Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Breakthrough

Evergreen power is a lower grade method that allows star energy to flow through 3 channels in the body.

Ye Xing first learned the method through Xiao Qing, however she had too many loopholes so it was insufficient.  

Even with the manual, completely mastering the Evergreen power using the three channels can only absorb 80 percent of the power at most.

With Ye Xing scanning the method with his brain, he improved the Evergreen Power.

The deduction capabilities of the surpassing brain is indeed powerful. With the base knowledge of Evergreen and his brain, Ye Xing has been practicing the use of the 3 channels in his body, which he rapidly completely use to cultivate.

Other using 1 channel can only assimilate 80 percent, with Ye Xing however, he can absorb it completely, all 3 working together is just as imagined.

A completely opened channel, compared to a normal one with only the capability of absorbing 80 percent, the 20 percent boost is huge.

With the same amount of time, Ye Xing’s cultivation speed surpasses that of a normal person.

Besides, he also has his brain which helped him open the channels completely. What’s more is that his brain even improved it to the point of being able to use a 4th channel for cultivation.

When the 4th channel is finally completely opened, the surpassing brain can also improve it to opening a 5th channel…

Eventually, after the 5th channel was opened to its fullest, Ye XIng tried opening a sixth channel but it failed.

Although the surpassing brain is amazing, it still haven’t fully comprehended Xing Chen Da Lu’s cultivation knowledge. The reason it was able to make the Evergreen Power perfect was due to knowing the base knowledge through the manual.  

Evergreen Power is merely a lower grade method, therefore very limited. The fact that the surpassing brain was able to improve it to the extent of opening a 5th channel is already going against the heavens.  

For every extra meridian, there is a qualitative leap forward, especially compared to the 80 percent 3 channels, the combined effects are al the least 10 times greater than the original.

Practicing 5 channels has already gone beyond the realm of lower grade methods, even the best middle grade methods can only go up to 6 channels for cultivation.  

In other words, after the improvement of the surpassing mind, the grade of the Evergreen method increased from the lower grade to the middle grade.

With regards to the Ye clan in Ye Zhen, a middle grade method is the best they have, is it given to those entering to the Wu Dao? Don’t even think about it, there is no person that can easily get this kind of treatment.  

However right in this moment, it is already like Ye Xing is being treated that way.

Although he was only able to induct star force recently when he is already 16 years old, and has just started practicing martial arts which is way later than the other younger generation in the Ye clan; his cultivation condition is much better compared to the other younger generation.

He was confident that he can surpass the others in the younger generation, it is just a matter of time.  

This time will not be too long!

Ye Xing sat cross-legged on his bed, absorbing the star energy cultivating through Evergreen.

Vaguely, he sensed one huge and dark star, though he doesn’t know what it is yet, he can feel it surging with strength, it was no ordinary star.

With the force surging from the star in the deep dark void, upon landing on Ye Xing it is absorbed by his 5 channels. It is refined into flesh, blood and bone refining energy which is used to strengthen his body.

The reason for Ye Xing entering easily to the 1st layer of the Wu Dao was due to the hardships done by the previous person. providing a good solid foundation. Furthermore with the help of Xiao Qing indirectly showing Evergreen, just in the first night he already entered the 1st layer of Wu Dao.  

The 1st layer of the Wu Dao is the entrance, the hurdle is not hard to go over, however trying to go into to the 2nd layer, that is where the difficulty starts.  

To Ye Xing with the help of the middle grade Evergreen method which is ten times faster than usual, practicing to the 2nd layer won’t take too long.  

An hour later, Ye Xing stopped cultivating, being in the 1st layer of the Wu Dao, he can no longer absorbed anymore star force due to 1 hour is his limit, he needs to rest for also at least an hour to continue cultivating.

Ye Xing did not wait an hour, he went to the backyard, that moment he was cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist.

The Bone Crushing Fist cultivates the bone, while the Evergreen method cultivates the channels, blood and flesh, which do not conflict with each other. When he no longer can practice Evergreen, he then will cultivate the Bone Crushing Fist.   

Although the bones have no direct relation with cultivating in Wu Dao, the bones are the foundation of the body, only strong bone can compliment strong flesh.

Thus, to a martial apprentice, cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist is essential, which in turn will also improve cultivating other methods.    

Refining the perfect Bone Crushing Fist for a whole hour, Ye Xing was sweating and finally stopped. He rested for a few breaths, then sat on a flat stone next to the courtyard practicing the Evergreen method.

