Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Archery

The Red Blood Mushroom is extremely useful to Ye Xing.

However, Ye Xing frowned, the Red Blood mushroom is an extremely valuable medical ingredient, how come there is no fierce guardian beast?

Near the Red Blood Mushroom was a multi-colored leopard, about three meters in length.

This leopard’s head is larger than normal leopards, even compared to tigers it is bigger.

However, its body is not as big as a tiger, it is more streamlined. If a person was to see this, they will think speed!

It is a middle-tier beast Iron Leopard.

Fierce beasts are divided in grade by strength, a middle-tier beast is a strong as a person in the 4th to the 6th layer of Wu Dao.

The Iron Leopard is a top quality beast in terms of speed, also top quality in attacking power. Compared to other middle-tier beasts, it is impressive, even a 4th layer warrior will be unable to escape from its grasps.

“To hunt or not to hunt?”

Ye Xing’s mind was turning, he has a desire to hunt the leopard, however the risk is great.

“Currently I am in the peak of the 2nd layer, the final step to reach the 3rd layer is a bit difficult, more time is needed.

“The perfected Bone Crushing Fist is already at the higher realm, the lower grade medical ingredients are now having less effects. It seems like without the help of middle grade medicine, it is difficult to reach the perfect realm and the time needed to get to the 3rd layer of Wu Dao is long.”

“The thing is, this Red Blood Mushroom can let me enter the 3rd layer of Wu Dao and reach the perfect realm of the Bone Crushing fist in a short time…!”



On his second thought, Ye Xing’s thoughts in hunting the Iron Leopard prevailed. After all, the Red Blood Mushroom has big benefits and he is confident on his archery skills.

In an open battle, even if there was ten Ye Xings, they still won’t be the opponent of the Iron Leopard. But with a bow and arrow in hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is no hope in killing the Iron Leopard.  

A bow is different from other weapons. With a bow in hand, it is possible to kill someone who is multiple times stronger than you. Even if the target is ten times stronger, as long as you properly use the bow and arrow, it is possible.

“Furthermore in a half month’s time, the main family envoy will be in Ye Zhen. When that times arrives, surely the Ye clan will hold a competition, only by reaching the 3rd layer of Wu Dao will I have hope in defeating Ye Qing. The main family envoy will choose who is a stronger warrior, this only happens once a year, I cannot waste this chance!”

Ye Xing revealed strong eyes, he has made his decision.

His goal is to be a martial saint, a peerless master, therefore it is necessary for him to venture the large skies. This will enable him to learn higher level martial arts.

When you are younger, the more valuable time is, he didn’t want to  miss this opportunity. He didn’t want to spend another year in Ye Zhen in vain.  

He will start with the bow in his hand, brimming with confidence.

He arrived in this mysterious world armed with a bow fighting a boss, now the Iron Leopard is in front of his eyes, as if it is the boss.

Now, he wants to be a hunter, with a bow in his hand, will hunt the Iron Leopard alone.

Half an hour later, Ye Xing went towards the leopard and the Red Blood Mushroom in the valley.

In this valley, there weren’t too many trees, the horizon was more open. Ye Xing was slowly crawling on the ground closer to the Iron Leopard.   

Wind was blowing from Ye Xing towards the Iron Leopard, it sniffed as if noticing something. Then the scent disappeared so it did not mind it.

Ye Xing continued closer!

Suddenly the Iron Leopard lying on the ground moved it upper body, eyes scanning the area  in all directions with it’s ears perked up listening.

At this time, between Ye Xing and the Iron Leopard the distance was 560 meters.

Clearly the senses of the leopard is keener the low-tiered beasts. When Ye Xing was hunting weaker beasts he got at least to 100 meters before being noticed.

The iron bow’s range is not limited to 560 meters, but the problem is accurately hitting a target from that distance.  

This not only requires a strong arm, but it is also needed to maintain the bow and have precise vision of the target.

