Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 22

Chapter 22: To Win

Ye Xing did not retreat rather he started to advance. Everyone was astonished, a fist went out towards Ye Qing’s incoming leg.

Ye Qing just wanted to issue a laugh of victory making him happy, but he felt that his leg became numb, unexpectedly all its force dissipated.  

The Collapsing Mountain Leg in a split second, Ye Xing broke it!


Ye Qing was shocked, his eyes could not believe it, Ye Xing with a fist going forward hit his chest.

The perfect realm of the Bone Crushing Fist, the power of it completely erupted out with one fist, no matter if one is a 4th layer of Wudao warrior, all will not be able to withstand it.

Ye Qing let out a miserable shriek, meeting Ye Xing’s fist, he flew backwards by around 10 meters. He fell to the ground gripping his stomach, he was tragically groaning, how can he get up?

How can this be?

Everyone in the Ye clan, two eyes open wide! Both hands shaking, once again they did not understand!

Even Ye Yunlong, his face in a split second expressed sluggishness.

Ye Qing exhibited a middle grade martial art, obviously it should defeat Ye Xing, letting him obtain victory. However, in just a split second, Ye Xing unexpectedly surprised everyone by obstructing the Collapsing Mountain Leg. In addition, in one fist he caused Ye Qing to fly.

This did not let anyone believe it, it is practically inconceivable!

Ye Yunlong inwardly inhale a breath, muttering in a low voice:

“He is a 3rd layer Wudao martial disciple, unexpectedly has a strong eyesight, in a glance he saw through the flaw of Ye Qing’s leg move?”

While he was muttering, in Ye Yunlong’s mind appeared a beautiful image of a woman, in Tian Cang City she was a proud woman, her eyesight was matchless, allowing her to challenge geniuses a rank above her!

Beside Ye Yunlong at his right and left, Ye Fei Hong and Ye Tian Zhong without exception were stunned, however one was pleasantly surprised while the other was filled with fury!

The results of this battle, it exceeded everyone’s expectations!

“Good!” Ye Fei Ting suddenly clapped, in a moment he was staring blankly, afterwards he reacted with a big shout.  

His son Ye Feng, met Ye Qing and was seriously injured, so much so that he needed to be carried off the stage. Currently, Ye Qing met Ye Xing and was in the same predicament, he was unable to stand up, he was inhaling mouthfuls of air.

“In a competition from the same family, he unexpectedly did such a fierce thing with his hands, how can this be good!”Ye Tian Zhong in a cold voice spoke, at this moment he was angered after hearing Ye Fei Ting shouted happily.

“My son suffered serious injury under the hands of Ye Qing, however that can’t be the only one, how come Ye Qing can’t suffer under the hands of Ye Xing!”

Ye Fei Ting opposed with equal harshness, coldly ridiculing.

Ye Tian Zhong was left speechless, he angrily snorted, he wanted to vent his anger but he did not.

This moment, on the platform Ye Qing finally started to move, he was still in grave pain however at last he can crawl up.

He could not believe it, as genuine warrior, he unexpectedly lost at the hands of a martial disciple.

Moreover, this martial disciple was once a cripple, the person he never put on his eyes, Ye Xing!

“You lost…!” Ye Xing in front of indifferently stated.  

“No! I did not lose!” Ye Qing loudly shouted, he ferociously went towards Ye Xing. This defeat, he could not bear it, he could not accept it!


The one in charge of the competition Ye Fei Hou felt that he could not make it and there was no time, Ye Qing already lunged at Ye Xing, once again putting to full use the middle grade martial art Collapsing Mountain Leg!

Only, the angered Ye Qing was muddle headed and lost his rationality, compared to before when he put to full use the Collapsing Mountain Leg, this time it was filled with mistakes.

From Ye Qing to his leg, his force had a slight variation, his inner strength started to operate and orbit all of which was seen by Ye Xing through scanning with his surpassing mind.

