Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Family Gathering

Xiao Qing was applying ointment on the face of Ye Xing, at that same time a servant girl was doing the same to Ye Hu.  

After Ye Xing left, Ye Hu immediately woke up, he always looked down on Ye Xing all his life, now he felt humiliated. He felt that he had no more face, he could not refrain from crying.

He did not dare tell anyone about this matter, with cloth wrapped around his head, he secretly slipped in and went home.   

When he went home, he thought of telling this matter to his grandfather, that way he can hide under his protection.

However, after receiving a beating from Ye Xing, not only did Ye Tian Zhong try to hide him, he might even scold him to losing to trash, furthermore adding another slap to his face.  

Therefore, he did not dare tell this to his grandfather.  

Aside from him and the servant girl, the only other person to know about this matter is his older brother, Ye Qing. The first thing he did when he got home was not get treated, but instead told the maid to invite his older brother Ye Qing.

Ye Qing and Ye Xing were the same, both are 16 years of age currently, but three months before, Ye Qing already cultivated to the 4th layer of Wu Dao as a warrior; he was the number one person in the Ye clan younger generation.

“Little Hu, are you sure Ye Xing was the one who did those things to you? It was not another person secretly doing it?”

Ye Qing looking at Ye Hu was feeling distressed, but regarding what Ye Hu said, he had time believing it.

Ye Xing was crippled, this was common knowledge, and Ye Hu was at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao. If Ye Xing practiced to the extreme and also is at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, how can it be that Ye Hu could not fight back at all?

“Elder brother, I am very sure, it was only me and Ye Xing at that time. I do not know why I was not able to block his slap, his slap suddenly changed direction, he slapped me twice on the face, the he ruthlessly kicked me. Elder brother, from childhood to now, never have I ever been humiliated like this, you must take revenge, beat him up for me, so much so that even his mother would not be able to recognize him!”

Ye Hu crying with tears, said those words while sobbing.

Ye Qing patted Ye Hu’s shoulder: “Little Hu, be at ease, the humiliation you suffered, I will return to Ye Xing tenfolds. He is merely a cripple, he only had a lucky encounter, his body is only at the middle stage of martial disciple, not capable of inheriting the clan master position, I will be the one to get the position! Little Hu, when that time comes, I will personally sort him out!”

Ye Hu emitted hatred on his eyes: “No, elder brother, you will get the clan master position a long time from now, I want him to suffer right now.”

Ye Qing looked unhappy: “Although he is trash, he still is the son of the clan master. If he does not come out the mansion, don’t tell me I will go there myself?”

Ye Hu looked around and said: “ Elder brother, Ye Xing is at the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, I guess he will participate the competition. I believe when that moment comes, you can beat him up fairly, destroy him in front of the envoy, trample his dignity, let him lose face, so he can taste humiliation.  

Ye Qing nodded: “Alright, as long as he dares enter the family competition, I will ferociously destroy him!”




Back at the courtyard, Ye Xing was doing his daily cultivation, he did not leave the place by even a step.

Within him the Red Blood Mushroom’s medicinal energy was abundant, this day Ye Xing’s progress has been remarkable.

This day, in the mansion backyard, except for Ye Xing there was nobody else.

Pi… Pi… Pa… Pa…

Ye Xing was in the middle of using the Bone Crushing Fist, every time he punches out, quite a few echoes are heard.  

A set of Bone Crushing Fist, Ye Xing’s whole body and bones issued out echos.

It can be heard that there are 206 echos, the whole thing being done, the Bone Crushing Fist was at the perfect realm.  

Ye Xing heaved a sigh of relief, releasing the qi around blasting ten feet around him.

To exhale qi like an arrow, only a genuine warrior can do such a thing.

Ye Xing still has not cultivated his inner strength, his body can’t also compare to that of a 4th layer Wu Dao warrior, but he had strong bones that is even stronger than a 4th layer Wu Dao warrior; allowing him to exhale qi like an arrow.

“Tomorrow the family competition will be held, my Bone Crushing Fist is at the perfect realm, I also cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao late stage. Someone at the boundary of martial disciple is not my match, can only a warrior determine my strength?”  

Ye Xing clenched his fist confidently: “In the clan gathering, I, Ye Xing will soar! No one will be able to stop me, I will go to the main family in Tian Cang!”

He was thinking the main family in Tian Cang, there are high level martial techniques to learn, Ye Xing was excited, with his surpassing mind, he just can’t disregard learning the best techniques; what he is scared of the most is being notable to learn the best techniques there are.  

Right now, he learned both the Evergreen method and the Bone Crushing Fist, which are lower grade methods, he was eager to learn other techniques.    

“The envoy of the main family is finally coming from the main family from Tian Cang, he surely must me an expert!” Ye Xing was guessing!

Ye Xing’s expectation was right,the envoy arrived, if he saw the person he surely would have been amazed.  

