Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Hunt

An overhanging cliff.

Beneath the cliff is a river with only about 10 feet in length, the water was matchless filled with countless deadly rocks.

As seen from the cliff, there was no place to jump into the river, he probably already died due to the rocks.

The three people in the 4th layer of Wu Dao all caught up trying to chase, when they looked down they gasped, it was too frightening to jump off.

“Young master, the guy that jumped down probably died be it either due to the deadly dense rocks or drowned, his body has already been washed away!”

The oldest out of all the 4th layer warriors took a glimpse at the river below the cliff, he didn’t see the silhouette of Ye Xing therefore he concluded he was dead.  

“Unless one if a great master, anyone below that rank without a doubt will die!”

The other 4th layer Wu Dao warrior after observing the area, also came up with this conclusion.”

“Dead, but where is the corpse?”

“It must have been washed away…!”

The two 3rd layer hunters finally came, after looking down the cliff they said those words.

The vertical height of the cliff from bottom to top is about 60to 70 meters, if someone jumped from this height, be it a 6th layer Wu Dao warrior, that person will also die without a body to be recognized. Although there is a river at the bottom of the cliff, the river is extremely narrow filled with deadly rocks, there is no place to safely fall.

Only, to others there is no safe place to fall, but Ye Xing is an exception to this.

Ye Xing has his surpassing mind to scan, where the torrents are, what the depth is, and where the deadly rocks are, all of this he can simply see clearly.  

In the eyes of Ye Xing, the areas his body can safely fall intact is not small at all. An example of which was on area near the middle where it was a safe area to fall in.

With the surpassing mind calculating, Ye Xing immediately jumped to the nearest safest spot falling to the river unscathed.

After which, Ye Xing went to one of the bigger rocks that prevented the people on the cliff from seeing him.

At the same time, his vision scanned through the rock, there were five people on the cliff. All of this was scanned by his surpassing mind, all their movement, the way their blood and qi moved, Ye Xing could see everything.  

“It seems that kid is really dead, this Red Blood Mushroom will be mine!”

Xiong Qicai was silent for a long time, he looked down and concluded, he gave a slight smile.

After speaking, Xiong Qicai turned and walked away,as did the other four.


At that moment, a Qingjin arrow was shot creating a sharp sound.

The five people were the most relaxed at this moment, when they heard the sharp sound it was too late.

The oldest 4th layer Wu Dao warrior let out a scream, the Qingjin arrow went through his back and pierced his heart.

The strength of the arrow was extremely strong, after piercing through the oldest warriors heart, it continued to the throat of the person in front, Xiong Qicai.

Not only was the arrows timing perfect, the angle of how it was shot was unparalleled. The arrow was aimed at the vital points of two people.

While it already pierced the first warrior, Xiong Qicai reacted very quickly swinging his body but the arrow still hit his shoulder.

Two screams sounded out in no particular order.

The oldest 4th layer Wu Dao warrior fell to the ground, after all an arrow shot through his heart directly.

Xiong after being hit fell forward to the ground.

The three other people were astonished, the arrow came from the direction of the cliff.

Beneath the cliff, Ye Xing unhurriedly place both of his bow and arrow to the ground laying low.


“Young master Qi…!”

The vision of the other people were obstructed by numerous mountains, him being below as long as he doesn’t foolishly appear, they won’t be able to attack him.

“Damn that scoundrel…!”

Xiong Qicai’s face distorted, his eyes emitting a terrifying glow, standing up to the man’s direction: “How is Xiong Yiming?”

He didn’t need for the reply of the three others, Xiong Qicai looked at the pool of blood around Xiong Yiming, obviously dead.  

“Damn that bitch, this father will dismember your body!”

Xiong Qicai pounded his hand to the ground like a hammer, saying those words with resentment.

“Smelly boy, do you not know the Xiong clan of Tian Cang City? You dare shoot at the younger generation of the Xiong clan, even injuring the young master. You will all die, we will search the entirety of Tian Cang City, the Xiong clan will find you and your clan, all will die without a burial site.!”  

One of the 3rd layer hunter shouted towards the bottom of the cliff.

Ye Xing naturally knew the Xiong clan of Tian Cang City, the Ye Clan was one of the biggest powers in Tian Cang City, however they still cannot compare to the Xiong clan.

