Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: A slap on the face

Ye Xing was really mad, he scanned Ye Hu; tracking all his movements, naturally he knew what Ye Hu was intending to do.

Therefore, Ye Xing’s palm midway suddenly changed its course, avoiding Ye Hu’s simple attempt to block, completely smacking him on the face.

Crack, rattle!

After slapping Ye Hu right on the face, within Ye Xing’s body power forced out, he immediately put Bone Crushing Fist to use.

Cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, perfect Bone Crushing Fist, just what deadly force was this?

Ye Hu tried hitting Ye Xing’s body with a fist, however he didn’t even get to touch him before being slapped, causing him to fly back.

In an instant, blood and teeth flew out, Ye Hu was dazed, on his face was an obvious mark of a palm.

“This slap is for my brother!” Ye Xing said loudly after the slap.

After which, he strode forward towards Ye Hu.

Ye Hu landed, stumbled and almost fell. He had a hard time balancing his body when Ye Xing already arrived in front of him.

Ye Hu was dazed, he was clearly confused, Ye Xing gave another slap.


Ye Hu was struck by the second slap! He screamed again and flew back, on the other cheek appeared another prominent palm mark.

“This slap is for the old me!” Ye Xing with anger again shouted!

Ye Xing finished before Ye Hu reached the ground.

After two continuous slaps, Ye Hu was stupefied, how can he stand still? His previously straight legs went soft, then fell on the ground.

Ye Xing went forward, kicking Ye Hu with his foot causing him to fly again. He rolled like a shrimp, once again letting out a scream.

Then with a loud bang, Ye Hu directly hit the alley wall, causing him to faint.

“This kick, is because you pissed me off!”

Ye Xing said with a cold tone, holding back his anger finally subsided a bit.

Ye Hu was a 3rd layer Wu Dao warrior, Ye Xing knew that Ye Hu won’t die with just this. He didn’t even cast another glance to Ye hu who was lying on the ground unmoving, he turned and left for home.

He was not entirely convinced on what Ye Hu had said about his little brother dying right away, however Ye Hu wouldn’t just tell a lie like that.

He wants to go back to verify.

Ye Xing ran to the Ye clan, when he entered the Ye residence, he met a family member that gave him a weird look.

Besdie, in the Ye residence, there was no hint of cheerfulness, not even a lamp was lighten up. This was all due to the second son of the Ye family, it was very abnormal.

This is even more evidence that what Ye Hu has said is probably true.

In Ye Xing’s point of view, he still has little hope.

Very quickly, Ye Xing entered the family mansion, entering he saw the servant girl Xiao Qing,.

“Young master!”

Suddenly seeing Ye Xing, Xiao Qing gasped and trotted over: “Young master, where were you the past half month? The clan master was very angry!”

“Xiao Qing, tell me, what has become of my brother?” Ye Xing caught Xiao in his arms asking.

Ye Fei Hong angry or not angry, Ye Xing did not care, however, Ye Chen’s life he cared about.

Xiao QIng with sorrow on her face said, “Little young master, he… he’s dead!”


Even if he’s reasoning already told him that what Ye Hu has said was true, hearing Xiao Qing confirm Ye Xing’s mind there was a bang, it was difficult to bear.

In his mind, he and his parents had no sense of being close, only the original owner felt some sort of attachment. His brother was different, Ye Chen was his real family.


“Thieving God, on earth I was an orphan, at last in Xing Chen Dalu I have a little brother, you still want to leave me an orphan?”

Ye Xing unwillingly roared!

“Lead the way, send me to the room!”

Ye Xing handed the Yiding Gong and quiver of arrows to Xiao Qing, afterwards he started to walk over.

Ye Chen’s death touched Ye Xing’s heart!

Originally, he had pride, he had persistence, his love for family was hidden, Ye Chen’s death aroused his emotions.

Perhaps the reason he is feeling these emotions are because of the previous owner.

He understood that Ye Fei Hong and Liu E’s hopes were pinned upon Ye Chen, now with Ye Chen’s death they are certainly hurt.

Now, as their only son, he must play the role of the first son and accompany them.

“Ye Tian Zhong, do not let me find any evidence, or else I will end you!”

“Ye Fei Hong, I have spoken to you many times, I am part of the Ye clan. Death in the clan is terrible, this is a very sad affair, I undoubtedly have no problem with the son of the clan master, let alone try to kill Ye Chen. There was no reason for me to put this matter on my hand.”  

