Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Martial Arts

Ye Xing took a bath, changed his clothes and ate his meal. After which he followed Xiao Qing towards the courtyard and the main hall.

Xiao Qing informed of their arrival, then were allowed to enter the room of Ye Xing’s parents.

The Ye clan’s beautiful lady, Liu E was lying in a big bed with a newborn baby by her side.

Liu E’s full attention were to the baby and did not notice Ye Xing coming in.

The same was for the Ye clan master Ye Fei Hong, stationed beside the bed paying attention to the infant. He only gave Ye Xing a glance then returned his attention to the infant in the bed.  

Beside the Ye Clan master was a young beautiful lady, looking at Ye xing gave a faint smile filled with mockery.

Ye Xing immediately recognized the young girl, she was the original host’s cousin and fiancee, Liu Shuang Ling.

This girl was originally seen together with Ye Qing which made him extremely mad before, what’s more the younger brother of his, Ye Hu, Ye Xing was also not a match.

He tried to play his strength by challenging Ye Hu to rock climbing but ended up getting hurt causing the new person to occupy Ye Xing’s body.

“Father, Mother.”

Ye Xing this early wanted to exploit the original identity of the host, calling out to his mother and father.

Hearing Ye Xing, Liu E turned towards him and gave an unenthusiastic smile: “Xing er you came, quickly look at your younger brother.”

Ye Xing walked over to the bed, looking at the little kid: “What’s the younger brother’s name?”

This child will probably be the favorite, not that it matters, because he is not the old Ye Xing: therefore he didn’t have any unnatural expression.

“He will be called Ye Bao, his real name being Ye Chen.”

(TL: To clarify, Ye Bao is the nickname, while the real name is Ye Chen. Bao means jewel or gem, pretty much showing the favoritism already.)

Liu E said with a smile, happy that Ye Xing did not show any hostility to Ye Chen.

Pausing for a bit, Liu E smiled and continued to say: “Xing Er, last night Xiao Qing said you can already sense the star energy, is this true?”

“En.” Ye Xing nodded.

Without any hint of joy, Liu E calmly stated: “You can finally use the power of the stars, however even you are not crippled anymore, you are 16 this year. Your brother however was born with innate talent and a star descended showing good omen, which means his future is limitless. Starting today, all the medicine will be given to your brother, you have no say in this!”

As they say, poor language but abundant martial arts!

To have a strong body, there must be adequate nutritional support from precious food for nourishing the blood and qi. Naturally medicine is needed to nourish the body.

To cultivate to the Wu Dao, it is necessary for important resources, this can not be done only by rich clans.

Ye Xing in the past was a cripple, although he can practice the Bone Crushing Fist to 18 echos which is good compared to normal people, without the help of medical herbs he can’t lay a solid foundation.

For the previous Ye Xing, without these resources, it will be like his way of living will be cut off. Without the herbs, his Bone Crushing Fist won’t improve, even after a while, it might even become weaker.

Ye Xing as the son of the master of the clan, before at least he had resources assigned to him. Now however it has been taken away by Liu E to give to Ye Chen, Ye Xing was obviously abandoned.

In fact, Ye Xing being a cripple his parents already have given up on him, like a dead horse in a hospital, Ye Xing to them was just wasting resources.

Now that there is a second son, of course they will try to cultivate him. Although Ye Xing can now induce star force, to Ye Fei Hong and Liu E it was too late, they had no shred of confidence in his future.

“I have no objection!”

Ye Xing has already foreseen this result, nothing unusual was happening.

He did not complain, he had a surpassing brain as a blessing, who can compare to him? How can little resources hinder him?

Ye Xing was free and at ease. This was contrary to the expectation to the parents expectation, they felt they do not understand him completely.

To them this was good, there is no resentment between the family.

“Pretending to be generous!”

At the side, Liu Shuang being completely ignored by Ye Xing when he came was in a bad mood:

“Older cousin, it doesn’t mean you can induce the power it will be smooth in cultivating. With your limited talent it will be difficult, resources are important, do you not feel bad at all?”

Ye Xing looked at Liu Shuang and narrowing his eyes: “Giving to my younger brother, who I love dearly, is that something an outsider like you should care about?”

Liu Shuang’s complexion turned blue, from childhood to now Ye Xing always chased her, when did this Ye Xing start talking to her like that?”

“Uncle and Aunt, look at him….calling me an outsider!”

Liu Shuang stomped her foot as if about to cry, trying to move the two.

