Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Bow and Arrow

“Give it to me…!”

Although Ye Xing did not feel like bothering with Ye Hu, but at this moment he was also angry, directing a blow to Ye Hu which he could have caught in the past.

Ye Xing’s body issued an explosive sound, fully using his Bone Crushing First.

Ye Hu although two years younger than him was already in the 3rd layer of Wu Dao, it is not an easy task, this Bone Crushing Fist is the limit of Ye Xing.

However, the 101 echoes exploded out, an outsider will have difficulty in knowing the exact amount.  

“You dare touch me?”

Seeing Ye Xing punch out, Ye Xing’s eyes was filled with disdain shouting; “Beat it!”

With a loud shout, Ye hu’s palm turned into a fist, echoes also sounded out, he also used the Bone Crushing Fist.


Two punches going against each other, there was a loud thud.

Ye Hu was instantly shocked and pulled back his fist, his body going back by three steps.

Regarding cultivation, Ye Xing was only at the 2nd layer of the Wu Dao, Ye hu was at the 3rd layer, there was a difference of a whole level.

However, in regards the Bone Crushing Fist, Ye Hu already entered the 3rd layer, but has not perfected the method. Ye Xing with his 101 echoes of a punch, the strength was a distance apart.  

In terms of comprehension, Ye Xing in boxing is superior giving more strength.

“Good, good, good! Ye Xing, I still haven’t given you a lesson, today I will give you a taste of it!”

Ye Hu’s face was swollen red and angry, his body being punched back by Ye Xing, this was unacceptable.  

In his view, Ye Xing just a moment ago had the upper hand, he still has yet to use his full strength.

Now that he is fully ready, he must beat the crap out of this guy, no matter if he is the son of the clan master.

Ye hu shouted, sounds echoes out of his body, punching towards Ye Xing to attack.

Ye Xing coldly snorted, his punch is the perfected Bone Crushing Fist, he is not afraid of someone in the 3rd layer martial apprentice.  

What’s more, he still have not used his brain to scan, if he did all Ye Hu’s flaws will be seen, even with the 3rd layer strength, Ye Xing has no reason to be scared.  

Cone Crushing Fist!

Ye Xing wanting to try the formidable power of the perfected Bone Crushing Fist, he punched towards Ye Hu.

However, after the collision was about to happen with Ye Hu, Ye Xing’s fist was suddenly pulled back.

At this moment, suddenly two hands reached out to grab, one skillfully grabbing Ye hu’s hand while the other hand only caught air.  


Ye Fei was astounded, Ye Xing unexpectedly dodge his grab making him surprised.

“Who would dare to stop me…?”

With Ye Hu’s wrist suddenly caught, he gave out an angry roar, trying to move it but it was unmoving.

“Third Elder!”

At the side a respectful voice came out, the one who caught Ye Hu’s arm was a warrior of the Ye clan.

“Third Elder!” Even the guests of the store also had to be respectful to this person.

Ye clan was the number power in Ye Zhen, in addition the main family is in Tian Cang City where they hold a large influence. The Ye clan has the Third Elder, his name resounds in Ye Zhen.

“Third..Third Elder!”

Ye Hu was startled, then suddenly calmed down. The Third Elder is a genuine warrior, he has reached the pinnacle of the 4th layer Wu Dao. He is only a step from reaching the existence of a 5th layer cultivator.

The 3rd and 4th layer has a divide, in front of a 4th layer  Wu Dao, there is no chance of resistance.

Of course, the Third Elder’s focus is not really cultivation, he is the younger brother of the clan master, Ye Xing is his nephew. If he were to see Ye Xing to be beaten up, there is a possibility he will do double of that to the culprit.   

Although he is also a nephew of the Third Elder, this is not by blood but merely by family, there is a difference.

This made him happy, thankfully he had not yet beaten up Ye Xing, but inwardly he was also blaming himself, the Third Elder is the one that supervises the weapon store, fighting Ye Xing here was really unwise.   

Ye Hu decided in his mind, he will definitely teach Ye Xing a lesson in a safer place, then run back to his grandfather. His grandfather is the Great Elder, who has reached the 5th layer of Wu Dao, his grandfather can cover him, after beating Ye Xing his punishment would not be severe.    

“Third Elder!” Ye Xing humbly nodded to Ye Fei Ting.

Ye Fei Ting easd Ye Xing’s uncle, but because he was a cripple, Ye Fei Ting did not pay much attention to him. Their relationship was not close, that is why he still called him the Third Elder, nothing more.  

“What is the matter with you two, brothers in a family fighting each other, this will receive ridicule, do you want to create a situation?”

Ye Fei Ting let go of Ye Hu’s wrist, he looked at both the youngsters, not trying to side with any party.

