Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Medical Ingredients

He did not immediately go towards the other person.

Rather he went towards the trees, Ye Xing was at least a hundred meters away.

Nothing can be concealed to Ye Xing’s eyes, the other man also had a strong bow, like Ye Xing he was in Qingyun mountain range to hunt.

He scanned again on the bow one more time, the bow was also the same, a 6 shi iron bow.

A 6 shi strength bow, requires 720 jin of power to pull, for common usage I’m afraid you need at least a thousand jin of force to practice, as well as reaching the 3rd layer of Wu Dao or higher.  

He came with covered tracks, sneakily arriving obviously does not have a good intent, Ye Xing does not like this.

Ye Xing pretended to feign ignorance, but in fact he was watching every move of the other man.

The hunter stealthily approached Ye Xing for about 50 meters away, he was hiding behind a mound of flowers.

After which, he took out a black arrow aiming at Ye Xing.

Although Ye Xing already expected this, he couldn’t help but be filled with rage.

He after all came from earth, where society had laws, although there were murders, it was relatively small in number.

Ye Xing has not yet experienced the terror of a warrior’s world, this hunter was a stranger, he did not even see him before and already wanting to sneakily kill him, his heart was filled with anger.   


In a split second, a cold light came from the mound of plants, it was heading directly to Ye Xing’s throat.

This was an excellent shot,an arrow straight to the throat, apparently this guy has a lot of confidence.

This arrow gave Ye Xing a ruthless lesson, here in Xing Chen Da Lu, it is not like earth, there is a huge difference in rules.

In the martial world, death is a common thing, it can be a trivial reason or without a reason at all.

The arrow was quick, almost in a blink of an eye was about to penetrate Ye Xing’s throat.

Unfortunately, the arrow was too fast that he was not able to react to Ye Xing.  

Between the moment both shot at each other, Ye Xing had moved a step sideways, then reached out and grabbed.  

The arrows were too fast, an ordinary eye cannot see but Ye Xing can see it clearly, Ye Xing grabbed out.  

An arrow shot from a 6 shi bow is really strong, even if Ye Xing caught the arrow shaft in a split second, he had to use the Bone Crushing Fist to stop it.  

Ye Xing backed up two steps and caught the arrow.

The arrow tip was green like Ye Xing’s arrow, filled with poison to kill fierce beasts.

The hunter behind the mound of plants was shocked and turned pale, he has been practicing the use of bows for 20 years, if the target was inside a hundred meters he never missed, today a young juvenile unexpectedly avoided being killed by the arrow.

If he only dodge, he would be surprised not shocked, however Ye Xing reached out and caught the arrow which shocked him.

A 6 shi bow and arrow, how fast it is, how can it be possible? Can it be caught by hand?

Even if it was a genuine warrior, they could never catch arrows empty-handed.

He wanted to shoot this strange boy, as a senior hunter in the Qingyun mountain range, he knew this stranger is like him, looking for medicine. He wanted to get the harvests of his counterpart, even if he doesn’t have, the bow and arrows are good enough.  

It appears that he will finally kick the bucket!

Even his pride, sneakily shooting someone failed to harm a hair from this young man, he even caught the arrow, this scared the soul out of him.  

After a moment of shock, he rolled from tree to tree, and ran with the cover of trees rapidly.

Ye Xing has a bow, he is also a hunter, the other man must be a veteran hunter, he understand why he did a sneak attack.

Ye Xing took out his iron bow, ha grabbed an arrow and place it, he used his hypersight to scan, he saw where the other man is.

Although Ye Xing is not used to Xing Chen Da Lu in terms of survival, he was not used to killing, however the other man just tried to kill him.   

Ye Xing in his heart has his own principles, that man shot this arrow to him, so therefore he will pay him back with the same arrow, that way it is fair.

The hunter was taking shelter behind the trees, running dozens of meters looking back and saw Ye XIng not catching up. The distance between them is now more than a hundred meters so he can relax.

Although it was slow going through the trees, it was still safer. Now that he was a hundred meters away, this was beyond a warrior’s range, this hunter felt that he was secured and no longer need to hide behind the trees.  


At this time, Ye Xing pulled the bow powerfully and in an instant the black arrow shot a hundred meters explosively going to the hunter.   

