Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Bow and Arrow

A body of a warrior alone is not enough to fight a fierce beast, to be able to succeed every warrior needs a weapon, it is necessary.

Once someone is still not a genuine warrior, to go to the mountain infested beast, one needs a weapon.

Therefore weapons is the cultivating world’s industry, also the medical industry is just behind it.  

The store that Ye Xing went into is called the Ye Zhi weapon, which is actually the Ye clan’s family business and Ye Zhen’s biggest weapon store. It has about 60 percent of market share, inside is an assortment of weapons, swords, spears, rods, almost every kind.   

Although Ye Xing was the young master of the Ye clam, but due to his parents not liking him too much, he doesn’t have that much pocket money. He also did not ask from his parents, so he cannot afford to buy a weapon only borrow.    

His parents might not like him much, but he still is part of the family after all, so naturally he can at least borrow weapons from the store.

At most, if the news reach Ye Fei Hong’s ears making him angry, by that time Ye Xing would already have entered the Qingyun mountain range.  

Coming out of the Qingyun mountain range, Ye Xing is confident with his eyes, he can earn enough to buy his own two weapons.

“Young master Ye Xing!”

Ye Xing entering the store, a guy gave a greeting.

Although this was the first time Ye Xing went to the weapon store, the shop assistant naturally knows the son of the family master.   

Despite being a cripple, the contempt is only known within the family, outside even if he is crippled, he still is the young master of the Ye clan. He is still has a high status, which one can not just neglect.  

Ye Xing was giving off an easy going attitude and nodded: “Bring to me a good bow to look at, do you have a topnotch bow here?”   

“On the first floor are the swords, the bows and arrows are on the second floor. young master Ye Xing please come with me.”

The guy led the way, bringing Ye Xing to the second floor.  

“Oh…! Is it not older cousin Ye Xing?”

Ye Xing has yet to reach the second floor, at the top of the staircase was a young man 1 to 2 years younger than Ye Xing. When he saw him, he gave an exaggerated shout.  

“The Ye clan is big, the siblings are numerous, naturally not all have the same parents, most are related as cousins.   

Even though they are cousins, there is no need to be deliberate called as older cousin.

This young juvenile repeated the ‘Older cousin Ye Xing’this time not respectful but extremely tyrannical.  

“Young master Ye Hu!”

After the man saw this,he gave a bow and looked at Ye Xing: “Young master Ye Xing come take a look at the bow and arrow.”

After that he continued: “Young master Ye Xing please!”

The rock climbing competition between Ye Hu and Ye Xing, where ye Xing fell unconscious, everyone in Ye Zhen knew, they all knew that Ye Xing and Ye Hu have a disparity between them.  

Ye Xing subtly glanced at Ye Hu then continued casually towards the second floor.

Seeing Ye Xing being composed, Ye Hu was surprised. If it was in the past, Ye Xing would have already been angry.  

Being surprised in his heart for being ignored, Ye Hu gave a mocking smile: “Bows and arrows? Oh, older cousin Ye Xing, with your feeble body, can you even pull the bow and shoot the arrow?”  

While speaking, Ye hu turned around and went back to the second floor.

Originally he was about to leave, but after seeing Ye Xing, which to him is like fresh meat, he did not leave.

Archery is not really a hard thing, even if it was the previous Ye Xing with cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist to 18 echoes, is enough to pull a huge bow.  

A normal person usually can’t have the strength of 120 jin to pull a big bow.

When Ye Hu said that Ye Xing can’t pull the bow and shoot arrows, he didn’t mean the Ye Xing really can’t do it, but he was laughing on how weak Ye Xing strength is.

Daring to ridicule and taunt Ye Xing, Ye Hu was not the only one, there were many in the family, he was just one of them.

He is a major elder’s grandson, he already is in the 3rd layer of Wu Dao only at 14 years old. He is promising just like his older brother Ye Qing, who at 16 years old already entered the 4th layer of the Wu Dao becoming an genuine warrior.    

Regarding Ye Hu, Ye Xing did not take him seriously, to him he is just like a bug flying around and buzzing.

Ye Xing did not go to the ordinary bow, he pointed at the 6 shi strength bow: “Show that one to me.”

(TL: Shi means stone, and a shi is equivalent to 120 jin of force. This means that every shi, you need an additional 120 jin strength to use the bow. In this case, Ye Xing chose the 6 shi bow, which requires 6 times the strength of a normal bow.)  

The man was only in charge of receiving guests, showing the merchandise in the lower tier cabinets.

The one in charge of the stronger goods was a 30 year old man named Lu Daxiong who is at the 3rd layer martial apprentice.

Seeing Ye Xing talk about the 6 shi big bow, he couldn’t refrain from staring blankly, wasn’t Ye Xing a cripple?