“Good, Ye Tian Zhong, you finally spoke out your true feelings, you just precisely said that you wanted my son to be dead to take the position, but you are saying that it wasn’t done by you?”

“Ye Fei Hong, you are being unreasonable, I Just gave you a reason, but you do not understand it?”

“You killed my son! Ye Tian Zhong, you are of the older generation, you flatter me!”

“You deviated to become a devil, I do not need to talk to you anymore!”




Ye Xing came to the halls when he heard the heated argument.

His father Ye Fei Hong and a clan elder Ye Tian Zhong were having a dispute.

Soon Ye Xing saw the elder Ye Tian Zhong, rage came out of him.

Ye Tian Zhong was extremely angry, he was releasing oppressive airs, after seeing Ye Xing, it got even worse.

“Food wasting useless person!”

Ye Tian Zhong furiously scolded Ye Xing, he passed Ye Xing and never looked back.

Ye Xing clenched his fist, he almost punched the old bastard’s face.

However, the other person was a clan elder, Ye Xing had to disperse his urge and endure.

Until Ye Tian Zhong disappeared did Ye Xing enter the hall, Ye Fei Hong opened his eyes, he gasped and on his eyes were fury when he saw Ye Xing.

“Father, I am back…!”Ye Xing walked in front of him.

“This bastard, thought he was dead but actually came back!”Ye Fei Hong scolded with anger as he saw Ye Xing coming.

Walking in front of Ye Xing, Ye Fei Hong shouted and slapped out: “Why didn’t a useless person like die instead!”

Little brother Ye Chen died, which already evoked Ye Xing’s emotions, with the original owner’s instinct, he tried approaching his parents. Going back to his parents he wanted to tell them about his progress, believing talking to them will improve their relationship…

However, with just a sentence from Ye Fei Hong, Ye Xing’s family affection turned into ice.

Ye Xing scanned the trajectory of Ye Fei Hong’s palm, if he tried he could avoid the slap.

But Ye Xing did not avoid it!

He stood there without moving a muscle, his heart now filled with indifference.


Ye Xing got slapped, his face turned to one side, a burning pain arrived.

Ye Fei Hong’s slap was not weak at the slightest.

But, he did not know why, but although there was pain on his face, Ye Xing actually relaxed a lot.

The original owner’s feeling disappeared, his relation to Ye Fei Hong as a father and son was completely gone after the slap.

Ye Xing suffered a slap, however it completely destroyed the old owner’s feelings.

He originally wanted to tell Ye Fei Hong everything, however now he did not want to say anything anymore.

Ten days later the competition will be held, he wanted to to soar and force his way to the main family in Tian Cang.

Afterwards he will leave Qing Ye Zhen with no regrets, he will travel the boundless skies and become a peerless expert.

“Your useless son is already dead…!”Ye Xing wanted to say, but he still endured.  

He indifferently mumbled: “My life is hard!”

But he said the truth, the “I” does not refer to the old Ye Xing, but himself.

He appeared on earth with many misfortunes, but he came to Xing Chen Dalu to live another live in a different body, is it this life just really nothing?’

Ye Xing’s answer infuriated Ye Fei Hong, but at present in front of him was his son, it was hard for him to make another slap.

“Get back to the courtyard, you are not allowed to leave, i unexpectedly saw a useless person like you!”

Ye Fei Hong’s tone was suppressed with fury, pointing towards the exit of the hall.

Ye Xing did not talk again and started to walk away.

Returning to his residence, Xiao Qing saw the slap mark on the face of Ye Xing which scared her: “Young master, you are the clan master’s only son, how can he do this to you, I’ll rub ointment on you…!”

Seeing her going to try get ointment Ye Xing caught her: “This injury is not of importance, you first need to tell me, how did my younger brother died?”  

Based on what Xiao Qing narrated, Ye Xing obviously saw that someone killed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s death gives a big benefit to the great elder because everyone knows that Ye Xing is crippled. Ye Fei Hong’s second son died, naturally the position of clan head will be passed on.  

Also the son of the great elder, Ye Qing, who was considered the Ye clan’s outstanding genius of the younger generation, can hopefully one day take the position of the clan master.  

It is no wonder that Ye Fei Hong and the elder had a dispute because Ye Fei Hong has his doubts with Ye Tian Zhong, there is a reason .

However what Ye Xing does not understand is, when Ye Chen was assassinated, how come Ye Fei Hong was not also included in the killing?


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