Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Surpassing Mind

Ye Xing felt a familiarity to the mind.

After joining the project regarding the mysterious fantasy world, a lot of things happened such as him being able to scan bodies like a computer.

Don’t tell me..?

Ye Xing’s mind shook, an incredible idea popped up in his mind!

Like a supercomputer, his mind is a million times faster than that of a normal person!

Ye Xing was very clear about the situation, a supercomputer mind has a lot of benefits, most obvious is that he will be extremely smart.

One can have very good memory, allowing the ability to understand and learn many things. This talent is so good that it can be considered as something evil.

In order to confirm his thoughts, he shifted his sight away from Xiao Qing and concentrated on a wall.

The scanning capability is not only limited to the human body.

Sure enough, gazing at the wall Ye Xing can see through and see its complete composition, seeing minerals that did not exist in earth!

The scanning is also not limited to one wall, immediately he saw through the second wall, then to the third making them seem transparent. The walls no longer seemed real, rather it looked it were see-through veins. After penetrating the third wall he saw a man, this was his parents hall.


Ye Xing’s heart shook, he was an orphan and never had parents, however just by looking he instinctively felt that they were his parents.

Although they were the parents of the previous host of the body, the feeling is very deep. When Ye Xing was born, Ye Fei Hong and Liu E were very disappointed because of his crippled body, nonetheless they still cared for him.

Recently however, since Liu E is pregnant with her second child, both parents focused their sole attention to the incoming child, They neglected Ye Xing and slowly became indifferent.

As the time for labor comes closer and closer, Liu E started staying inside causing Ye Fei Hong also to stay and take care of her life.

The second child will determine if there will be a proper descendant, Ye Xing being crippled naturally was ignored and was given up on, they focused on what is major.

Ye Xing recalled, he was a filial son, deep down the previous host of the body was yearning for his parents.

Although the previous host was a cripple and cannot practice proper martial arts, he still gave his best to strengthen his body. So even if he is only a young 16 year old kid, there still is the accumulated strength after years of exercise.

Ye Xing in an unnatural world did not know know what path to take, the Ye clan has been a martial family for generations, therefore he wanted to try to cultivate and stay with his family.

Since he took someone else’s body, of course he will use the identity of the original owner and remain with the family.

To him, the original host’s parents were now also his parents.

As for his fiancee, he coldly snorted, sooner or later he would divorce her!

It’s already late at night, but there are still a lot of people in the hall. It seems like his mother is about to have a second child.

The incoming child, no matter if it’s male or female, his father did not like him much already, what more when the child is born. He is scared of the consequences and the hate he will receive.

Ye Xing sighed, if the previous owner did not die, then his future would have not been bright.

Now however, all those things do not matter, all he needs is the identity, no love from the father, no love from the mother, these do not matter to him.

Suddenly he heard something from Xiao Qing: “Young master, do you understand?

Ye Xing suddenly looked back, nodded and said: “Not to worry!”

Although Ye Xing only took a glance at Xiao Qing, he can already see clearly the power within her.

Ye Xing immediately copied what Xiao Qing is doing and started to meditate. It was like a journey in the skies with many stars, he started to induce the powers of the stars.

In a blink of an eye, Ye Xing felt power surging from a faraway distance that started to descend and envelop his body.

In an instant, after inducing the power of the stars, it seemed like one of the huge stars became more visible and power surged through it; dropping on his body giving a relaxing feeling making him happy.   

Ye Xing was surprised. he felt his strength increasing, his power was being upgraded.

“Young…young master, you can now truly access the power of the stars?”

Xiao Qing touched her lips, eyes filled with shock, looking where Ye Xing is.

At this moment, Ye Xing was no longer in the roof top, rather he was in a pitch black sky.

When Ye Xing is inducing the power, there is a pitch black sky, at the distance there is a massive star silhouette, however it still is indiscernible. To Xiao Qing, all she sees is the pitch black skies, her understanding is different from Ye Xing.    