Lu Daxiong said: “Young master Ye Xing, this large bow is at the 6 shi level, you need at least 720 jin of force to pull this bow.

‘That’s it!” Ye Xing nodded.

Maybe young master Ye Xing only wants to look and nothing more, Lu Daxiong thought to himself. He passed the iron bow to Ye Xing.

At this moment Ye Hu snorted and laughed, his mockery obvious to the eye and said: “Ye Xing, you, do you have the strength for this 6 shi bow? Haha…!”  

Ye hu wasn’t done laughing, Ye Xing with the iron bow in his hands took a deep breath, then pulled the iron bow to a full arch.

Everyone around suddenly had the look of horror, Ye Hu filled with smiles on his face suddenly froze.

Ye Xing pulled the iron bow with his strength effortlessly, as if he can also do that to 8 shi and 9 shi bows.   

Such a strong bow, pulling it at once is not easy, though stronger bows are good too, it is more useful if it can be speedily and continuously used.

The force of the 6 shi bow is just appropriate.

“Tsk, so what if you used all your strength to pull it once…!”

Ye Hu uncomfortably spouted, but his eyes were filled with astonishment.  

Even if Ye Xing was to use all his strength to open the iron bow for a moment, this still shows he has a lot of strength.

“This is it, big brother, can you give me 20 arrows.”

Ye Xing smiled to the man selling the bow, continuously ignoring Ye Hu.

“Young master Ye Xing has good strength.”

Lu Daxiong gave a praise, it was not too surprising after all, even being crippled, with extreme exercise it is possible to have the strength of a 3rd layer martial apprentice.  

Ye Xing pulling the iron bow surprised him, however not to the point of it being unbelievable, Lu Daxiong smiled: “Qingjin arrows are sturdy, able to penetrate with force, it fits this kind of bow.”

The bows and arrows were not separated, here arrows are sold also, Lu Daxiong seeing that Ye Xing did not have arrows, he gave him another top-notch product arrows.  

“The iron bow is 6200 silvers, Qingyun arrows is 1 silver per piece, here there are 32 arrows, young master Ye Xing, all together it is 6232 silvers, there are 32 silver as remainder, I will give the arrows to the young master as a present, overall it is 6200!”

Lu Daxiong but the Qingyun arrows in the counter, with a smile on his face looked at Ye Xing.

“6200 silver? Hehe..!” Ye Hu gave an ironic laughter again, he had a clear understanding about Ye Xing, it was highly unlikely that Ye Fei Hong will give Ye Xing so much money.

This was Ye Hu’s judgement, Ye Xing did not have much money, but he did not panic and said:

“Big brother, I do not have much silver, can you lend me this bow for a month, I will double the price for you.”

Lu Daxiong looked slightly embarrassed, more than 6000 silver of money, this is not a small sum, but Ye Xing is the son of the master of the Ye clan, compared to giving face to the clan master, what does 6200 silver amount too?

So for only merely a moment, Lu Daxiong with his face changing color made a decision.

Before he can speak, Ye Hu saw the arrows in the counter said:

“Oh, you really have no money ah, hehe…Ye Xing, although my Ye clan is a big family, 6200 silver does not amount to much, but there is a regulation, if everyone was like you going here and not paying, how will the Ye clan survive?”  

“What do you want?”Ye Xing coldly looked at Ye Hu.  

Ye Hu was like an annoying house fly that won’t just disappear, naturally Ye Hu taunted to no end, but right now he needed the bow and arrow for going into Qingyun mountain range. Ye Hu is already trying to obstruct his path.

“Why? Hey…! Want to buy this bow and arrow, either come here and buy or leave the things and beat it!”

Ye Hu coldly spoke, his eyes attentively looking at Ye Xing.

“Two young masters calm down, young master Ye Hu you do not need to embarrass young master Ye Xing, the payment for this bow and arrow I, Lu Daxiong will cover it and give it as a present to young master Ye Xing, the two young masters must not have a dispute about this…!”

Ye Hu glared at Ye Xing, both gazing at each other as if there was a spark, Lu Daxiong was nervous and promptly spoke.

If the two young masters fight here, no matter the result is won;t be good and he will be punished, might as well lose his savings and give the bow and arrow away as long as the dispute is ended.

If the family were to hear this and reach Ye Fei Hong that the dispute was solved by him. he will be looked with favor, as long as he can curry the favor of Ye Fei Hong, 6000 silver is not much.  

Lu Daxiong already gave the best he can, unfortunately the anger between Ye Xing and Ye Hu is too big, how is it easy to extinguish this?

Ye Hu his hand on the quiver did not move, he instead grabbed the iron bow in Ye Xing’s hand saying: “I said no, this won’t do, give it to me!”


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