When Ye Xing and Ye Hu was about to go against each other, the man in the shop was afraid of what will happen to the shop, so he immediately informed Ye Fei Ting to handle the situation.

If not, usually Ye Fei Ting was not in the weapon store but rather usually stays inside the weapon storehouse.  

“Third Elder, Ye Xing has no money and wants to borrow 6200 worth of bow and arrows, if everyone knew of this, a lot will go to the store just to borrow. The Ye clan will be greatly affected no matter how rich it is, we have a rule that you can only buy, not borrow, that is why I was determined to fight Ye Xing.

Ye Hu spoke in a loud passionate voice, he thought he was being reasonable.

“After 1 month, I will pay double the price.”Ye Xing lightly said.

Regarding the situation, Ye Fei Ting already heard the truth from the shop assistant.

Ye Fei Ting put both his hands on his back and said: “Both of you are children of the Ye family, for an insignificant amount of 6200 silver you both fought, I am gravely disappointed.

He looked at the two, then spoke to Lu Daxiong: “Lu Daxiong!”

Lu Daxiong immediately nodded: “Third Elder!”

Ye Fei Ting says: “To resolve this fight, you tried to bear the consequences, this is good, this bow and arrow you do not need to pay, I will cover it and give it to Ye Xing as a present.

Lu Daxiong respectfully said: “Yes, Third Elder.”

Ye Fei Ting’s attitude to Ye Xing was surprising, it seems that the original host’s uncle was not that bad.

“Many thanks uncle!”

Ye Xing was not being indifferent, since Ye Fei Ting was good to him, he naturally did not address him as Third Elder but rather as uncle.

“After your injury, it seems like you are a bit different.”

Ye Fei Ting looked at Ye Xing, before when he was in front of him, he was a pushover and unconfident, not daring to talk too much. He patted Ye Xing: “That’s more like it!”   

After that, Ye Fei Ting turned and walked away.

Ye Hu coldly snorted, ruthlessly staring at Ye Xing with an unsightly face, then walked away.  

“Young master Ye Xing!”

Lu Daxiong took the quiver and went to Ye Xing, inside was 20 arrows.

Ye Xing tied tee quiver on his back, then slung the iron bow on his body then walked down stairs.

At the first floor Ye Xing got a sharp blade, it wasn’t that expensive so he can afford it.

After leaving the weapon shop, Ye Xing went to a medical store and bought a few things. After which he left Ye Zhen for Qingyun mountain range.  

Qingyun was a large mountain range, it was immense, the warriors of Ye Zhen merely explored a tiny area of it.

Ye Zhen is part of a mountain area, out of town for about a mile is a mountain, Ye Xing went towards it. Like a drop of water in an ocean, he seemed so small and insignificant.   

Qingyun mountain is a genuine mountain range, is distance is incomparable to other areas, filled with fierce beasts, the other beasts compared to the ones here are small and nothing more.

Ye Xing passed one mountain ridge after another, walking about 10 li of distance, to arrive in front of a tall mountain ridge. This ridge was many times higher than the other around it.   

Qingyun mountain range is so vast that there is a legend, in the deepest part of the range, there is a huge ridge occupied by a fierce beast that is comparable in strength to a martial saint.

He did not immediately enter the Qingyun mountain range, but rather he stopped in a forest.

He was familiar with the bow and arrow.

On earth, he was an excellent archer, it was his favorite sport, he practically can hit a target a hundred times with precision. Once there was this man who was the nation’s archery champion, they had a competition and he crushed this man like a bug.

Because of this, when he started playing a virtual fantasy world game, he chose his career as a hunter armed with longbows.

For the bow and arrow, he has extraordinary talent, this innate skill came from his very soul, even if he is in another body, he still has his skill with him.

And now this body is much stronger than it was in earth, his arm strength 10 times greater than before, which is essential for using a bow.   

Vision, another thing that is important for an archer, with his surpassing brain, his eyes can see from afar, compared to others his vision is superior.  

Arm strength,eyesight, Ye Xing is 10 times better than he was in earth, so in Xing Chen Da Lu, he can display his gift as an archer.   

Ye Xing chose a tree as a target, on the trunk he put a mark, he then walked away from it by at least 100 meters, holding his iron bow and taking out his Qingjin arrows.

Pulling the arrow, then shoot it!


Breaking free, the Qingjin arrow burst out, in a flash disappeared.  

In a blink the Qingjin arrow was firmly nailed on the trunk.

The iron bow of 6 shi is really an extraordinary bow, if it was on earth, he would have a hard time hitting the target accurately at a hundred meters away.

However, Ye Xing’s goal was not only the trunk, but the mark on it, using his vision he was able to clearly see.


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