Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Winning Streak

“Who is this? To admit defeat with someone in the same realm, even too scared to fight…!”

Ye Yunlong waved his fan, he said with contempt.

At the side, the great elder Ye Tian Zhong’s face was dark, he wished there was a crack he can hide in.  

At the present, Ye Fei Hong was feeling a bit of happiness, Ye Hu after all was the grandson of the great elder.

Ye Yunlong chuckled, regarding giving careful recognition to Ye Tian Zhong’s face, he did not care.

“In the past his body was crippled, how come today he is a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial disciple? Don’t tell me that the clan master position will continue to be passed on? That won’t do, the clan master position should be for my Qing er. You must really show off your talents, so that the young master can see, this will let you seize the clan master position!”  

Ye Tian Zhong in his mind placed all his hope on Ye Qing.

When Ye Tian Zhong was younger, he was the son of Qing Ye Zhen’s clan master, however he was in the same generation of the excellent Ye Tian Nan. Even if it was in the main family in Tian Cang City, he still was the number one talent completely surpassing him. Finally, his father was the clan master, still the position was instead given to the nephew who was Ye Tian Nan.  

This matter, Ye Tian Zhong has always been brooding about, wanting to take the clan master position back. However, he could not compare to Ye Tian Nan, even his son could not compare to the son of Ye Tian Nan.

At last the generation of his grandchildren, his grandson Ye Qing was ahead in his generation without compare, finally he could see his wish being fulfilled.

If only Ye Qing was able to show his sufficient talent, Ye Xing will be pressured, which in turn will also pressure Ye Fei Hong himself, passing the clan master position to the excellent younger generation.  

Ye Tian Zhong’s gaze was burning, he was looking towards Ye Qing, he restored his confidence.

Ye Hu conceding, a lot of people snorted with disdain, however as the competition advanced, everyone’s attention started to shift.  

After time has passed, the second round was completed, the final 8 has been determined.

They are the following: Ye Qing, Ye Xing, Ye Feng, Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan(same pronunciation but different words), Ye Lan, Ye Xin and Liu Shuang Ling.  

Ye Qing was the grandson of the great elder, Ye Xing was the clan master’s son, Ye Feng was the third elder’s son, Ye Yuan was another grandson of the great elder, Ye Yuan was the son of the second elder, Ye Lan was the passing elder’s daughter, Ye Xin was born from a division from the clan and Liu Shuang Ling was the clan lady’s niece.    

The third round of the competition is about to begin!

The drawing of lots has been complete, Ye Qing is paired with Ye Yuan, Ye Xing is paired with Ye Yuan, Ye Feng is paired with Ye Lan and Liu Shuang Ling is paired with Ye Xin.

In this round Ye Xing will not meet with Ye Qing, however his opponent was the grandson of the great elder.

Ye Yuan this year is 15 years old, cultivating already to the late stage of the third layer of Wu Dao, compared to the early staged Ye Hu the difference was quite big.

After hearing Ye Fei Hou announce the pairings for the family competition, the people of Ye clan showed excitement in their eyes, at long last, this is the first round that they will see Ye Xing’s real strength.  

The first fight as before is Ye Qing’s, no matter if his opponent is Ye Yuan who cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, in a strike he won.

This battle had no suspense whatsoever, but it looked amazing, the gap of the fighters was too big, for the first place in this competition, who can compete with Ye Qing?

The second fight, it was Ye Xing against Ye Yuan.

Everyone’s mind were reeling using their mind to inspect, to their eyes, Ye Xing was a lump of mist.

Now, it is time to unveil this mist!

Even the people within the pavilion, Ye Fei Hong and all the elders also concentrated on the stage without taking their eyes off it.

Ye Yunlong’s eyes concentrated, revealing the color interest, a former cripple, suddenly turned. Against all the odds, he cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao martial disciple, this story was very interesting.

He wanted to know the next development in the story!

“Ye Xing, although I do not know why a cripple like you cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, i am not as worthless as Ye Hu. I will not concede in defeat, I want to see myself how big of a storm you can make!”

Ye Yuan walking entering the martial art platform, his body revealed an imposing aura, he has indeed cultivated to the late stage of Wu Dao in the martial disciple realm, he was really strong.

Ye Xing walked entered the platform from the opposite direction and stopped: “Ye Hu admitting defeat, he indeed was wise!”

At the edges of the platform Ye Hu felt his face becoming hot.

“Seventh Cutting Slash!”

Ye yuan was not like Ye Xing, he did not talk much, he shouted and attacked straightforwardly.

Seventh Cutting Slash was a low grade martial art, it was a skill of the palm, altogether there were seven forms, each one has another seven variations to learn, in total there are 49 variation forms to master.  

Every variation attacked key body parts and joints, if one was hit by it, even with great strength the outcome may result in being cut.  

Ye Yuan made a vertical stroke which is the first palm slash, aiming at the shoulder joint of Ye Xing, his hand resembled that of a blade.

Ye Xing moved his body to one side avoiding Ye Yuan’s attack. Ye Yuan immediately changed the trajectory of his attack, his hand as if a blade slashed horizontally, aiming to slit Ye Xing’s throat.  

Bone Crushing Fist!

Within the body of Ye Xing an echo bursted out, he punched towards the blade like palm.

All eyes at the moment widened, two people cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao martial disciple, one fully used the Bone Crushing Fist, while the other fully used martial skill Seventh Cutting Slash.

Who is stronger?

In everyone’s mind, the advantage was with Ye Yuan, his skill after all was a martial skill, it was specialized to cut down opponents, furthermore the strength increases with every variation.

