Supreme Arrow God: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Surpassing Mind

It was late at night, the sky was black like ink.

There was a brilliant meteor streaking across the sky, completely illuminating the dark skies.

In the state of Xing Chen Dalu(Star continent), there is a void with an immense palace floating on the sky.

There was an elderly man wearing a black robe holding a cyan scepter bowing towards a throne.

“Servant Si pays respect to the king!”

On the throne was a middle-aged man wearing a majestic cyan robe, giving off a majestic aura like an immovable mountain.

The majestic middle-aged man gave a slight nod towards the elderly man in the palace hall.

“What may be the reason for the state elder Si Kong to have an audience with me?”

The old man shook and knelt: “My Lord, this servant immediately went for an audience after discovering this night; a star descended the Wan Nian Dynasty. I did not dare to neglect this sighting, this is the reason for me having an audience with the king!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The heaven and earth started to shake, the eyes of the middle-aged man on the throne suddenly let out a bright gaze!

“Who dares create chaos in my Dynasty? Kill without mercy!”

The middle-aged man abruptly stood up, letting out a mighty force.

He had a tall stature, like a giant born to intimidate others.

Si Kong kneeling stated: “This servant already gave his best and investigated, the star descended in the east, it has to do with someone named Ye!”

The middle-aged man went silent for a while, he moved away from the throne. His eyes were filled with killing intent, and in a cold voice he said:

“Give out an order throughout Xing Chen Dalu, find anyone with the surname or is related to Ye; kill them with no mercy!”

“Yes my lord, this servant will immediately carry out the order!”

Si Kong paid respect to the king, stood up and bowed, then turning and leaving!


In the east there was an endless territory, inside of which was the insignificant small town Qing Ye Zhen.

In the small town Qing Ye Zhen there was a number one clan, it was the Ye Clan!

This night was a very important night for the Ye Clan, because the beautiful lady of the clan was pregnant, tonight was the time for labor.

15 years ago the beautiful woman was also pregnant, however it wasn’t meant to be because the body was a waste born with broken meridians!

For a dozen of years the beautiful woman has not been pregnant, however this year she finally succeeded.

If the second child was once again a failure, naturally the position of clan master will shift.

That is why the beautiful woman becoming pregnant was the focus of attention of everyone in the clan, especially those wanting the position of clan master.

The Ye clan courtyard was bustling with liveliness, while those looking at the position were unhappy.

There was a massive courtyard with multiple lamps lighting up the place, in there was a youngster aged 15 to 16 lying in bed.

In the room was a servant girl with the same age awaiting any orders.

Suddenly the youngster on the bed abruptly opened his eyes; an unfamiliar sight appeared in the eyes of Ye Xing.


Ye Xing suddenly stood up, his eyes filled with unfathomable color.

What is going on?

Ye Xing mind felt like it was struck by lightning, memories started to go around.

That’s right! I passed through a super computer connection that went to this mysterious fantasy world to observe!

In this mysterious fantasy world, I am a hunter, made to use a bow to fight and rule the world, after then..?

Now that I think about it, there was a warning: A problem occurred with the super computer game; all players please disconnect immediately or face the consequences.

Ah! I was fighting a boss, then in the last minute there was suddenly a message that told me to disconnect from the game?

I hesitated and there was 35 seconds left, after…there was no after?


How am I here?

I did not quit the game?

Don’t tell me I am in a virtual world?

For that moment, Ye Xing was filled with questions!

He immediately raised both of his hands, what he saw was young tender hands, his mind was struck; in a flash he had the answer!

It was hard to accept the reality.

“Young master, you woke up?”

Ye Xing moved astounding the maid, he walked towards the servant girl.

He looked again at his hands, it was a young person’s hands, it was not his in-game hands, nor was it his real hands.

He conformed that he was in another world, in addition, he was also now a young man.

“You are–?”

Ye Xing looked at the maid while making his way over with a puzzled expression.

“Young master, I am Xiao Qing, do you not remember me young master!”

The servant girl with an anxious complexion looked at Ye Xing: “You and Ye Hu had a competition leading to the young master hitting his head, young master you need to be more careful, I am Xiao Qing, do you remember, I am Xiao Qing!”

With Xiao Qing’s words Ye Xing started to have a headache, he started to remember a lot of memories, causing his eyebrows to wrinkle; he held his head with both hands.

