Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Family Gathering

Regarding the matter of Ye Xing being able to interact with the star’s power, aside from Xiao Qing, only Ye Fei Hong, Liu E and Liu Shuang Ling knew.

At 16 years old finally being able to interact with the stars, even though he was not a cripple anymore, it was not given much attention because the second son was born. Ye Fei Hong and Liu E did not really take the matter to heart, so they did not really mention it to anyone.

It was the same for Liu Shuang Ling, when it came to Ye Xing’s matter, it was insignificant to her and she forgot about it, therefore the news was not passed around.

Whether or not there is a response to the stars, it could not be determined externally, so people thought Ye Xing was still a cripple that cannot interact with the stars.  

At this moment, suddenly hearing Ye Xing already entering the Wu Dao, furthermore even cultivating to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao; the Ye clan members, how can they not be amazed?

In the pavilion, Ye Fei Hong’s eyes showed astonishment. Ye Xing only started to interact with the stars for one month, how is it that he already cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao?

Did Ye XIng really cultivate to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao? Ye Fei Hong’s mind surged, how is it possible?

Although at 16 years old still not reaching the level of a true warrior, his future is limited, Ye Xing only needed a month to reach the 3rd layer, Ye Fei Hong’s mind was filled with hope!

However, Ye Fei Hong remembered ten days ago when Ye Xing returned home, he gave him a slap, his feelings went up then sank.

Ye Fei Hong really did not care about Ye Xing, so after he slapped him he did not give it much thought. At the present, his and Ye Xing’s relationship as father and son is already gone.  

“Uncle Fei Hong, what is going on here?” Ye Fei Hong heard someone say, it was apparently Ye Yunlong.

Ye Fei Hong looked embarrassed: “Young master, Ye Xing already could interact with the stars long ago, he is not a cripple, only I did not really pay much attention. Therefore I did not know that he already cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, I am not sure if what he is saying is true or false!”

Cultivating to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao in a month, this is too shocking, Ye Fei Hong did not disclose this, Ye Xing only interacted with the stars for only a month.

Ye Yunlong looked at Ye Fei Hong’s expression then he understood: “True gold fears no fire, since he is not a cripple, let him participate the family gathering.”

Ye Yunlong openly said it, naturally no one dare rebuke it, whether or not what Ye Xing’s cultivation is true or not, it did not matter.

Ye Hu’s eyes flickered with radiance, excitement can be seen, even if Ye Xing was a 3rd layer martial disciple, it doesn’t mean he is the opponent of Ye Qing.

In addition, Ye Xing’s strength is not that bad, the probability of him running into Ye Qing is high, he was looking forward to it, Ye Qing beating the hell out of Ye Xing!

The family gathering rules are simple, two people will battle each other, the winner will advance. If one is able to enter the top three, it is possible to obtain a reward from the clan, especially the one in first, people say the reward will be a middle grade medicine ingredient.

A middle grade medicine ingredient in the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen was extremely precious. In the previous years there was not this high of a reward, the great elder invested a lot, besides all the other elders agreed to it, the clan decided the reward will be a middle grade medicine ingredient.

The great elder’s intent was clear, it was obvious, Ye Qing a genuine warrior in the younger generation participating, the first place was his.  

Originally 31 people altogether joined the family gathering, for the first round Ye Qing had no opponents, but after adding Ye Xing, there is now a total of 32 people. Now they can be grouped in 16, now everyone had an opponent for the first round.

Ye Qing in the middle of the younger generation was the celebrity, naturally he was the one first for the first round. His opponent’s name was Ye Dan, he was already 17 years old, cultivating to the 3rd layer of martial disciple.  

Ye Dan knew that he was not match for Ye Qing, but he still gave his best in fighting. Sadly, the difference between the 3rd layer of Wu Dao and the 4th layer of Wu Dao was immense, the gap was too big.

The two fought hand to hand, the first move Ye Qing slapped Ye Dan causing him to fly, the disparity between a martial disciple and a warrior was dreadful, it was too large.

Everyone gasped in shock and adoration, Ye Qing cast a glance to Ye Xing, the corner of his mouth showing a slight smile, he was pleased with himself.  

For the next few fights, the progress was relatively fast, almost half of the the younger generation that joined the competition were at the 2nd layer of Wu Dao, in order to speed it up, the 3rd layer and 2nd layer people were paired up, naturally the progress was fast.

The ninth fight was Ye Xing, it didn’t take long till it was his turn, his opponent was a martial disciple was at the 2nd layer of Wu Dao. The name was Ye Zhi, only at 14 years old, she was the female representative.   

Ye clan’s representative was the aid of the clan master, but she did not pay much attention to Ye Xing.  

