Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: To win

“Ye Xing, we finally encountered each other, you humiliated little Hu, I will pay you back ten times that!”

Ye Qing looked at Ye Xing, on the corner of his mouth was a hint of disdain.

“Hehe, Ye Qing, where is your proof?” Regarding Ye Qing’s disdain, Ye Xing was indifferent.  

“So you had a happy incident, beat out several martial disciples, isn’t your confidence somehow inflated?” Ye Qing as before still had a look of disdain on his face.

“What? You annoyingly let me get clear headed!” Ye Xing’s was same as always, unchanging, as before, smiling.  

“I will, I will let you know the gap between a martial disciple and a genuine warrior, showing you the big disparity!”

Ye Qing’s face turned cold, Ye Xing’s indifferent manner towards him led him to feel anger.

“You talk too much, in my eyes a genuine warrior is not worth anything!” Ye Xing said while he shrugged his shoulders.

“Humph! Shameless boasting!”

Ye Qing found it hard to continue listening, with anger he humphed: “At the most three moves, I shall make you crawl on the ground unable to stand up!”

Great Monument Hand!

With a great tone, Ye Qing already made his move, with a big stride forward, a single palm went towards Ye Xing in an attempt to swat him.

The palm has yet to arrive, however its strength can be felt by the strong wind that came as an effect of it, the atmosphere changed as a strong sound came, it can clearly be seen that this one palm had formidable power.

Great Monument Hand, it is a lower grade martial art with it being a strong martial skill. Ye Qing shot out his palm, as it approached strong sounds came, it was obvious that the Great Monument Hand had great power, showing that it was cultivated to the upper realm.   

A Wu Dao 4th layer, the Great Monument Hand cultivated to the upper realm, the might is no small matter!

“Humph, he believe’s just because he had that happy encounter, he can compare himself to elder brother Ye Qing, he truly is overestimating his own abilities!”

“Martial disciple and warrior, the gap between the two is immeasurable, elder brother Ye Qing’s Great Monument Hand’s might is terrifying, with the use of three moves, or even with just one, he can beat Ye Xing!”


Some of the younger generation are naturally behind Ye Qing, in succession started to talk.  

When they regarded Ye Xing a while ago, they were dissatisfied with him, against someone like Ye Qing with fame and power, they naturally started to mock Ye Xing.

“Although Ye Qing’s internal strength is not that strong, but simply put he is already a 4th layer warrior, this is someone a martial disciple can absolutely not contend against. In addition, with cultivating the Great Monument Hand to the upper realm, beating Ye Xing with three moves is sufficient enough!”

Within the pavilion, the head Ye Yunlong determined the outcome.

He was from the main family in Tian Cang City, already cultivating and practicing multiple middle grade martial arts, so much that he also studied a remnant of an old high grade martial arts. With his great insight, he was able to determine and made a judgement on the outcome of the fight.   

“Young master with what you said, Ye Xing seems to have had a happy encounter, but going above Ye Qing who cultivated with hard work, step by step reaching the position of a warrior, three moves is enough!”

The great elder Yr Tian Zhong was smiling ear to ear.

Crack Rattle

While everyone was discussing, inside Ye Xing’s  body a sound exploded out, he gave out an imposing aura, letting people feel as if there was an immovable mountain.  

Ye Xing also suddenly took a big stride forward, sending out a fist.

There was nothing fancy about it, every person cultivated the Bone Crushing Fist. However this one fist nevertheless is extremely formidable, a burst of strength creating wind, filling the atmosphere with a great sound.


Everyone was astonished at Ye Xing’s fist to bring about such power, at this time he collided with Qing’s palm.

What martial skill was not put to full use, only a mere Bone Crushing Fist, at once was able to contend against the Great Monument Hand cultivated to the upper realm?

In addition, it seems that the inner strength was used for the Great monument Hand?

Every person was unable to take off their eyes from the stage where there is a confrontation, they already in their minds already accepted the scene, Ye Xing will surely be swatted away from the stage by Ye Qing with his Great Monument Hand.  

However, in their eyes another scene played out causing them to change expression’s color.

Ye Xing indeed flew, however only moving back by two steps. What is more is that a genuine warrior like Ye Qing was also forced to take two steps back.

In their first encounter with each other, they both unexpectedly are evenly matched!

The strong a robust chinese boxing, how was it capable of withstanding a martial skill used to kill? Besides, there is an absolute gap in cultivation.

Everyone in their eyes exposed an inconceivable color!

Ye Yunlong at the time was fanning himself, immediately let go.

The great elder Ye Tian Zhang’s smiling expression suddenly froze on his face.  

The overwhelming majority of the Ye clan people had their mouth’s wide open, dumbstruck! Everyone’s eyes showed astonishment in their eyes!

Ye Fei Ting was momentarily dazed, suddenly he stood up with joy on his face, Ye Xing surprisingly was genuinely capable to fight against Ye Qing. This let him realize in a flash, Ye Xing just a while ago gave him a meaningful glance, now he understood what he meant!

It seems like most people were shocked stunned, Ye Xing unexpectedly withstood the Great Monument Hand of Ye Qing, also he only had to take two steps backwards, Ye QIng was unable to believe what happened.   

Once he was a cripple, now he unexpectedly can now go contend with me? This is impossible! Ye Qing in his mind snarled, he was filled with fury.

Great Monument Hand!

Ye Qing angrily roared, in his body his internal strength started to work at its maximum, both hands as if were mountain monuments, continued to attack Ye Xing.

Bone Crushing Fist!

Ye Xing did not show any weakness at all, within his body was exploding strength as if there is great fire, both fist went out colliding with Ye Qing at great strength!

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

Every confrontation, two men with their palm and fist violently clashed, issuing great sounds. Listening to it felt there was a great battle between two men, in one’s heart sounds can be felt causing it to palpitate.   