“Xing er, is that how you speak, Liu Shuang is your cousin and fiancee, not an outsider.!

Liu E with a stern look faced him, Liu Shuang was her niece, naturally she can’t let her be wronged.

“Fiancee…!”Ye Xing sneered, Liu Shuang to the old host was like a gem, to him however she wasn’t even worth a blade of grass.

“Ye Xing, a man’s heart should be broad, why are you so petty?”

Ye Fei Hong naturally knew the conflict between Ye Xing and the two brothers Ye Qing, Ye Hu, therefore taking his anger to Liu Shuang:  

“Although Shuang Ling is your fiancee, she still is currently living with the Ye Clan and part of our younger generation. You losing to the brothers is only a little conflict, do not lose even more face!”

Ye Fei Hong was the clan master, Ye Xing, being born a cripple obviously caused him to dislike Ye Xing.

After the competition between Ye Hu and Ye Xing, him falling unconscious became a family joke which made Ye Fei Hong burn with anger.

However due to Ye Xing being in a coma, Ye Fei Hong didn’t have the chance to vent his anger. Later on Ye Chen was born which caused him joy diluting a lot of the anger.

Now that Ye Xing was in front of him, Ye Fei Hong started to recall of the matter which caused his anger to rise up again.

Ye Xing remained silent, this cheap father was really interesting, his fiancee and another man were in a date, but instead he gets mad at him and wants him to bow down?


Ye Xing reacted quickly, the date between Ye Qing and Shuang Ling is the matter of the old host, these things he did not care about at all.  

He started to recall, that Shuang Ling and Ye Qing were flirting with each other, obviously not a normal relationship causing the old Ye Xing to be irrationally mad.

It was hard to say, there was no concrete evidence, in the eyes of others Ye Xing was being petty, causing him to feel inferior filled with envy….

Besides, the Ye Xing now is different, he didn’t even try clarifying. In short all he needed was the original owner’s identity, first to stay until he is capable, sooner or later he will get out of here.  

“This is dad’s lesson!”

Ye Xing did not get annoyed, his expression was constant, Ye Fei Hong felt like he punched cotton letting out his anger.  

Ye Xing again spoke: “Dad, I now can sense the power of the stars, but can not cultivate a method, please bestow me knowledge!”

With Xiao Qing’s body, Ye Xing learned the three channel method, but his goal was clear; he wanted to use his identity to save the trouble and acquire cultivating methods.

Ye Fei Hong did not have any plans to teach him and even wanted to rebuke him, but with what Ye Xing had said he couldn’t say it. He took out a book from his bosom and threw it to Ye Xing:

“You have to cultivate properly by yourself.”

Ye Xing took a look at the cover of the book which had three words, ‘Evergreen Power’.

He knew this Evergreen Power method, it was a low grade method which everyone in the Ye clan who entered the Wu Dao uses.

This was exactly what Ye Xing got from observing Xiao Qing cultivating, which was the 3 channels; with that however it can be seen the way she did it was full of mistakes.

Ye Xing’s knowledge is really muddled, furthermore he did not have anyone to ask help from, even with his brain using a method with a lot of loopholes is quite bad. Now that he has the manual, it makes a big difference, now like the Bone Crushing Fist, he can cultivate it properly and perfect it.  

“Thank you dad!”

Ye Xing caught the Evergreen Power, with a genuine smile on his face: “Dad, mom, Ye Xing will leave first.”

“Aunt, Uncle, I will now also take my leave…!” Liu Shuang Ling seeing the development, also decided to follow suit and leave.



“Older cousin, congratulations, more than 16 years old finally being able to sense the star’s force, not a cripple anymore!”

Standing outside, Liu Shuang Ling overtook Ye Xing and softly said: “It is a pity, brother Ye Qing who is also 16 is already at the 4th layer of Wu Dao, a genuine warrior. You however just entered the Wu Dao, hehe, no matter how hard you try you can not be compared to elder brother Ye Qing.”  

After saying those words, laughing sounding like a small bell walked away.

Wu Dao 4th layer?

Ye Xing faintly smiled, his goal was the martial saint, a peerless master. Wu Dao at the 4th layer? Ye Xing never thought of comparing himself with Ye Qing in the first place.  

Returning to his room, Xiao Qing was waiting for Ye Xing. He let her leave and started to read the Evergreen power page by page.

Every page his peerless brain will scan it putting the contents in his head permanently, even photographic memory is not as good as that.


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