Ye Fei Hong respectfully treated the main family envoy, to his surprise it was a 17 to 18 year old youth.

“This family has troubled the honorable master, the family in Qing Ye Zhen is honored!”

In the Ye clan hall, Ye Fei Hong and the elders were all respectful to the youth, giving their salutations.

In the Ye clan in Tian Cang, the young master Ye Yunlong was renowned in the city for his talent, still not reaching 18 year of age, however he already cultivated to the peak of the 5th layer of Wu Dao. Not much people can compare to him, even the clan master.  

Ye Yunlong from head to toe was wearing white clothes, on his head was a jade crown, on his hands was a fan, he looked like an elegant son of an official. Beside him was a young beautiful girl, both hands holding a sword, it was his weapon.   

Ye Yunlong was holding on to his fan: “Ladies and gentlemen there is no need to be polites, the Ye clan of Qing Ye Zhen is important, when elder Tian Nan was alive, he helped establish the Ye clan. Although elder Tian Nan has been dead for 300 years, but the clan patriarch still cherishes this memory, that is why I decided to go here. I selected the younger generation of the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen in the hopes that like elder Tian Nan days, the Ye clan will go stronger.”  

Ye Tian Nan, he was the predecessor clan master of the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen, he was exactly the grandfather of Ye Xing. He was able to attain the level of the 6th layer Wu Dao, when he was alive, not only was he the clan master of the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen, he also was an elder in the main family.

During the period of Ye Tian Nan, the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen was extremely rich and powerful, they were Ye clan’s strongest branch, nevertheless they started to decline.

“Many thanks clan master…!”


 Ye Fei Hong’s expression looked moved, he excitedly replied.  

Ye Tian Nan is the pride of the Ye clan in Qing Ye Zhen, nowadays after 300 years, the main family remembered and respected their ancestor, furthermore, it was the young clan master came showing the sincerity of the main family regarding their value.

Tomorrow the family gathering will be held, in respects for Ye Tian Nan, the preparation begins today, the Ye clan delegation left towards the grave of Ye Tian Nan.  

After the ancestral veneration of Ye Tian Nan, the Ye clan created a reception for Ye Yunlong, not much was said.  

The next day, in the family gathering as set the competition was going to be held. At the side in the pavilion was Ye Yunlong, the clan master Ye Fei Hong, the great elder Ye Tian Zhong. Beside Ye Yunlong was his sword.

The rest of the elders sat in succession under the heads.

The Ye clan of Qing Ye Zhen is not as good as the main family, however they still had a lot of people, in Ye Xing’s generation, which is from 13 to 17 years of age, there are more than people.  

However, some of them them, like Ye Xing were crippled so they did not have the qualifications to join. Only 30 people are able to participate the competition.

When Ye Xing arrived at the competition platform, there were already many Ye clan clansmen that arrived. All of them were around the platform, only the younger generation with talent entered the platform.   

Everyone’s attention was on top of the platform, they did not give much attention to the arrival of Ye Xing.  

However, the moment he step foot on the platform, he suddenly became the focus of attention.

“Ay, young master Ye Xing you are also going?”

“Is he not a cripple. not having the qualifications to join the competition?”




For a moment, all around the competition platform everyone was discussing.

Next to the stage in the pavilion, Ye Fei Hong and all the elders saw Ye Xing enter the stage, gaining all their interest.

“He is a cripple, what is he doing?” At this point no one understood, the great elder angrily rebuked with veins popping on his head.  

“Cripple?”Ye Yunlong gazed at Ye Xing: “Perhaps he really does not know, whose kid is he?”

“He is the son of the clan master.” The great elder coldly groaned.

“Bastard, giving me me trouble, getting me embarrassed!”Ye Fei Hong’s complexion turned ugly, he wished he slapped Ye Xing beforehand so he would have died.

On top of the martial art platform, the Ye clan younger generation saw Ye XIng approach, all of them were distracted many roaring with laughter. Ye Qing and Ye Hu looked, he actually came.

“Brother Xing, why did you come? Right now the main family envoy is here, again letting uncle be embarrassed, now uncle is angry!”  

Beside Ye Xing was a juvenile similar to his age, said in a low voice.

This was the third elder Ye Fei Ting’s son, whose name was Ye Feng, he was a good friend to the old Ye Xing.

“I already can interact with the stars, letting me enter the Wu Dao so I joined the family gathering.” Ye Xing faintly smiled saying.

At this time the one presiding over the gathering was Ye Fei Zhou, who was part of the older generation at the 4th layer of Wu Dao. He came over to Ye Xing with an unhappy mood said:

“Go go go, in front of the main family envoy, you want the clan master to lose all face? Leave quickly!”

“I already cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, as the Ye clan’s junior, can I not participate?” Ye Xing loudly said.

The voice spread around, the situation suddenly became quiet, everyone’s face was amazed, even Ye Qing and Ye Hu were no exception.


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