Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Archery

When the Iron Leopard fell, Ye Xing immediately jump to the side.

Sure enough,the Iron Leopard really had strong vitality, even though it suffered a fatal injury, it still tried to bring Ye Xing with it. If he did not react in a flash, he might have been buried under the Iron Leopard.

After the final blow was dealt, the Iron Leopard’s body twitched, finally reaching the end of its life.

Ye Xing was greatly relieved.

Although with his confrontation with the Iron Leopard did not even damage his clothes, however Ye Xing still collapsed due to tiredness, as if he participated in a war game.  

Ye Xing breathe a sigh of relief, adjusting his breathing he looked at the Iron Leopard with an excited smile on his face.

The strength of the Iron Leopard was at least as strong as the 4th layer Wu Dao of a genuine warrior. For someone who has only reached the 2nd layer of Wu Dao, this was a terrifying existence.

However, even such a presence died under his bow and arrow, this was truly something to be proud of.  

Determining that the Iron Leopard was dead, Ye Xing went towards the Red Blood Mushroom.

As Ye Xing was going towards the Red Blood Mushroom, suddenly in the mountain five people appeared.

Ye Xing has to focus completely fighting the Iron Leopard so he did not right away notice the five people.

Ye Xing’s relaxed attitude in an instant collapsed, his heart was irritated.  

The Red Blood Mushroom was still not in his hand, then these five people just suddenly appeared, this was not a good thing.

Before fighting the Iron Leopard, Ye Xing looked around and found no one else.

Although his eyesight is formidable, it still can’t see everything. After looking around the area, he was unable to see behind the mountain, causing him not to see these five people.

After he shot Iron Leopard, its roar attracted these people.

Ye Xing scanned the five people with his surpassing mind, immediately he was surprised.

Two people carried bows, obviously cultivated to the 3d layer of Wu Dao.

The three others were all in the 4th layer of Wu Dao as genuine warriors, the one in the middle was even in the later stages of the 4th layer.

After seeing them, they were all not too old, from 15 to 16 years old in appearance. There ages were not different from his own, they seem like they came from influential martial clans.

Especially the one in the 4th layer of Wu Dao who was very young, his age was only around 15 years old.  

In the Ye clan’s younger generation only one person has reached the 4th layer of Wu Dao who was Ye Qing. It can be seen that this guy has talent and came from an influential martial family.  

Ye Xing stopped his footsteps, not going anywhere the R Blood Mushroom. From their location, they do not necessarily have seen the mushroom just yet, might as as well not bring their attention to it.  

“Friends, I came to kill the Iron Leopard, sorry for the bother!”

Ye Xing clasped his hands, smiling at the people on the mountain while greeting.

He pointed out that he killed the iron Leopard, trying to convince them of his strength to make them leave.

So long as these five people leave, he at once will get the Red Blood Mushroom.

The body of the iron Leopard was not far away, there was no one else aside from their, causing the five to change face complexion.

Hunting an Iron Leopard was unusual, even with all five of them together, they wouldn’t dare.  

The young man in the middle of the group with the 4th layer of Wu Dao signaled secretly  to go for the kill.  

He smiled to Ye Xing and said: “My good archer friend, killing an Iron Leopard is no easy task, may I know where are you from?”

While speaking, he went down the hill behind him the other four people followed.

Ye Xing clearly saw the hand gesture as he scanned them.

After killing the other hunter in the Qingyun mountain range he didn’t think much, but unexpectedly all this young men were already vicious, Ye Xing was frightened.   

Xing Chen Da Lu and earth were truly different.

Now that he knows their intentions, Ye Xing still did not have the medicine, as the five are going as long as they are not blind, they would see the Red Blood Mushroom.

He was planning to take the Red Blood Mushroom and run away without a trace.

Ye Xing was cold but still had a smile on his face, and walked towards the Red Blood Mushroom: “My humble self genuinely is Luo Zhen from Ping Yang County, how about you my friends, where did you guys come from?”

Ye Xing definitely won’t reveal his real name, while one earth he read about an immortal named Luo Zhen that ways from Ping Yang, so he just just said it.  

“A person from Ping Yang…?”

Zi Shan County is a big place, inside there were many towns , there was no such county which confused the young man in the 4th layer of Wu Dao.

But then he smiled, why care about the origin of a dead man?

They already knew about the Red Blood Mushroom and planned to kill the Iron Leopard.

