Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Medical Ingredients

Ye Xing tried the limit of his vision, it seems like he can see things from 10 li away.

A mere hundred meters, with Ye Xing’s vision is naturally like right under his nose.

After looking into the distance, he looked at the arrow which seems to miss the target by two palms.

If two palms were compared to a body of a fierce beast, two palms is not much, however this to palms of distance is crucial.

For example if the fierce beast body is really strong, without hitting its weakness it will be hard to kill.

For an archer to kill someone with a bow and arrow, not only must one not miss, but also what area he must hit, and hit that area itself.  

Ye Xing has high marksmanship, also he is in peak condition, however he still is has not reach god-level in using the bow and arrow, practice is needed.

With his vision looking at the trunk a hundred meters away, Ye Xing took another Qingjin arrow and pulled the bow.


The Qingjin arrow suddenly burst shooting and in a short time hit the trunk that was a hundred meters away.

This time, Ye Xing’s eyesight is ten times better, the result is better than the first arrow however due to the wind, it caused him to miss the mark by a distance as big as a fist.  

With respect to a person who just first used a bow, this marksmanship can be called heavenly. EVen if someone worked hard for many years, it doesn’t mean one can match what Ye Xing has done, a big factor of this is Ye Xing’s improved vision.   

Archery takes many years of hard work, if you want it to go further, it is extremely difficult. Ye Xing can be classified as a beginner, he still has a lot of room for improvement.   

Ye Xing took out a third Qingjin arrow, trying to maintain his vision.

When practicing, Ye XIng does not intend to fully use his visions capabilities, he will practice in his normal state. This will vastly increase his accuracy, naturally improving without the need of using his overpowered eyesight.





An arrow after another, until reaching the tenth arrows, Ye Xing stopped and walked forward.

After the adjustment, Ye Xing made great progress, the tenth arrow within a palm distance of the target.   

Going towards the tree, Ye Xing pulled out the Qingjin arrows then went a hundred meters away again continuing to practice.

The arrows will become blunt after a while, Ye Xing had 20 arrows, 10 for practicing, the other 10 as a real weapon for the fierce beasts, for those not to lose their sharpness.

Ye Xing shot each of the 10 arrows, pulling one arrow after another, continuing to practice rounds of exercises.  

Repeating it ten times, the iron bow was pulled by him hundreds of times, Ye Xing felt his arms to be sore.

The iron bow from the weapon shop was extremely hard to pull, however Ye Xing only needed a split second to pull it and release the bowstring as well as shooting the arrow. He repeated this process time and time again, pulling the bow and shooting, all this without the arms shaking.

In this case, in trying to hold the bow steady, it requires at least 5 times the normal force.

In other words, Ye Xing shooting a hundred times, shooting the iron and pulling it can be considered doing it for more than 500 times. Even with his cultivation of the Bone Crushing Fist to 101 echoes, it is still hard to bear it.  

The strength of a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial apprentice is not weak, but his bones can barely do it, his muscles going sore from repetition.

Ye Xing stopped practicing archery, taking back all the arrows, he found a neat area to sit down and cultivate the Evergreen method.  

AN hour later after being nourished by the star force, Ye Xing’s arm, bone and muscles are no longer sore, it even became stronger. He then continued to practice archery.

He was hungry, so Ye Xing in the nearby hills shot a beast, he roasted it and ate. It was already nightfall, he dug out a small cave to rest, using a boulder as a door entrance.    

Two days later, he doesn’t know how much he already practiced, his shooting improved a lot.

In the distance of a hundred meters, without Ye Xing using his farsighted vision, he can hit the target within a fist’s distance.  

If he used his vision, he will hit the target at its center, without missing at all.

Even if Ye Xing was 50 meters away, 150 meters away, with his hypersight, his shot will accurately hit the mark.   

In terms of achievement, Ye Xing’s skill can be compared to a lifetime’s worth of practicing archery, His skill is so high and has such a good marksmanship that it can now be considered godly.  

In this past two days, Ye Xing sometimes will practice the Bone Crushing Fist, but the progress is not so fast, only hitting 105 echoes, in two days it only was raised by 4.

On the the third day, Ye Xing carried his quiver with his iron bow slung stepped into the tall ridges of the Qingyun mountain range. Relying on his archery, if he was to meet a fierce beast, he can totally kill and hunt them.

Also with his hypersight, if there was a really high leveled beast, Ye Xing can find it in a distance and avoid it in advance.

Strong vision, superb archery, Ye Xing’s viability in the wild is even higher than a true warrior who is called to be the king of the jungle.