After discerning the stars for the first time, it was unusual, after interacting more with the stars there was something called the Xian Xiang.

Xing Xiang, is the foundation of discerning the stars, the distance plays a significant role when it comes to aptitude.

Xiao Qing never heard of this therefore never knew how to differentiate, but this is due to the dark sky which made it hard to notice.  

Now that Ye Xing can do this, it can be proven that he can use the power of the stars to strengthen himself.

Xiao Qing cannot believe it, before Ye Xing no matter how hard he tried always failed, this time finally succeeded and doing it with ease, as if the previous setback is being reversed.

As far as she was aware, the first induction of the stars takes a long time, the fastest usually takes at least 12 hours, it requires a lot of time.  

“Don’t tell me that because before he often tried to grasp the stars power, it accumulated finally building up, making  it possible to easily  induct the power.”  

Xiao Qing is having second thoughts, what if he really used a lot of time, or maybe he never was crippled and unparalleled in aptitude?  

After the star power entered the body of Ye Xing it started to strengthen his body with a brilliant effect, however Ye Xing is aware that he is only absorbing some, most of the power is wasted away.

This is due to too much of the power surging causing most of it to be wasted, but it also helped rapidly increase and improve.  

Ye Xing’s mind spun, according to Xiao Qing there is a method to control the power within the body.  

Ye Xing immediately used his strong mind to scan the body, he found out that Xiao Qing used 3 channels to control the star’s power, all of it going through the 3 channels.   

Suddenly, with the use of the 3 channels more power surged in then spread by the channels throughout the body. With this, Ye Xing’s absorption rate increased again by ten times.  

Ye Xing’s body at all corners are being strengthened, power slowly rising, in a quarter of an hour the black sky started to fade, the connection was cut stopping the absorption.   

At this moment, Ye Xing feels like his strength increased around 2 to 3 times compared to beforehand, his body filled with power.

Using his mind and eyes, he discovered his strength is now slightly greater than Xiao Qing’s at the 1st layer of Wudao, showing he already entered Wudao. After entering the 1st layer, in his dantian a star ring started to form.

The first night Ye Xing arrived in Xing Chen Dalu, he already took the first step in Wudao. There was excitement in his heart, his dream to become the ruling expert, he took his first step to this journey.  

Ye Xing filled with hope and pride states: “Xing Chen Dalu, I, Ye Xing has come, I will surely cultivate to become an expert, to walk the path of a ruler, I have arrived in Xing Chen Dalu!”

After hearing the statements Ye Xing have said, Xiao Qing hearing this naturally giggled.

In the eyes of Xiao Qing, her young master was in an incomparable situation, cultivating to be an expert, what a complete joke!

Xiao Qing smiles and says: “Young master you just started to interact with the stars, not even sure how long until you can reach the first layer, the distance to becoming an exceptional master is just too far!”

Regarding Xiao Qing’s contempt, Ye Xing did not mind and asked: “You told me the boundary to become an exceptional master is too hard? Why is the distance so big?”

Xiao Qing then replies: “In Wudao, there are nine layers, before only exercising can only reach the 3rd layer known as martial disciple, this is only the start, only after passing the 3 layers can one genuinely say one is a warrior.”

Xiao Qing’s voice started to get worked up: “Only after reaching the 7th layer can exert internal force externally, known as the martial master, only then can one be considered a master but this too is only a layer. In the entire Star state, after reaching the 8th layer, the martial scholar, can one be widely considered an expert.    

Xiao Qing’s tone changed: “Leaving out the Star state, a genuine expert is at the 9th layer, still this cannot be known as an exceptional expert!”

Ye Xing then asked: “What can then be considered an exceptional expert?”

Xiao Qing taking a deep breathe and having respect said:

“Beyond the 9 layers in the Wudao is the martial saint, finally one can be considered an exceptional expert with the strength of thousands of men!”


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