However after a lot of care, they still did not try to move on the Iron Leopard because it was too fast. If they tried and failed, it would be difficult to escape.

At least now the Iron Leopard is dead, Ye Xing seemed like an easier target compared to the beast.

Even though Ye Xing had superb archery, they still were five people, two 3rd layer hunting warriors, and three genuine warriors.    

In their perspective, even with the distance, at most Ye Xing only had one choice, death.

“You need to remember, my name is Xiong Qicai from Tian Cang City…Eh?”

The young man in the 4th layer of Wu Dao was laughing, as he went nearer the Red Blood mushroom his complexion changed, he saw Ye XIng’s plan, he raised his hand.



The two hunters from both sides shot arrows trying to kill Ye Xing.


Ye Xing observed both arrows going his direction with his surpassing mind, he calculated at most he can just sidestep it.

If he continued to get the Red Blood Mushroom, even if he tried dodging at least one arrow will hit him.

The other five people wanted to kill him, if he is hit he will undoubtedly will die, it was hard to escape!

He did not need to think it over, Ye Xing already made a decision, he rolled to the side to dodge both of the incoming arrows trying to kill him.

The next moment Ye Xing got up while in the same time, loading two arrows on the bow.



One bow two arrows, both aiming to the throats of the hunters.

After Ye Xing shot, he didn’t stop for a moment, he moved at the limits of his body and ran.

Even if the shots were rushed, Ye Xing’s two arrows were still accurate, this was because the distance was only about 50 to 60 meters, Ye Xing can’t simply miss.

The two hunters instinctively dodged, the two warriors beside Xiong Qicai however used their blades to slash the arrows.

In a split second Xiong Qicai suddenly jumped, as if he was a goose flying to the sky, landing softly and leaped. It was obvious he was using a light motion martial  art.

Ye Xing was capable of killing the Iron Leopard, naturally Xiong Qicai was afraid of his exceptional archery.  

If he was to fight over Ye Xing for the Red Blood Mushroom there will be hard feelings between the two. Even if there was a 5th layer practitioner, with his exceptional archery, it is hard to feel at ease while being in Qingyun mountain range.

Now that he saw Ye Xing has already decided about the matter, Xiong Qicai wanted to kill him in order to prevent any other misfortune.

Ye Xing desired to escape, Xiong Qicai naturally can’t let him just get away or else it will be troublesome.

In the middle of the Qingyun mountain range was a valley with barely any trees, which is unusual in this place which is filled with jungles.

This kind of place is the worst for a good archer.

Xiong Qicai put in full use his light motion technique almost as fast as the Iron leopard going to Ye Xing.

Ye Xing looked back, Xiong Qicai was momentarily analyzed, without slowing down he flipped and shot an arrow straight to Xiong Qicai’s core.  

Xiong Qicai looked startle, Ye Xing will running away is still capable of fighting back?

Ye Xing shot worse than he thought!

The most important thing is the speed of the arrow, it should arrive at the right time in order for Xiong Qicai to have no time to dodge.


Xiong Qicai used his blade to block the arrow aiming for his chest, which created a sound.

He was going fast awhile ago leaping but due to the strength of the arrow he had to stop as Ye Xing got farther away.



Ye Xing just needed to shoot one more to put Xiong Qicai in trouble causing him injury, however he also needed to dodge the two incoming arrows. Ye Xing had no choice but abort his plan of shooting the next arrow.

At this time Ye Xing has already run away a hundred meters from the two hunters, causing both to crease their eyebrows. This is now out of their range, they have no choice but try to get closer.  

Meanwhile, the other two people in the 4th layer used their light motion technique, trying to chase Ye Xing.

If only there were two people he has confidence even if they are in the 4th layer of Wu Dao that he can kill them just like what he did to the Iron Leopard.

However, his opponents consisted of five people, he is forced to fight in a dangerous situation.  

He is a hunter, as long as he reaches the Qingyun mountain ranges he will be in his home ground.

Ye Xing would shoot one to two arrows from time to time, preventing the three warriors to use their movement technique again in catching up to him. Soon he will finally reach the outskirts of the ravine.

After climbing the hillside, there was a high cliff with a river with a length of 10 feet at the bottom. Ye Xing immediately jumped without hesitation.

“I will be back…!” Xiong Qicai arrived at the cliff when Ye Xing already disappeared, all there was is Ye Xing’s warning echoing.


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