This time, Ye Xing did not try to dispose of the Collapsing Mountain Leg, rather he positioned his body diagonally forward, avoiding the opponent’s attack.

Meanwhile, within his body his bones echoed out sounds, with a palm, he gave a ferocious slap to the face: “Get lost!”

Ye Qing tried to kick Ye Xing but ended up making his face go closer, so when the closer he got he met Ye Xing’s palm head on.


Once again Ye Qing flew upward, he finally tasted the same beating that Ye Hu received under Ye Qing.

Ye Xing taking the task at hand was ruthless, Ye Qing’s body flew spinning by 720 degrees falling to the ground.

This time, Ye Qing’s mouth was bleeding with his teeth flying out, this slap ended him, he could not get back up.


Within the pavilion, the great elder saw Ye Qing meet Ye Xing’s slap causing him to fly, his eye sockets wanted to pop, his mind was filled with fury and could not help burst out.


In the time period of a wink, the great elder from inside the pavilion leapt out, as if a hawk snatching a small chick, he lunged to Ye Xing.

Nobody expected it, the great elder was the most supreme from all the elders, unexpectedly wanted to suddenly dispose Ye Xing, all were shocked.

No matter how the clan master Ye Fei Hong was also not able to react immediately.


However not everyone did not react, the third elder Ye Fei Ting almost in the same time as the great elder also leapt out of the pavilion.  

“Do not try to face someone from the younger generation to vent your anger!”

Ye Fei Ting came over as Ye Tian Zhong shot out a palm to Ye Xing trying to swat him.


Ye Fei Ting blocked the palm however he needed to take 7 to 8 steps back to stop and spit out some blood.  

Although Ye Fei Ting was a half-step in entering the 5th layer of Wudao, his inner is in the verge of entering his inner flesh, however he still after all is not a complete existence in the 5th layer of Wudao, compared to the great elder Ye Tian Zhong, the difference in strength is not small.   

“Uncle!” Ye Xing supported Ye Fei Ting, casting an angry glance at Ye Tian Zhong, this old ignorant fool, he did not know how to conduct himself with dignity.

“Under the eyes of numerous people, you unexpectedly slapped Ye Qing on the face, humiliating my grandson, this old man cannot let you go without a lesson! “ Ye Tian Zhong’s anger did not dissipate, his anger was going to the heavens, he desired to set about this task.

“That’s enough!”

Ye Yunlong’s voice sounded out from inside the pavilion: “Ye Qing received a lesson, he brought upon the disaster to himself. Ye Xing won this competition, he is an elite in my Ye clan, he can follow me to Tian Cang City to the main family and pursue his studies.  

The young master of the main family has spoken, Ye Tian Zhong could not dare be impudent, however in his mind he was unwilling, he felt wronged and wanted to spit out blood.

Ye Yunlong said: ”Ye Qing is a 4th layer Wudao warrior, he can also follow me to the main family. In addition, the 3rd placer of the competition and the 4th placer also showed remarkable talent, they can also come!”

“Many thank young master!”

Ye Fei Hong was happy, normally the main family only gives 2 to 3 spots for those wanting to go, however this time Qing Ye Zhen actually got 4. This matter is obviously a happy occasion.

Furthermore, Ye Xing seized the first place for the competition, this made Ye Fei Hong in his heart happy.

Although his relationship with Ye Xing was not good, the goodness between the two was as thin as a cicada’s wings, but he knew Ye Xing was a filial son. From childhood to now he was longing for importance, he only wanted him and Ye Xing’s relationship to change. Ye Xing will surely disregard their former hatred, he will listen to his word.

(TL: I normally don’t do this but, who the fuck does he think he is? Suddenly just cause mah boi Ye Xing be beastin’ and feastin’, he suddenly cares, what a tool! End of rant)

Ye Tian Zhong although he was not resigned to what happened, at this moment he had no choice but accept it and swallow his anger, he wanted to leave.  

