Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Martial Arts

Haha…! To me the martial saint, also the 9th layer of Wudao is not that far.  

Ye Xing laughed out loud, not really understanding the great difficulty needed to be passed to reach the 9th layer of Wu Dao.

He was very confident, with his excellent mind, to him the distance to the martial saint is not that far.  

“Not that far?”Xiao Qing exclaimed: “Young master are you crazy, thinking that reaching the martial saint is easy!”

After taking a deep breathe, Xiao Qing remembered that Ye Xing hit his head earlier, naturally not knowing the hardships to get to the 9th layer of Wudao, much less the martial saint.

“Young master, the Ye Clan is the sole power in Qing Ye Zhen, but even the clan master is merely on the 5th layer of Wudao. Also, even in the main clan of Tian Cang City, the clan master there is also only at the 7th layer of Wudao, and is already considered a powerhouse!”

Xiao Qing with a profound tone said: “In the entire Shan region, encompassing about a thousand li, there are many warriors, but there is only one martial saint. The difference between a normal warrior and a martial saint is massive, it is like the heaven and earth. With what you have just said a moment ago, you must not say to other people or you might as well die!”

Ye Xing just smiled, naturally his view of Wudao and Xing Chen Dalu is different.

Even with the clear explanation of Xiao Qing regarding Wudao, Ye Xing was still confident and not feeling any pressure at all.

“Martial saint! A peerless master!”

Ye Xing mouthed silently, in his mind he wants to be a peerless master, the martial saint is his goal.  

“Young master, although the distance to the martial saint is too far, at least you can finally use the star’s power, finally entering Wudao and also not a cripple anymore. The clan and your parents will surely be happy, I will now report this to the clan master and the lady!”  

Seeing Ye Xing stopped saying anything, she happily left the room.

Not long after, Xiao Qing immediately came back with a happy face: “Congratulations young master, the lady finally has a second child, the young master now has a little brother…!”

Ye Xing gust gave a faint smile, if he was the original host, he would care, however it is not causing him to feel the need for a congratulation.

If the second child was a female, it would have been better, however if it is a son, obviously it makes his position even worse.

“Young master you don’t seem too happy, Ah I see, you fear that the clan master and lady will only pay attention to your little brother and disregard you? Now that I think about it recently they have not been paying the young master too much attention anymore!”

Xiao Qing was just really simple-minded, not even thinking about it when see said it directly to Ye Xing.

Fortunately he wasn’t the same Ye Xing anymore, after Xiao Qing spoke, he just laughed it away.

He by no means care even a little bit if his parents do not love him!

Xiao Qing finally realized what she should not have said, trying to smile and said: “Young master, you may see him tomorrow, you just woke up and must rest for the night. The next day after eating your meal, you then can see the clan master!”

After Xiao Qing left, Ye Xing was lying in bed. Although he was excited that in this world one can cultivate, he still is a bit shocked in suddenly arriving in this world.  

This was just unbelievable, he unexpectedly arrived at Xing Chen Dalu, it was just too  unfathomable!

“I’m finally in this dream, or is it finally the dream is with me?”

Ye Xing began to doubt if this was all real, was he really in Xing Chen Dalu, or was he just on earth having a dream.  

But he just disregarded the idea, his memories of earth were very distinct, the ones here are a bit fuzzy. All Ye Xing can do is move forward and remember more.

It is impossible to have distinct memories in a dream, he can clearly remember everything about earth. There must have been a reason for his soul to arrive in Xing Chen Dalu and being in the body of this young Ye Xing.  

Ye Xing doubts that he will be able to return to earth in this lifetime, he must make sure no one in Qing Ye Zhen know that he is a different person now.

He tried to recall, combining his own memories to that of the original host.

Unfortunately, even if he tried, he only recalled few memories from the original master.

He was a youngster in the Qing Ye Zhen, his father named Ye Fei Hong the clan master, and his mother named Liu E the clan lady.  

Since before he couldn’t really use the star’s power and couldn’t cultivate, he only knew one practice of chinese oxing— Bone Crushing Fist.

Bone Crushing Fist, considered to be in the lower grade martial art category, it barely can be seen as chinese boxing. It was useful for refining the body, making the body and bones strong.