The Bone Crushing Fist was merely for strengthening the body and the bones, it is purely for strength.

The result went against everyone’s expectation, as the fist and the palm struck each other,Ye Yuan’s palm as if feeling an electric shock moved back.

He felt that he was not able to cut the fist, rather it was completely intact, Ye Xing’s hands and bones were invulnerable, Ye Xing’s hand was not cut under the strength of the Seventh Cutting Slash.

Ye Yuan’s palm suffered pain, Ye Xing’s hand however did not even get injured in the slightest.

Using the advantage that was created, Ye Xing launched forward punching straight to the chest of Ye Yuan.


Ye Yuan let out a miserable shriek, his whole body was hit flying out, he fell several meters away on the ground.  

After getting hit by Ye Xing’s punch, he found it hard to stand up again.

No matter whether it was the younger generation participating on the competition, the spectators, the clan master, the great elder, they all had only one expression.


Two fists! Ye Xing only had used two punches then defeated Ye Yuan who was a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial disciple!

Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe it!

“Quite mean, this boy surprisingly cultivated the Bone Crushing Fist past the satisfactory realm!” Ye Yunlong in his eyes showed astoundment.

If Ye Yunlong knew that Ye Xing cultivated the Bone Crushing Fist not merely to the satisfactory realm, everyone in the Ye clan will be stunned.  

Ye Fei Hong looked at Ye Xing who had vigor on the platform, he was loss in thought, in his mind he was upset.

Ye Xing said that he cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, he felt that he really did not understand his son, he was completely ignorant when it came to Ye Xing.

He could not believe it, he completely abandoned Ye Xing, he unexpectedly grew to such an extent.  

The great elder Ye Tian Zhong creased his brows, Ye Xing was at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, he was already gobsmacked. Now that he saw his true strength, it fully exceeded his expectations, it was hard for him to believe.

On the edges of the platform, Ye Qing looked at Ye Xing, his gaze gave off a cold light, he heard about Ye Xing from Ye Hu, but that’s all, he was not yet a genuine warrior.

However, at the present he gave more importance to Ye Xing, not only does he now want to beat up Ye Xing up, he was burning with a desire to fight.

As a genuine warrior, unexpectedly the one that brought out his desire is from the martial disciple realm, Ye Qing would have never thought of this before.

But now, he had the burning desire to fight with Ye Xing.  

Ye Xing left the stage, Ye Yuan’s body was carried away, the people of Ye clan were still dazed, upto the extent that they did not pay much attention to the fight between Ye Lan and Ye Feng.  

Ye Lan was at the middle stage of the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, Ye Feng on the other hand cultivated to the peak of the 3rd layer of Wu Dao. Ye Feng was stably winning the fight, in less than 30 moves Ye Lan finally lost, letting Ye Feng advance to the semis.    

The final competition was between Ye Xin and Liu Shuang Ling, everyone in the Ye clan started to pay more attention.

In Qing Ye Zhen, Liu Shuang Ling was one of the top beauties in terms of looks, even that she cultivated to a high extent, reaching the peak of the 3rd layer of Wu Dao. She as a person had high popularity.

Even in the pavilion the young master Ye Yunlong after seeing Liu Shuang Ling caused his mind to be stirred a little bit. In Tian Cang City, there are more beautiful and higher cultivated girls with heavenly tenderness , however there were not that many that were like this. That is why even if you were to look at Tian Cang City as a whole, Liu Shaung Ling will still be ranked among the top beautiful women.   

“Vigorous Fist!”

“Penetrating Blossoming Hand!”

Ye Xin has cultivated to the late stage of the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, he walks the strong violent route, his fist had strong power behind it, he was brimming with strength. He was cream of the crop in the younger generation in the family, obviously he was not weak,

Liu Shaung Ling’s cultivation was slightly higher than Ye Xin’s by quite a bit, however she did not dare to be arrogant. She moved skillfully and agilely, both hands moving quickly as if butterflies, Ye Xin’s strong fist met up with hers like a gentle breeze.   

Both fully used their lower grade martial skills, one was soft, while the other was the opposite, both clashing with each other!

Both made a hundred moves and were evenly matched, however it was about to end.

Ye Xin’s method was spirited, full of energy, but it cannot last long. Ye Xin’s strength has decreased significantly, he was panting.

Liu Shuang Ling’s style was gentle, using softness to conquer strength, as the hundred moves were exchanged she was getting stronger.

The fight reached the exchange of 130 moves, Ye Xin’s attacks were now half a beat slower, Liu Shuang Ling did not stop until she hit a vital point, Liu Shuang Ling won.

The top 4 of the family competition are the following, Ye Qing, Ye Xing, Ye Feng and Liu Shuang Ling.

For the fourth round there will only be two battles, it was Ye Qing against Ye Feng, Ye Xing against Liu Shuang Ling!


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  1. Thank you for the update. We don’t need Ye Xing to slap the daylights out of her yet. She hasn’t been cast as a common evil female that exist in every xianxia / wuxia. She probably will be though and then he can slap her mercilessly.


    • ???

      She was openly humiliating him by going on a date with another man when engaged to him and even beat him up with Ye Hu (to the death of the original Ye Xing) when he confronted them.


  2. “Liu Shaung Ling’s cultivation was slightly higher than Ye Xin’s by quite a bit”

    How can you be slightly higher by quite a bit? That is self contradicting. Is it higher by quite a bit or is ist slightly higher? I get translating is hard but seriously?


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