In Qingyun mountain range, high peaks are a common sight, on the high cliffs are tree and beautiful flowers…

Even with Ye Xing possessing a strong vision and has his hypersight, in Qingyun mountain range he was very cautious.  

Although he has the capabilities to rule the jungle, after all it was his first time to enter massive ridges of mountains. In earth he never had such an experience, all his experience were only from a virtual game.  

Ye Xing climbed to a high peak, gazing with his hypersight, scanning the vast distance but it is limited, so he can only see a small area.

(TL: To avoid confusion, with his hypersight he can see 10 li away which is very far, however it still is not enough for the vastness of the mountains)

Just now, in a circumference of 10 li he saw several fiere beats; a black tiger, a big-clawed leopard, a large-toothed pig and brightly colored python.   

As for the common beasts, they are even more.

After careful observation, Ye Xing selected his targets, he picked the large-toothed pig. Not because it is good to kill, not also because it is valuable but because near it Ye Xing can see a patch of precious medical ingredients on the tree trunk, a fleeceflower root.

The large-toothed pig is not a good target, between it and normal beasts there is a difference.

Its fur is really thick, swords and other weapons, even arrows have difficulty in hurting it.

Its head is like copper, almost impregnable, even a 6 shi bow can only graze it.

Also, its teeth are very sharp, very large, it can cause big injuries.

Even if a genuine warrior was to come across it, they will also would want to avoid it.

However, for Ye Xing as long as his target has a flaw, he can kill it. The big flaw of the large-toothed pig is its ears.

The arrow can pierce the ear and penetrate into its head.

An hour later, Ye Xing avoiding all types of poisonous insects, he arrived to the territory of the large-toothed pig and slowly approached it.  

When Ye Xing was a hundred meters away from the large-toothed pig, it was lying down when it suddenly raised its head. It ears perked up, it has very sensitive hearing, smelling a hint of danger.   

No matter its action, it must be killed!


The large-toothed pig was listening, suddenly a ray of light came from the trees, it was the Qingjin arrow.  

In a blink of an eye, the Qingjin arrow entered the ear of the large-toothed pig.

A 6 shi strength bow, penetrating with force, as well as hitting the pig’s weak point, the Qingjin arrow directly entered the ear piercing through its skull.   

The large-toothed pig howled, its body fell on the ground struggling.

The vitality of a fierce beast is very powerful, even after its head being shot through, the large-toothed pig was still struggling for a moment, then finally stopped twitching.   

When Ye Xing came near it the large-toothed pig moved charging, sadly it was already dying, as it went up it went down again.  

Ye Xing immediately scooped out the fleeceflower root, this root has a particular age, its cost is very valuable, even his parent’s medical ingredients were not as precious as this.   

After receiving the fleeceflower root, Ye Xing pulled out the Qingjin arrow from the head of the pig, it was now filled with poison.

The corpse of the large-toothed pig is also valuable, even compared to the root its value is not far off, but Ye Xing did not care and left.

If he wanted to exchange it for money, it will take a lot of effort to bring to Ye Zhen, and it will also take unwanted attention.  

What is more, with the yell of the large-toothed pig, it will surely attract the other fierce beasts in the area, the rather away the better.



On day time Ye Xing finds medical ingredients, hunting fierce beasts, after that he finds a safe place to cultivate.

At night, Ye Xing is in his small dug out cave, with a large boulder as a door entrance.  

In an instant, a few days pass, everyday Ye Xing has a harvest, nonstop medical ingredients, besides majority of it are rare and precious.

Hungry, he will eat fierce beasts, thirsty, he will drink the blood of fierce beasts. What’s more is with the help of the medical ingredients, his progress with the Evergreen method and Bone Crushing Fist is very fast.  

One afternoon on the seventh day, Ye Xing killed a black tiger and collected its blood. Afterwards he found a valley with no beast and cultivated.  

Every time he cultivates, he would use his hypersight to scan, in seven days he is already far from Ye Zhen, how long he has been in Qingyun mountain range he did not keep it in mind.  

When Ye Xing finished a set of Bone Crushing Fist, his gaze swept through, in all his time in the mountains, it is his first time to find another person.  


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  1. Is it just me or is it just a major dick and kills an animal eats an animal and then picks up a bunch of flowers whatever that was and while it’s still dying he walks away when he could totally just walk over and finish the job pretty douchey. He’s definitely not a hero. Not interesting enough to be a villian… and he’s a douche… He’s an anti-hero isn’t he? Fuuuuuuuuukk


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