After a moment, Ye Xing put both of his hands down and looked up with his clear bright eyes: “I remember, I saw Shuang Ling and Ye Qing together causing me to be angry, and there was an argument…!

Xiao Qing repeatedly nodded: “Yes young master, it seems that your head did not break after all. Young miss Shuang Ling is your fiancee, and young master Ye Qing arranged a date, no wonder young master was filled with fury. They proceeded to beat  up the young master; sadly the young master can’t interact with the star’s force and is unable to enter Wudao (Martial Way). Naturally they were not an opponent for the young master even if you use all your strength. Also, you had a rock climbing competition with Ye Hu which almost cost your life, the clan master was frightened.

The memories of Ye Xing started to all come back, it was all thanks to Xiao Qing recalling all the events that have transpired.

At this moment there was no longer anger in his heart, but instead there was excitement.

With the old Ye Xing’s memory, he knew he was in Xing Chen Dalu and no longer in earth. In this world one can cultivate.

Ye Xing on earth was an orphan, otherwise he would not have joined this dangerous project to understand the mysterious fantasy world. After arriving in Xing Chen Dalu one can cultivate to be an expert, this makes the somewhat game-like world to be more refreshing and exciting.
“In the future I will be a an expert, who is Ye Hu and Ye Qing, they will be kneeling before me!”

Ye Xing with his delusion for the future happily laughed.

Ye Xing can’t use magic however he can absorb the power of the many stars in the heavens to cultivate.

In Xing Chen Dalu, the only way one can enter Wudao is through the interaction and absorption of the stars.

Obviously not everyone can interact with the stars and absorb its power. Out of 10 people, approximately only four can interact with the stars and cultivate martial arts. The remaining 6 can’t, and forever will not be able to cultivate, living their whole lives as mere mortals.

Ordinary mortals, even if they try to reach the peak of their physical body through exercise, the highest one can get is only equivalent to the 3rd layer of martial disciple, incapable of being a real expert.

Xing Chen Dalu is the world of the strong, a world of warriors. Ordinary people are like ants, without the affinity with the stars; one can never be a warrior and can only be considered as having a waste of a body.

“Young master, your body is broken and has no affinity with the stars, I’m afraid as time passes you will not be able to compare with young master Ye Hu. Furthermore it was said that young master Ye Qing has already entered the 4th layer of Wudao.

Xiao Qing seeing Ye Xing happy, she immediately splashed cold water on him by reminding him of his body’s situation.

Not all the memories of the past Ye Xing came back, leading him to not know and ask:

“I am crippled? What crippled?”

Xiao Qing’s knowledge is not very high; however she still was able to enter Wudao and is currently in the 1st layer of martial disciple. This topic is common sense in this world.

“Young master, only through the absorption of the star’s power can one enter Wudao, but you can’t sense the power of the stars, even if you give your best in strengthening your body, the best you can achieve is the 3rd layer of martial disciple. The distance from being a real martial expert is too vast.

“How can’t I induce the power of the stars? Xiao Qing, tell me, how can others do it while I cannot!”

Ye Xing  suddenly lifted his head, he is not the same person as the old Ye Xing, he has arrived in a world where one can cultivate, which is something he wants to be able to do in his life.

Fate led him to this situation; surely he cannot waste this chance.

On earth he was an orphan that did not enjoy much success, but after arriving in this world, one can cultivate. A desire surged from his heart to rule and be king.

“Young master, you have tried many times, and time and time again you failed to induce the power of the stars. You at least are not alone, out of ten people, six cannot use the power.”

Xiao Qing let Ye Xing recognize the reality he is in.

“I will try again!” Ye Xing said with a faint smile unwilling to waver.

“Young master you must live on, do not try anything rash..!”

Xiao Qing sighed, with a helpless voice said: “First you must meditate your 5 internal parts(heart, mind, intention, center, core), you will be trying to find a star that can relate to you, only then can you only use the power of the stars and be able to cultivate.”

Ye Xing listened to what Xiao Qing had just said; he concentrated at the 5 parts of Xiao Qing which made a weird situation.

His eyes were like scanners, completely observing Xiao Qing’s whole body and entering her mind. It’s as if her body became transparent and the force within her body can be clearly seen.

What is this all about?

Ye Xing was shocked, it seems like his eyes were different compared to normal people.


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