“Brother Ye Xing, I did not hear you can interact with the stars, now you suddenly cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, this is truly hard to believe!”

Ye Zhi’s softly chuckled, clearly she was not convinced that someone who was crippled before, now already cultivated above her.

Ye Xing indifferently said:”Whether or not it is true or false, you can only try, why must you try to guess?”  

“Good, I will try if it’s the truth!”

Ye Zhi tenderly shouted, her jade-like palm extended, a slap came over to Ye Xing, furthermore an echo bursted out.

Lower tier martial arts–Chain Palm! At the same time the Bone Crushing Fist was used.

The Bone Crushing Fist was a strong bone technique, it was not a fighting method, although it was quite strong to be used directly, Ye Zhi was a female, her strength was naturally weak, the way to prevail over an opponent is through martial skills.

Ye Zhi’s practice of the Hain Palm was rough, Yw Xing’s sight as if a torch, he was unfazed by the her attack, he shot a fist to the center of the palm of Ye Zhi.

Ye Xing did not even use 30 percent of his power, Ye Zhi already gave out a miserable shriek, after one fist of Ye Xing she had to move back a dozen of steps.

Ye Xing’s clenched fist was a bit numbed, he did not use the full strength of his arm.

In a moment, Ye Zhi suffered a defeat!

Seeing it with their eyes had a greater impact rather than just hearing Ye Xing say that he was in the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, all the members of the Ye clan were stunned shocked.

Ye Xing did not use a martial skill, he barely used the Bone Crushing Fist, with a mere fist against the 2nd layer Ye Zhi, his cultivation obviously was at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao.

Once a cripple, now already at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, this change really gave the people of Ye clan a hard time to believe.

“A month, only a month’s time, he really is at the 3rd layer of WU Dao, how is this possible?”

Liu Shuang Ling although is not a direct relative, is already considered to be part of the Ye clan and was part of the 32 that is participating the family gathering. Before when Ye XIng said that he cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, Liu Shuang Ling was not convinced, now she has no choice but to believe, her mind was exceedingly shocked.  

“What a fortuitous meeting! Apparently someone from the family had a happy encounter, once mediocre forever mediocre. It is impossible for him to top elder brother Ye Qing, I still believe in brother Ye Qing!”  

In the mind of Liu Shuang Ling, she does not know why, after she looks at Ye Xing, she feels that she is out of breath, it was difficult to bear.  

At the present the only one not shocked of Ye Xing’s strength was Ye Hu, his eyes were leaking a very fierce look and expectation: “Humph, for now I will let you have the limelight, now you are getting a lot of attention, wait for my brother’s beating and you will lose a lot of face!”

Ye Hu hoped that Ye Xing will be matched up with Ye Qing early on, however after the first round, he unexpectedly matched with Ye Xing in the second round.  

Ye Hu’s face was suddenly cold, in a flash he remembered Ye Xing’s two slaps and kick to his body.  

It is not known closed information that the matchup between Ye XIng and Ye Hu caused excitement.

The conflict between Ye Hu and Ye Xing is common knowledge, a month ago Ye Xing and Ye Hu had a climbing competition causing Ye Xing to hurt his head.

Now Ye Xing was already at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao just like Ye Hu, the people of Ye clan are anticipating the real strength of Ye Xing and who is stronger between the two.  

The one in charge of the competition Ye Fei Zhou clearly knew the people’s anticipation, perhaps he also wanted to know Ye Xing’s strength with the both of them fighting, that is why they both meet in the second round.

The first fight was the same as before, Ye Qing won in a move, again going through the next round.   

The battles were very fast, Ye XIng entered the platform, his face was like a smile yet without a smile(idiom), looking at Ye Hu approach.

Ye Hu and Ye Xing both at the 3rd layer Wu Dao, who is more formidable between the two?

All the Ye clan people’s eyes were wide open, they were looking with anticipation on the platform, waiting for Ye Xing and Ye Hu to fight.

However Ye hu’s move was beyond what all the people expected.

He did not enter the platform, coming out from the group of younger generation people he said: “I concede!”

Last time Ye Xing stomped on him, how can he dare try to go at it against Ye Xing.  

Now Ye hu waited for his brother to take revenge for him, fiercely beat up Ye Xing, letting himself fight Ye Xing he would not dare.


All around the martial art platform, suddenly at once snorts of disdain risedin the air.

The waited expectantly for Ye Xing and Ye Hu to fight, but Ye Hu immediately threw the towel, this puts people in a bad mood.

In the pavilion, the great elder Ye Tian Zhong’s complexion turned to anger.

He despised Ye XIng, calling Ye Xing trash not only once, but now his grandson Ye Hu did not dare fight getting looks of contempt.

What is this? How is it this trash has no equal? Ye Tian Zhong was angered.


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