Due to the huge success the Ye Xing has with cultivating the Bone Crushing Fist and absorbing power from the stars in the dark void, he didn’t feel like going back to his room.

Just recently, because it is already time for lunch, the servant girl Xiao Qing came over to deliver food.

Fortunately even though the cultivating resources was transferred to the brother, what he ate before was still the same now, which was precious food for nourishing the body.  

Ye Xing was trouble-free, because f the was no nourishing food, his body can’t continuously do the training he is doing.

After lunch, Ye Xing told Xiao Qing t leave and not to disturb him. He walked to the courtyard, after a quarter hour he began to continue cultivating Evergreen.

After practicing both the Evergreen method and Bone Crushing Fist an hour each in intervals, it was getting late and it was time for supper.

With Ye Xing’s progress, he first went back to his room and took a bath while Xiao Qing brought dinner.

For the whole day Ye Xing did not dine with his parents at all, making Xiao Qing bring the food to him all the time. If it was the old host, he would have been sad, for this was going on for a month or so.

To Ye Xing this was pleasing, since his cheap parents never liked him in the first place, then might as well save the trouble.

A day for him is, when not practicing the Evergreen method, he would cultivate the Bone Crushing Fist for the next hour, after dinner Ye Xing has ample time to do what he wants.

Compared to the first night of being energetic all day, Ye Xing was tired for cultivating all day. After of one more hour of practicing, he went to bed and slept very deeply.   

The next day early morning Ye Xing was refreshed, all the tiredness was wiped out in his deep sleep.

In the morning, Ye Xing went to the backyard to exercise, instead of practicing Evergreen and Bone Crushing Fist, he practiced exercising power, responsiveness and speed according to his brain.

Strength is important, but explosive speed and reaction is significant for real life situations.  

Before without the energy, it  was essential to learn these martial skills, now with his surpassing brain it is still a required course to do at least each day.   

After an hour, Xiao Qing brought breakfast so Ye Xing stopped his morning exercise.

He ate his meal speedily and told Xiao Qing to leave and come back on lunch, then he began practicing Evergreen Power.

The original host often trained a lot, so it wasn’t abnormal to Xiao Qing to see Ye Xing practice, besides due to this she has a lot of free time making the relationship of the two in good terms. His only interest right now is to cultivate using the Evergreen method.  

As time passed, Ye Xing spent everyday cultivating with his bones and body strengthening, everyday he has a substantial increase in strength, day by day he is getting stronger.     

In an instant, five days passed.

With the Ye clan being the dominant force in Ye Zhen, multiple guests came due to the second son being born.  

Although with the numerous guests paying respects to the Ye clan master, in another courtyard was a 16 year old juvenile cultivating everyday the past few days progressing leaps and bounds.  

Hu – Ha – Ha – Ha – Hu – Ha

In the main house, Ye Xing was practicing the perfect Bone Crushing Fist and Evergreen each style flowing out beautifully like calligraphy.

Every strike that is made, two to three snapping sounds can be heard.

After a while an explosive punch came from the Bone Crushing Fist, Ye Xing revealed a face of joy.

Just a moment ago, Ye Xing counted in total the sounds that came out using the Bone Crushing Fist, where 108 echos can be heard. This shows that he finally cultivated 108 bones, which the normal Bone crushing can never hope to reach.  

There were 108 echos, 72 crisp echos, 36 dull echos which is representative of reaching the higher realm of the Bone Crushing Fist.    

Usually only those who reached the 2nd layer of the Wu Dao can use the higher realm of the Bone Crushing Fist, but with it perfected, even though Ye Xing is at the 1st layer the effects are huge and within five days achieved this much.

Of course compared to the normal Bone Crushing Fist, this is quite amazing, but compared to the perfected peak practice of 206 bones and 72 dull echoes, what he achieved is still small.    

Any kind of martial arts, after reaching a higher realm the road to the peak gets more difficult such as the Bone Crushing Fist. For those below the 3rd layer of the Wu Dao, the higher realm is the limit, only after reaching the 3rd layer can one perfect the method.   

The perfect Bone Crushing Fist is now in the lower realm, meaning there is still a lot of room for improvement.
(TL: Just to clarify this weird ass method, the bones refer to the bones refined after every punch. While the crisp is the less desired echo, the dull echo defines the level reached.)


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