Even a warrior specializing in archery will find this hard to do.

This distance is the limit of Ye Xing in shooting accurately, there is a big chance a mishap might occur. He was deciding if he should try now, or wait for the Iron Leopard to lose awareness and go nearer for a better shot.

However things did not go according to his plans.

The Iron Leopard after scanning stepped up and stretched, then began patrolling its area.

Ye Xing was gloomy for his bad luck, the leopard actually discovered something, now slowly going to his direction. Ye Xing did not hesitate, he immediately pulled the bow into an arc and targeted the eyes of the leopard.


The sound was loud, in a flash it went towards the eyes of the leopard.

The Iron Leopard was very fast, he had to shoot from afar otherwise in a few breathes it will be on his throat.

The Iron Leopard’s head is like steel, only the eyes and the ears are its weak points. Ye Xing in a moment right away went for the eyes.

However,the leopard was in high alert, it was not an easy shot, it immediately reacted and dodge its head to the side.  


The Qingjin arrow hit the head making a loud sound, Ye Xing brought a piece of flesh throwing it.  

Although the leopard was hit in the head, the bone was not hurt and it was only a small injury.

The Iron Leopard attacked letting out a growl going towards Ye Xing’s direction in the speed of the wind.

Ye Xing was already up, he didn’t try to run, although he is not slow in any regard, it is still incomparable to the iron Leopard. If he tried to run not only will he lose breathe, the leopard will also overtake him, he will die regardless of his superior mind.  

In such a tense moment, Ye Xing’s mind became more clear, without a hint of panic.

Aside from his surpassing mind, a great factor in him being calm is his experience in the fantasy world.

Calm without panic, he challenged the boss.

In a flash Ye Xing took out a Qingjin arrow and placed it on the bow.

Ye Xing’s two eyes watched the incoming Iron Leopard, with his surpassing mind he analyzed the situation.

The surpassing mind scanning the Iron Leopard magnified several times, seeing the blood flow, muscle activity, power transmission, motion path… any type of movement the brain analyzed.


After just two breathes Ye Xing shot again, the second Qingjin arrow shout out, emitting a sharp sound.

In an instant!

The Qingjin arrow accurately show towards the Iron Leopards knee joints.  

The moment the Iron Leopard is about to leap off the ground, the muscle relaxes, but also the two bones separate revealing the joint.

Without the surpassing mind, noticing this instant is impossible.

The Qingjin went right in between the bones, piercing the cartilage.

The Iron Leopard tried to leap forward in an instant, the speed was too fast making it crash to the ground rolling a few times.

Ye Xiong used this opportunity, he turned and ran while loading a new arrow.

After running about 20 meters, Ye Xing turned while the Iron Leopard stopped rolling. It roared due to the pain while Ye Xing shot another arrow.

Even though the arrow hit the joints, the leopard was still fast, a moment ago he was 20 meters away, now it was in front of him.

But during the time the leopard shortened the distance, Ye Xing already shot the third arrow.


Another sharp sound came towards the Iron Leopard, this time the Qingjin arrow went to another joint.

Ye Xing although not nervous still paid close attention to his arrows, using all his strength, it was frightening.

The Iron Leopard fell on the ground again.

After what happened the first time, the leopard rolled less and went towards Ye Xing.

Both joints in the front legs of the leopard was hit by the arrow making it hard to maintain balance.

This time Ye Xing did not run again, he just stood there with great speed loaded another arrow.

At this time with the Iron Leopard having disabled the two front  legs, used its two remaining unharmed legs to jump to Ye Xing.

If he had ran like a while ago and turned his back, Ye Xing would have already died.

Unfortunately, with Ye Xing’s surpassing mind, he already saw the desire of the leopard.

Therefore, he pulled the bow, after the Iron Leopard opened its mouth he shot the arrow towards inside.

With a whine the Iron Leopard fell in front of Ye Xing.


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