivate). The equivalent would be POS parents that resent and are unkind to a child for having a birth defect. I’m glad he didn’t forgive them but I wish he’d had more to say to them and fiancée, really vent his spleen.


  5. It is almost like you wrote the book on it or something. I couldn’t stop from responding. No real feed back on this end, this is simply a magnificent article. When you put good people with a common interest in a room together, they are bound to connect over common goals. I guess the shorter response is that I do not understand very much about this while a longer answer might be I want to learn anything I can on this. Greetings from North Carolina!


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