Having strong bones is fundamental, as what they say, the first to be refined is the bone.  

Ye Xing being awake without doing anything decided to use the Bone Crushing Fist, punching towards the air making sounds showing the power behind it, at last the bones of his body were refined.   

After one punch from the Bone Crushing Fist, 38 sounds can be heard.  

Ye Xing remembered when the original host tried to use this technique, he only succeeded in creating 18 sounds. It seems after assimilating the power of the stars, his body became stronger and so did his bones.   

The Bone Crushing Fist was a common body strengthening chinese boxing technique. Even normal people without the power of the stars can utilize this technique and strengthen their bodies.   

The Bone Crushing Fist in total has 4 stages, the 1st stage is the easiest and can be easily learned. As long as you make a sound, that can be already considered as entering the first stage and learning the technique.

The 2nd stage then requires to be able to create 30 sounds, this was also quite easy to attain even for those in the 1st layer of martial disciple.   

It is when trying to get the 3rd stage things get hard, one must make 70 sounds. This was hard for normal people and usually people in the 2nd layer of martial disciple can attain this.   

For the 4th stage, one must create 100 echos and only attainable those reaching the 3rd layer of martial disciple.

The old Ye Xing only can do 18 sounds meaning he just was in the first stage, however just now he already created 38 sounds. This means he has quite the understanding of the technique at this stage.  

Ye Xing, of course was not just satisfied with 38 sounds, he continued to practice the Bone Crushing Fist which he scanned with his brain. The brain immediately analyzed every aspect and effects the technique can give.

At the same time, his brain was making adjustments to make the cultivation better. It discovered that the Bone Crushing Fist is just not only about the bones.   

Thus, with Ye Xing’s control, the brain improved the Bone Crushing Fist, once again making variations to the style.

Originally the Bone Crushing Fist had 27 moves, each move cultivating 3 to 4 bones, altogether cultivating 100 bones.   

After the variation made by his mind, the number of moves was raised to 36 moves, each move refining 4 to 6 bones, altogether 206 bones are completely cultivated.  

Ye Xing and his mind were in complete synchronization, his mind being able to create a new style.  

“What is this? My mind can create can create its own martial arts? Haha…! This surpassing mind is really extraordinary. The Bone Crushing Fist had a limit of cultivating 100 bones, the perfect brain however made the technique be able to cultivate 206 bones of the body. I have to say, I’m a genius Haha…!”

Ye Xing’s mood was very pleasant, in the room he began to practice the newly created and perfected Bone Crushing Fist!

Punching with the Bone Crushing Fist, his body was able to create 48 sounds. With just another try of cultivation, he already increased by 10 sounds!

The perfected Bone Crushing Fist was indeed extraordinary, not only does it refine the body and bone, with the brain’s modification, the effects are even greater.  

Naturally with the 10 added sounds, it is not much, however just now the echoes that sounded out was extremely oppressing.   

If this is how the bone is really cultivated, the sound is really crisp and at the same time also a strong force erupts out.   

Ye Xing just arrived in Xing Chen Dalu, still not sleeping and energetically practiced the Bone Crushing Fist over and over again.

With night passing, using the perfected technique, Ye Xing can now create 72 sounds with a strong sound. However he just can make completely clear crisp of  46 sounds therefore he has yet to reach the higher levels.  

In merely a night, Ye Xing already refined 8 bones which is considered fast. With already being able to reach 72 sounds, how long would it take for him to reach the highest level?

Practicing the whole night, Ye Xing was covered with sweat but he is not sleepy at all. After arriving the new strange world, he is filled with interest and passion.

“Ya, young master what is up, why are you full of sweat?

Early morning Xiao Qing arrived with breakfast was extremely surprised.

“Today I was in good spirits, practicing the Bone Crushing Fist earlier.”

Ye Xing indifferently stated, regarding the improvement of the technique his lips were sealed.

In the Ye clan there is the 4th layer of Wudao and 5th layer of Wudao, reaching the 100 bones of the Bone Crushing Fist. Improving such a technique even though ordinary is a hard task.

Especially reaching the 206 bone refinement, I’m afraid such a thing goes against the heavens.

Ye Xing did not want to be in the spotlight in Xing Chen Dalu, all it will bring is a bad outcome.


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