The hunter heard the explosive sound of air coming from behind him, looking back his eyes had a moment of panic.  


In an instant the back arrow went through his throat, then continued onward a dozen more meters before hitting a tree.

An arrow piercing the throat, the hunter was instantly killed, his body fell on the ground with his eyes filled with horror, also with a hint of disbelief.  

He could not see clearly, with a distance of a hundred meters, even if it was a warrior hunter, it doesn’t necessarily they can do it, but how come this youngster can shit my throat with an arrow?  

“You shoot me, I shoot you, you even tried to hide, do not blame me!”

Ye Xing coldly looked, he was calm as usual, he went to the body of the hunter a hundred meters away.

On earth, never killed a man, he also never was in a fight, this was his first kill, however there was no tension, confusion and feelings of guilt.  

Quickly his mind was filled with a carefree feeling, the man tried to take his life, so he took his instead, it was a good feeling having life on his hands.  

He feels like he is in a fantasy world, with a bow in his hand, kill the boss alone, go around the world and everything is within his grasp.  

He missed the wonderful memories of the fantasy world.

In Xing Chen Da Lu, he is not like when he was on earth, living a restrained life.

Everything is oneself, everything is under control, this world can’t oppress him, the ways of this world can’t restrain him, other people’s view can’t influence him.  

He is like in a fantasy world, live free and easy, live with joy, he will not seek out to kill others, however those who offend him, he will answer them with his bow.

After not much time, Ye Xing arrived at the body of the hunter. In the hunter’s body, he searched a wrapping, after opening he saw that inside was 3 medical ingredients.  

Two of it were common, one was an emperor blood grass which is precious, it was not inferior to the fleeceflower root.

The emperor blood grass can repair qi and blood, it has a strong impact for cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist and the Evergreen method.  

This 3 mere medical ingredients are little compared to Ye Xing’s harvest, evidently this man did not have the surpassing mind also his equally great eyesight.  

In addition, Ye Xing found in the bosom of the man was a few silver, it wasn’t much, only about 300 silver, not as precious as the bow and arrow themselves.

In Qingyun mountain range, it is not a place to use silver, therefore this man did not really bring that much.  

Ye Xing dug a hole and buried the hunter, then took the medicine away.

As for the bow, Ye Xing took out a few arrows he did not use, the rest he hid under piles of leaves, remembering the area, when he leaves the mountain he will get it.

This time he suffered an attack, this was a normal thing, he will now directly eat the medical ingredients to cultivate and progress in lightning speed.

A few days pass and Ye Xing’s perfected Bone Crushing Fist reached the 170 echoes, he was now close to the peak 206 echoes, meaning he is now near higher realm.

In the common Bone Crushing Fist, he already reach above the peak of it, even surpassing the perfect realm of it.

After refining to 170 echoes, the Bone Crushing Fist is terrifying, even against a 3rd layer Wu Dao martial apprentice reaching the perfect realm in the normal Bone Crushing Fist, Ye Xing will not lose.

Ye Xing while staying in the Qingyun mountain range also had a lot of progress in the Wu Dao, he is already at the peak of second layer, the distance from the 3rd layer is not too far off.  

This day, Ye Xing made a lot of discoveries.

He discovered middle grade medical ingredients, red blood mushroom.

Middle grade medical ingredients, this is a valuable resource for a genuine warrior, this red blood mushroom, the value of this is about several thousands of silver.

In ten days in Qingyun mountain, Ye XIng got a lot of medicines, many of which are rare herbs worth thousands of silver, however middle grade medical ingredients, it was the first time he saw one.  

“The last two days, the perfected Bone Crushing Fist’s progress has slowed down, it seems like lower grade medical herbs are limited, making it hard to reach the higher realm of the perfected Bone Crushing Fist hard. This red blood mushroom is just in time, it can help me cultivate the Bone Crushing Fist to the perfect realm. “   

Ye Xing was looking at the red blood mushroom.

If he took that red blood mushroom, not only will he reach the perfect realm of the Bone Crushing Fist, but also Ye Xing’s cultivation can also increase.

Right now he is in the peak of the 2nd layer Wu Dao, naturally he will break soon tot he 3rd layer.


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