In a flash, the two people already exchanged ten blows, however both of their bodies seemed like to be made out of iron, not showing any tiredness at all. Also not showing any damage at the least, as before they were evenly matched.

Up until now, the two went over three moves.

Ye Qing said in three moves he will beat Ye Xing, however now what he said turned into a joke!

As well as the ones of the younger generation that said Ye Qing will beat Ye Xing in one move, now at present each and everyone one of them shut their mouth, amazed at the two causing them to be speechless.  

In the eyes of Ye Yunlong, also exposed a rarely seen astonishment, on his face was a bit of mockery. He determined previously that Ye Qing will beat Ye Xing in three moves, but Ye Xing was still fighting making him talk rubbish.  

“This…how is this possible? A 3rd layer Wudao martial disciple, only relying on the Bone Crushing Fist, how is he capable of fighting against a warrior?”

Ye Tian Zhong across his face was astonishment as he said that, forgetting to become angry.

The same as Ye Tian Zhong, the people of the Ye clan all could not understand it, a martial disciple putting to full use the Bone Crushing Fist, capable of using it to the degree of fighting a stalemate with a warrior, this is extremely unimaginable!

“I actually looked down on him, it seems that his encounter was not what we thought as previously to be a fortuitous meeting, within his body his bones ar actually refined by at least a hundred times!”

Ye Yunlong’s insight was out of the ordinary, to be able to point out and saying it.

“Please young master clear up the confusion!” Ye Fei Hong was both alarmed and happy, also he was not clear about the reason, he asked towards Ye Yunlong.

“The human body’s bones does not only have a hundred bones, I heard that altogether there are 206 bones, however the Bone Crushing can only cultivate a hundred of them. The rest the Bone Crushing Fist is unable to cultivate, only with the use of precious medicinal ingredients and talent can strengthen it!”

Ye Yunlong was accomplished in Tian Cang City making him proud, as the Ye clan young master he naturally knows a lot of secrets.

“What? Cultivating the Bone Crushing fist unexpectedly only affects half of the bones? In the world don’t tell me that there is no martial technique that can cultivate all bones?”

The great elder asked while being surprised.

Ye Yunlong was silent for a moment, he knew a few secrets regarding the Wudao:

“There is, but it is exceptionally precious, to say the least regarding high grade martial arts, with regards the main family of the Ye clan there is no such thing, perhaps only great colleges has the ability to have such martial arts. To my understanding, only with the all the bones in the whole body being refined can one have the prospects of becoming a martial saint, as well as for martial arts to cultivate all bones, only sacred grade martial arts are enough!”



The Ye clan people hearing what have been said, without exception all sucked a mouthful of breath!

Martial Saint! Sacred grade martial arts! These all are extremely distant, regarding to the members of the Ye clan people, such a thing is practically only legends!

With Ye Yunlong speaking, Ye Xing and Ye Qing already exchanged more than 20 to 30 moves, the inner strength of the Wudao is really powerful, no matter the strength shown by Ye Xing using the Bone Crushing Fist, it is barely capable of obstructing his counterparts attacks.  

To think absolutely relying on the strength of the opponent, it was hard to predict the what will happen!

With this Ye Xing nevertheless was not anxious or impatient, his expression was tranquil, there was no urgent need to use the surpassing brain, rather he can use this to refine his combat experience.

As for Ye Qing, his mood compared to Ye Xing is the complete opposite, at this moment his face already was swelling red, his veins can be seen from his neck, his expression was filled with extreme emotion, his anger was matchless.  

Under the eyes of everyone, he kept repeating that in three moves he will defeat Ye Xing, however at present thirty moves has already been exchanged. Ye Xing as before is still healthy, not looking defeated at all at any aspect.  

This was practically the same as Ye Xing using the fight as a mean to trash his face!

“No…! A martial disciple, how is it possible he can fight at a standstill with me? This is impossible! By no means is it possible, I need to teach him a lesson, I definitely need to teach him a lesson!”

Ye Qing was roaring in his mind, his eyes exposed a ominous glint, he decided to use his trump card.    

He bellowed with rage: “Ye Xing, do you think my strength is only as such? Starting now I will let you know, the genuine pinnacle of my strength!”

Roaring Ye Qing suddenly changed, he whipped his legs sweeping, throwing a fist Ye Xing retreated back.

In the pavilion the Ye clan people were frightened, the moves of rotating his leg around his body used by Ye Qing was a middle grade martial art!

Furthermore, it can be seen that the power of that leg was strong, clearly at the lower realm of cultivating the middle grade martial art, compared to the upper realm of a lower grade martial art the power is greatly superior!

Ye Qing entering the 4th layer of Wudao has not passed more than 3 months, unexpectedly he already used a middle grade martial art cultivating it to the lower realm, it seems that the great elder Ye Tian Zhong did not hold back in giving special treatment to Ye Qing!

Middle grade martial art Collapsing Mountain Leg!

Ye Xing was feeling the pressure from his opponents leg whip, this kind of strength was hard to resist.

To finish… everyone’s mind felt this was the reason

With Ye Xing’s performance, the Ye clan people certainly were shocked, however some were still not convinced he was capable of withstanding Ye Qing’s Collapsing Mountain Leg!

At first Ye Fei Ting finally thought that Ye Xing can win in his son’s place Ye Feng, however his face changed when Ye Qing put to full use a middle grade martial art, he lost his confidence.

Surpassing mind, scan!

Ye Xiong did not want to again let Ye Qing try to hit him again, immediately he used his trump card within himself.

In a split second, Ye Qing’s leg trajectory and strong pressure, with the inner strength, all was scanned by Ye Xing seeing everything clearly.

All of the flaws, there was no escape!



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