Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Test

In comparison to the test by Ye Xing, the test’s afterwards did not have anything special, there was no disturbance.

Very quickly, apart from Ye Xing, there wasn’t a two star or below four star mandate of heaven!  

Merely, Ye Feng, Ye Qing, Liu Shuang Ling, due to coming from Qing Ye Zhen, all of them took the attention of Ye Wen Ying. Most especially Ye Feng, asking if he was the grandson of Ye Tian Nan, this was the train of thought of Ye Wen Ying.

The test of the branch families younger generation, as well as the people outside the family, in terms of quality there was quite a difference on the younger generation, out of the hundred or more people, there were only two with five star mandate of heaven, the rest were overwhelmingly four star mandate of heaven, there were also a few three star mandate of heaven.    

As for the two star mandate of heaven, as before there is only one, not a single more, and Ye Xing was the sole one!

In the Ye clan aptitude test, they can only measure the mandate of heaven, as for the astrology(referring to the connection with the stars I think), here was no standard, therefore the height of the aptitude, naturally is based on the mandate of heaven.    

After testing the aptitude, there was a strength test!

“The following test will be about your strength, there will be two disciples from the main family that will test you, to examine if you are capable of being a disciple in the main family, you must persevere to be recruited!” Ye Wei Hong proclaimed.  

Strength test, regarding everyone in the younger generation’s status this will have no importance, the reason why there is such a test, is to let these disciples be taught a lesson by the main family senior apprentices, to show the disparity in strength, to avoid people from not obeying and being disciplined.  

These people after all are new disciples, each coming from different regions, all of them being the best from their origins, it was hard to avoid being arrogant, it is necessary that they kill this arrogance.  

As Ye Wei Hong spoke, there were to youngsters that walked over, at the right side was older of age, at around 15 to 16 years old, at the left side was younger of age, around 13 to 14 years old, both looked at the branch family younger generation and the outside disciples sweeping their gaze, on their face was an obvious proud expression!      

As they were approaching, Ye Wei Hong said: “These are exactly the two that are main family disciples that will test your strength, at the right his name is Ye Yun Tao, 16 years old, cultivation at the pinnacle of the 4th layer of Wudao. At the left side is Ye Yun Fan, 14 years old, cultivation at the pinnacle of the 3rd layer of Wudao, both are proud disciples of elder Ye Wen Ying!”

Out of the new disciples that are being received, there were 3rd layer of Wudao, there were 4th layer of Wudao, in the event that they are to be tested in strength, they dispatched a 4th layer and 3rd layer disciple to completely steamroll others, there was no other reason. Both disciples that were sent were capable of suppressing those at the 4th layer of Wudao, therefore they were both sent out.    

Since Ye Wen ying was in charge of the cultivation of the new disciples, in that case, the test of strength of the new disciples is his job, naturally his disciples were chosen for the task.

“Master…!” The two respectfully saluted.

Ye Yun Tao and Ye Yun Fan walked over, first they gave salutations to Ye Wen Ying, afterwards they greeted Ye Wei Hong.

Ye Wen Ying faced the two and nodded, afterwards Ye Yun Fan started to move, he quickly stepped and was in front of Ye Wen Ying.

Ye Wen Ying in a soft voice whispered over a sentence to Ye Yun Fan’s ear, his gaze looking at Ye Xing and Ye Feng’s body, sweeping his glance.

Ye Yun Fan repeatedly nodded, the corner of his mouth faintly curved up, exposing a savage expression, his gaze also swept over Ye Xing and Ye Feng.  

Ye Xing’s two eyes scanned, he clearly saw the actions of the two, the corner of his mouth also exposed a smiling expression.

Ye Feng in the contrary had an expression of nervousness, although he did not see the meaningful glance of Ye Wen Ying and Ye Yun Fan, also not knowing the words they spoke to each other, however it was obvious, him and Ye Xing should not be meddlesome.