“Ye Tian Nan’s offspring are not useless, Ye Xing you already are not the same person as you used to be, I have a new level of respect for you. In the future you need to continue striving harder, following your grandfather as a role model.”

Ye Fei Ting pat Ye Xing’s shoulders, in high spirits he spoke, afterwards he returned to the pavilion.

Someone immediately went to help Ye Qing to go down, Ye Xing also started to go to the edge of the platform.

Seeing Ye Xing arriving, everyone from the younger generation looked, there wasn’t a disdainful look anymore, it was replaced with shock, reverence!

Liu Shuang Ling was in a daze looking at Ye Xing, in her heart her emotions were overturned filled with all kinds of flavors(idiom for a combination of different emotions), she was filled with regret.

In her mind, this fiance of hers was a cripple, it could be said he was worthless, that is why as a result she started dating Ye Qing. They had good plans, in the future demanding to withdraw the marriage proposal with Ye Xing, with Ye Qing taking his place.  

This is due to the fact that Ye Qing was about to take the position of clan master, she wanted to be like her aunt Liu E, to become the Ye clan’s clan lady!

But now at present, everything changed, Ye Qing met Ye Xing and was put to  a stop, Ye Xing showed his strength and potential, everything that of Ye Qing’s.

It is obvious and evident, the future clan master will not be Ye Qing!

As a result, Ye Qing’s position in her mind took a dive, as well as the previous looked down upon Ye Xing, suddenly skyrocketed and became high.  

“Luckily, our wedding engagement is still intact!”

Liu Shuang Ling in her mind rejoiced, she softly said: “In the mind of elder cousin I am a treasure, although at present he is a bit angry, however if I give him a fake expression, he surely still obediently listen to what I say, I will continue to stay as a treasured darling!”  

Thinking of this, Liu Shuang Ling could not help curl the corner of her mouth.

“After the competition, go to the clan master’s reception hall!”Ye Qing came over and said one sentence to Liu Shuang Ling, finally Ye Feng showed up.

“Brother Xing, before I did not discover it, you actually were this ferocious, I will dyingly adore you!”

Ye Feng exaggeratingly called out, although when he met Ye Qing and got beaten up, he was already treated and recovered quite a bit, only unable to display his strength.

“Hey Hey…, what is this, you surely have not forgotten about me.” From not far away, a thought happily appeared in Liu Shuang Ling’s mind.  



Very quickly, the Ye Feng and Liu Shuang Ling both received a lot of injuries from their opponents, after the competition Liu Shuang Ling got the third place while Ye Feng got the fourth.

Because this time the top four will be able to go to the main family, the family naturally increased the rewards, the top three did not change, however now until the tenth place got something.

Ye Xing received the first place reward, he got a middle grade medicinal ingredient, while Ye Qing and Liu Shuang Ling who both got second and third respectively both received precious lower grade medicine.

From the fourth place to the tenth place, each also got lower grade medicinal ingredients as a reward!

If the great elder Ye Tian Zhong was still here and saw Ye Xing receive the middle grade medicinal ingredient, he surely would have felt wronged and bullied.

The first place reward’s value is over tens of thousand of silver taels of middle grade medicinal ingredients, however he was the one who actually proposed it, he even fought for it to happen, thinking that it would and up with his grandson Ye Qing!

The result was completely different, in the end it was Ye Xing who won!

As the competition drew to a close, Ye Qing arrived beside Liu Shuang Ling, Liu Shuang Ling however distanced herself and happily left for the clan mansion.

Ye Xing in contrast happily returned home, letting his young servant Xiao Qing prepare paper and ink, writing a big word “Stop”.


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  1. I get what you mean, I kinda hate it when it happens in novels, you can’t suddenly be proud of the MC just because he has worth now. I didn’t like it when Ye Xing’s dad thinks he can fix their relationship because he’s filial —like, it wasn’t that long ago since you slapped him!

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter~

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