The Xiong clan in Tian Cang City was like the Ye clan in Ye Zhen, they were undoubtedly the number power. Like the Ye clan, they also had branc clans, which were far more numerous than Ye Clans.  

Ye Xing was in Xing Chen Da Lu, he lived in the lower Ye Zhen, he obviously should feel fear the Xiong clan of Tian Cang City.

However, in earth he had a lot of experience, he did not fear big powers, he shouted from the bottom of the:

“The Xiong clan of Tian Cang City, I heard were a really strong power that should be feared…! However, I am afraid you guys are not in Tian Cang City but in the mountains, is the Xiong clan aware of this? Even if the Xiong clan was to search the mountains, by the time they arrive you guys are probably have been eaten by fierce beasts.”  

What you do to me, I will do to you in return! This is I, Yr Xing’s principle.

This people wanted to kill him, forcing him to have to jump off a cliff to escape.If it was like that, then Ye Xing will return with one word in mind— kill!

In Qingyun mountain range, if the distance grows, it is advantageous to him. He wanted to attack, he wanted to retreat, everything is under his control.

At this time, the 4th layer Wu Dao warrior already removed the arrow from the young master’s body. He bound the wound and applied some medicine, which caused the flood from flowing out, with the medicine containing the poison from the arrow.  

The 4th layer warrior checked the poison in the young master’s body, it seems like Xiong Qicai was not in a grave situation.

However, when ye Xing spoke out Xiong Qicai and the other three had unsightly faces.

Escaping from Ye Xing should be easy due to him not reaching martial disciple, at most he cultivated to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao. What’s more is that they had two peak 3rd layer people, as well as three genuine 4th layer Wu Dao warriors, they were very strong.

But what happened was is Ye Xing became the hunter, and the five of them became the prey instead, one dead and one injured.

The Xiong clan was the number one martial family in Tian Cang City, this little brother of the Xiong clan went out being arrogant, now has a bit of fear to those of superior strength.  

The result was they became the prey, being bluntly told they were going to be killed, how can they not be angry!

The identity of being the younger generation of the Xiong clan never failed in protecting them for multiple years, this is the first time it happened.

Particularly, Xiong Qicai’s father was a 7th layer Wu Dao great master, in the clan he had equal footing with the clan master. His identity since birth is something that most sought out after, today however he suffered a setback causing a difficult disaster.  

Now that person’s potential is overwhelming, his archery was scary. How did he even survive that fall from the high cliff? Even with two 3rd layer hunters and three 4th layer genuine warriors, they are still having a hard time.  

Xiong Qicai badly wanted to kill the other counterpart, however he has no choice but retreat. and clench his jaws:

“Bury Xiong Yiming, pick up the Red Blood Mushroom, we will immediately leave and return to Tian Cang, do not leave any trace or else he will follow us.

They quickly buried Xiong Yiming, then Xiong Yicai got the Red Blood Mushroom and they immediately left. The two hunters were at the back in charge of clearing their tracks and creating false ones.

A few hours later, Ye Xing returned to the valley.

Even if it was an expert hunter, they would have a hard time finding the four due to the two hunters covering and faking tracks.

However, Ye Xing’s eyes are ten times stronger than a veteran hunter, and small scratches he scanned and found the real trace following them.

In Qingyun mountain range is was hard to find traces, especially with a good hunter faking tracks making it unbearably hard.  

Therefore Xiong Qicai and the others after leaving the valley they ran as fast as they can. After leaving the area of the valley, they were in a more familiar place and avoided a number of powerful beasts, while weaker beast avoided them.

Ye Xing has been walking in Qingyun mountain range for ten days now, he was now nearer to Tian Cang City then he is to Ye Zhen.

The four people escaped all day the past few days, finally reaching the outskirts of Qingyun mountain range.

When they left the mountain range, it was night with only the moon in the sky illuminating the world.

If one wanted to leave, there was a big range that must be scaled in order to go to Tang Cang City, which requires great strength and time.

After leaving the mountain range, the four of them stopped.

“Young master Qi, the mark we left in the valley probably not found by him, furthermore our speed was very fast. We already finally left that place, even if he was a good hunter, he still is not here.”  

The 3rd layer hunter said.

Xiong Qicai looked at the Qingyun mountain range, it was dark that night,he nodded: “Alright, we will rest here this night, tomorrow we will set out again…!”


A lasing arrow suddenly came from the darkness piercing Xiong Qicai’s throat.


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