Ye Wen hing gave the beginning signal, Ye Wei Hong grandly spoke: “The strength test will now begin, those at the 4th layer of Wudao, you will face Ye Yun Tao for guidance, those at the 3rd layer of Wudao, you will face Ye Yun Fan for guidance, we will see how long you can persevere, as before we will start from the left side, one by one you will come!”

“Ye Yu Heng, 3rd layer of Wudao! Please advice this apprentice!”Ye Yu Heng as before is the first one to go on stage, walking over in front of Ye Yun Fan.   

“I will give you all a lesson, to let you know, the difference of being the main family disciple!” Ye Yun Fan walked over.   


As Ye Wei Hong spoke, Ye Yun Fan immediately pointed his finger, putting in too full use unexpectedly a middle grade martial art Mountain Splitting Palm!

In barely two moves, Ye Yu Heng meeting against Ye Yun Fan a palm sent him flying, falling on the ground unable to stand back up.

Since there is a desire to show the new disciples the disparity in strength, naturally there was no gentleness in the slightest.

The second to come in stage was Ye Yu Feng, who was at the 4th layer of Wudao, his opponent is also at the 4th layer of Wudao Ye Yun Tao!

Ye Yu Feng’s circumstances compared to Ye Yu Heng was not any better in the slightest, also on two moves Ye Yun Tao caused him to fly, also unable to climb back up.



One by one the new disciples went up the stage, each of the branch members were the best in talent, they had the same realm as Ye Yun Tao and Ye Yun Fan correspondingly, the overwhelming majority did not last three moves, those that reached at the least five moves were tiny in number.  

Although Ye Yun Tao and Ye Yun Fan had cultivation’s at the pinnacle of 4th and 3rd layer of Wudao, their martial arts played a big factor, compared with the branch family younger generation they surpassed them by a lot.  

Soon one by one the new disciples were suffering defeat, all the new disciples showed expressions of shock, the strength of the main family disciples really was awfully strong and there was a big difference.

This display of strength was very effective!

“Eight move… ninth move… tenth move…”

“Ye Bai Yuan is very strong, he was able to persevere ten moves from that person!”  



Bai Yi Zhen’s Ye Bai Yuan after being on stage, all the new disciples were crying out in alarm, under Ye Yun Tao he lasted ten moves.

Beforehand, no matter who it was, whether it was Ye Yun Tao or Ye Yun Fan, all did not last ten moves.

Ye Bai Yuan at the fifteenth move was defeated at the hands of Ye Yun Tao, but there were only light injuries, his face was filled with a happy expression, he swept his gaze at the other new disciples, he was quite pleased of himself.

Ye Bai Yuan after going on stage, he was above most of the new disciples, no one lasted ten moves, whereas he reached fifteen moves.

“Ye Xing, 3rd layer of Wudao, please advice this apprentice!” After Ye Bai Yuan, there weren’t others worth mentioning.   

Ye Yun Fan’s gaze was bright, there was a savage smile on his face while he walked over.

“This was the two star mandate of heaven trash, just a moment ago you dared talking about strength, do you have a lot of strength? Hei Hei…! I see that you will only last one move!”

Meeting Ye Xing on stage, Ye Bai Yuan sarcastically spoke.

“Senior brother Bai Yuan eyes is like a torch, sensitive to the tiniest detail, absolutely did not misjudge!”

“En, just a moment ago the result was a two star mandate of heaven, he also used strength as an excuse, not it’s the strength test, there isn’t anymore excuse…!”



Ye Bai Yuan’s show of strength gave all the new disciples astonishment, many people started to bootlick him,

The rest of the new disciples, even though they did not bootlick Ye Bai Yuan, however they still agreed with Ye Bai Yuan’s opinion.

Only those from Qing Ye Zhen like Ye Feng, Ye Qing, Liu Shuang Ling showed weird expressions.  

Everyone was giving their comments, Ye Xing already arrived in front of Ye Yun Fan, immediately a palm shot out.

Mountain Splitting Palm!

When Ye Wei Hong proclaimed the start of the match, in a moment Ye Yun Fan made a big stride forward, this palm was going towards Ye Xing’s face.

As the palm approached there was strong winds, there were echoing sounds, Ye Yun Fan towards Ye Xing took matters into his hands, it was obvious in comparison to the others this palm was filled with strong energy.  

Confronting Ye Yun Fan’s all out strength, Ye Xing appeared to be very calm, as if he was taking a stroll forward, he used his Bone Crushing Fist, conveniently waving a fist.  

Bone Crushing Fist?

All the new disciples upon seeing this, their eyes seemingly fell to the ground, Ye Xing unexpectedly did not employ a martial skill, instead merely using the bone strengthening Bone Crushing Fist?  

How can he resist Ye Yun Fan’s Mountain Splitting Palm? The Mountain Splitting Palm is a middle grade martial skill!

If some were to say that Ye Xing will lose to Ye Yun Fan in just one move, seeing it firsthand, they in their mind already believed in it.  

However the outcome, nevertheless was against everyone’s expectation.


There was a loud sound, fist and palm collided together, both were revoked, Ye Xing’s body did not move even half a step back!

Contrary to one might expect, Ye Yun Fan felt frightful strength attack him, he could not help but retreat a step back!

Don’t tell me that my eyesight already started to blur?

All the new disciples in their eyes did not dare believe what they saw, some even started to rub their eyes.

However, their eyes did not make a mistake, Ye Yun Fan truly after meeting with Ye Xing’s fist retreated a step!

Let alone the disciples, even Ye Wei Hong and Ye Wen Ying from the elder generation, on their face appeared an alarmed expression.

Ye Wen Ying’s expression could not be described, with a cold snort: “Did you not eat? How come there is little strength!”

Ye Yun Fan across his whole face was swelling red, he did not beat down his opponent, just a moment ago his counterpart repelled him, this was the first time.

He himself did not dare believe this result, recalling everything in his mind, his eyes exposed a savage thought.

Branch Vein Hand!

Ye Yun Fan loudly shouted, once again dashing towards Ye Xing.

This was the first time he put to full use the Branch Vein Hand, it was also a middle grade martial skill, however compared to the Mountain Splitting Palm, it was much more vicious, this middle grade move can create disorder in the tendons and veins, giving a serious repercussion.

Even so much so that it can fracture a channel, completely handicapping the person.  

Ye Xing’s expression turned cold, his opponent unexpectedly used a ruthless martial art, it can only be found in the main family, his opponent was a disciple of the main family, Ye Xing in his mind had anger, but it did not flare out.  

Ye Yun Fan’s attack trajectory, did not escape Ye Xing’s two eyes, his body flashed, one by one he avoided the Branch Vein Hand going his way.

It seems that Ye Xing, has already lasted more than ten moves, his opponent has still yet to hit him, he naturally restrained the attacks.

Ten moves… fifteen moves… twenty moves…

Ye Yun Fan simply did not show any indication of stopping his attacks, instead it became more and more rapid, getting more and more fierce.  

Each and everyone of the new disciples looked with fear in their hearts, even if Ye Xing was the one fighting Ye Yun Fan, already persevering for more than twenty moves, they all started to ignore it.  

Now, all the new disciples started to worry, looking at Ye Yun Fan’s expression, how can this be testing Ye Xing’s strength, he simply wants to kill Ye Xing.

Even the buddha was somewhat angry! For Ye Xing to dodge Ye Yun Fan’s twenty moves, with the opponent being overbearing, Ye Xing’s rage and fury broke out!

“Get lost!”

Ye Xing shouted loudly, the Bone Crushing Fist displayed was about 70 to 80 percent of its power, a ferocious fist exploded out.

In a blink of an eye Ye Xing’s fist collided with the palm of Ye Yun Fan, there was a miserable shriek, suddenly there was an image of a man flying out!  


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  2. Get lost … I really wish I could see it with my own eyes. Thank you for the translation.

    These stupid elders will probably not view him as a gem that will benefit the family in the future and will more than likely do everything possible to break him down. These types of people are truly stupid. If you see a talent you should raise it without any bias. It can only benefit you in the future.


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